Night Queen. Sleep aid and anti-anxiety medication

Night Queen.  Sleep aid and anti-anxiety medication

Dutch Passion Night Queen is an original Afghani Indica variety which was introduced in the 1980’s and is perhaps the heaviest-hitting knock-out indica in our collection.  This weeks grow review features a customer ‘A4’ who is a Night Queen repeat medical grower, using the Night Queen primarily to assist restful sleep and also to help with anti-anxiety.

harvested Night queen, huge upside down

Above, Night Queen harvested and drying.  Good yields and really strong Afghani indica genetics loved by recreational and medical growers.


Its worth giving a few details on Night Queen.  We first found this variety in the 80’s, in those days getting genuine Indica varieties from the Afghan region was difficult, and the quality of the different cultivars could vary, as could consistency.  Night Queen is a particularly sturdy variety, tough, but easy to grow and consistently potent and very resinous. The leaves develop a dark green appearance, occasionally turning into a deep purple.  Original indica’s are often easy to cultivate and this is no exception.  Yields are good, somewhat above average, but the real beauty of this variety (and the reason so many people grow her again and again) is the hardcore brutal indica smoke which is heavy and strong.  Smoke too much and you will feel locked to the sofa and will enjoy eating, resting and then sleeping.  Many medical growers report that Night Queen gives an excellent penetrating body stone and superb pain relief.  Some growers use this variety as their ‘night-time’ smoke since she can be too heavy/sedating to use in the day for some people.  And many also find Night Queen to be a great anti-anxiety remedy.  She was introduced in the 80’s, and then re-introduced a couple of years ago after many customer requests.

frosty buds

Above, Night Queen buds, typically sticky with resin with a strong Afghani aroma


Here are a few words from A4 about the grow.   

“I have a Night Queen mother plant I fell in love with about a year ago and have been taking cuttings from her, this grow features one of those cuttings.  I found the mother plant in one of the packs I purchased and have kept her. She started forming trichome (resin glands) on the fan leaves while still in veg so I have kept her ever since.  One or two hits is stimulating, a few more and the indica sets in and really sits you down.  Other than the taste not being the best I can’t understand why she was ever withdrawn from the market but a big thanks for re-releasing this.”

“Night Queen was grown using a 600W metal halide lamp for veg and a 1000W HPS for bloom.  Night Queen shared the bloom room with 4 other plants.  I started thinking if I could train the side branches along a bamboo cane that she could possibly be a beast and figured I would give it a try

The soil is built by me, a mixture I have been designing and sending off for testing after each grow. The feed is 100% organic and the ingredients list is changing after every grow but is constantly being updated in the thread that this grow is in. No additional nutrients were added except rain water I collect and an occasional foliar-feed of an organic calcium mixture I have created"

Above and below.  Night Queen at the start and end of harvest.  Branches need supporting due to the weight of the buds

“I like the intense stone effect from the indica, the yield is slightly above average, the grow is pretty easy but she can take a lot of nutrients and you have to watch for calcium deficiencies early in flower when she begins eating heavily.   The resin production is excellent! What I don't like is the taste so much, it is very different. I don't know what I don't like in all honesty, maybe I just haven't quite figured it out yet. It is a very peculiar flavor and smell. Not a bad thing, just quite different to what I am used to “


“I use her solely for sleep. I can suffer from anxiety coupled with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). I smoke a lot of sativa dominant strains throughout the day to keep my mind focused and to help with anxiety. If I don't sleep well then my anxiety becomes much worse, which then makes sleep even more difficult the next day. It is a terrible cycle. I have smoked Night Queen almost every night for close to the last year. I can take 4-5 puffs from my pipe and be dead asleep within 10 minutes. When I take my prescription sleep medication it takes me 30 minutes and I have a bad hangover the next day. I haven't had to take my sleep medication since I started smoking the Night Queen. So, maybe that isn't the best medical review, lol, it puts me straight to sleep but honestly that is the only reason I use her. I am sure there are many other uses but for my problems with sleep she is absolutely perfect."

“Future growers should just keep an eye on the calcium and nutrients when she enters stretch phase.  The yield is above average in my opinion, especially considering no chemical nutrients, I think the harvest on that one plant was almost 200 grams in a 7 gallon container. That is pretty good I think. “

Night Queen remains one of the best original Afghani Indicas available.  Whether you grow for recreational or medical reasons you are assured a very heavy and strong variety which you can enjoy for years to come.  Its also one of our favourites which comes with our strong personal recommendations.  

Dutch Joe


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Night Queen.  Sleep aid and anti-anxiety medication
September 12th 2014

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