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Joe, one of DP’s Masters At Work.

Welcome to the first ever Dutch Passion weekly blog.
I am Joe from Dutch Passion here in sunny and beautiful Amsterdam. The smell of fresh coffee and even fresher herbs drift on the warm spring breeze up to my balcony as I write the blog in response to all those of you who said you wanted one. Well we listened and here we are! We will be writing a topical blog each week and we would welcome any comments, ideas, questions or feedback at joe@dutch-passion.nl

2011 is set to be perhaps the busiest year ever for Dutch Passion. The beautiful early European spring has seen record numbers of growers buying seeds of their preferred cannabis strains and getting started on their gardens. More people than ever are becoming self sufficient by growing their own medical or recreational stash. And why not. People have been growing their own weed for thousands of years, it only really became illegal in the last few decades. Ironically, and despite the senseless and un-enforceable illegality of cannabis, mans favourite herb has never been as popular. Weed can be grown indoors, outside or in greenhouses and when grown properly your home-grown can be of much higher quality than that sold on the streets. Of course you need to start with the best quality seed, so please check out the rest of our website for some ideas.

Autofem seeds have been very popular again this year with many growers starting their autofem seeds outdoors and in greenhouses around the end of May. These lucky growers will be harvesting their stash around the start of August.

2011 will be a year of change for Dutch Passion. We will be more active on Facebook and YouTube, we will be running some competitions, offering free seeds, launching some exciting new strains and making some special announcements for our customers. Keep reading the weekly blog for the latest news. After 25 years we are still as passionate about our seeds as we were when we formally established our business in the 1980’s.

We also hope you like the changes to the new-look Dutch Passion website, we have lots of NEW content in the Grow Info and FAQ sections. Please check them out if you haven’t done so. We have tried to answer most of the questions we get asked by our customers. That’s all for now. Keep checking our website for the next Blog and more news.

June 16th 2011

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