Night Queen. Queen of the Indicas

Night Queen.  Queen of the Indicas

Dutch Passion Night Queen is one of our original varieties from our 1980’s collection.  According to our customers she is perhaps the heaviest hitting Afghani Indica in our collection.  Night Queen tends to produce short bushy plants which yield heavily.  The narcotic strength levels mean that she is also a popular medical variety.  This weeks customer grow review is from ‘Revert’, who got 360grams of dry bud from one Night Queen grown in coco under LED grow lights.  The words and pictures come from Revert.  The diary is on the popular Green Circle growers forum.


“Last year I ordered a Dutch Passion MS006 grow light. I still consider myself a novice grower not really knowing all the strains that are available and the effect they have.   I'm a medical grower and suffer from sleep deprivation and anxiety. So I was looking for something that would help with my ailment. One of the strains that was recommended was Night Queen. This strain really does the trick for me.”

lots of blooms

Above:  Night Queen produces short and bushy plants, with heavy yields of frosty indica buds.


“I'm a Coco coir grower and this was my fifth grow. I used Plagron Coco coir this time and Canna Coco  A&B nutrients. The entire grow did not take longer than 4 months. The seed was germinated end of august last year. Next to the Canna A&B I used Canna Rhizotonic, pK 13/14, canna mono magnesium, growth technology liquid silicon and GHE diamond nectar fulvic acid.  One thing I have to mention is that I use rainwater so its ultra soft and only has a starting ec of 0.08. The tap water in my region is just to hard to be used.”


“Like said before I'm an LED grower. Always have been and always will be. I used a total of 3 different panels in this grow. One 180w Dutch Passion HighLite, one 180w Bysen Helios and my trusty 240w eshine diamond series. All 3 panels use 3w led chips and give me a total of just under 600w.   My grow space is a 1.2mx1.2mx1.6m roof cube. It’s not very high so I'm always looking for a short strain that doesn't stretch all that much.

I planned to grow Night Queen in a scrog just in case of hight issues but later on I changed my mind.”

frost on the fan leaves


hot buds baby


“I fed the plants only Rhizotonic for the first week or so.  Later I fed at approx 0.2 EC using Canna A&B. I then raised the EC (electrical conductivity) by 0.2 EC every 1-2 weeks or so.”

“I noticed a spot of trouble after about two weeks. At first I thought it was a cal/mag problem. With my soft rainwater I always need to give a small amount of extra calcium and magnesium so I was expecting this. But this time, it wasn't. With the help of some friends we soon realized that it wasn't calcium but a combination of potassium and magnesium. 

I spent the rest of the grow fighting this problem and used Canna mono magnesium (0.2ec) and growth technology liquid silicon (1ml/L) to remedy the problem. This silicon contains potassium silicate and works great against potassium deficiencies. I later on started using GHE diamond nectar to help with the uptake of nutrients. “


“Night Queen was FIM’med (the growing tip was chopped off) at about 2 weeks and I used LST (low stress training, using string to tie down the branches) to open her up straight away. I then waited until she grew 5 new sets of leaves before I topped her again. I finally ended up with about 16 main cola's before I switched her to 12/12 on day 47 from seed. Then the fun really started. I used 2 panels in veg (400w) and switched to all 3 during flower when temps permitted it. Even with LEDs, 600w in a 1.6m tall tent raises temps quiet a lot. But luckily it was winter so I never went over 28c. With the nutrients I did go up to 1.2 EC and kept it there all through flower. I stopped using the silicone at week 6 of 12/12 and replaced that with pk 13/14. I started the pk 13/14 at 0.5ml/L for the first week, then raised it to 1ml/L in week 7 and finished with 1.5ml/L in week 8. “

bud ready to smoke

Above and below.  Great looking frosty Night Queen buds and plenty of them

bowl of buds


“I must say this strain really isn't much of a stretcher. If I knew that beforehand I would have left her in veg for a couple of weeks longer.  To be honest I would have liked her to be 10 to 20 cm higher. That way she would have been in the ideal hight for my tent and would probably produced even better. I continued to train her when she was in flower and finally removed all the restraints after 2-3 weeks of 12/12. I could have harvested her a week sooner but in my opinion this is up to the grower and how they like the end product. “


“This girl really surprised me in flower. Usually I run in to trouble in flower but this time it really was smooth sailing all the way threw. Buds are very very frosty and the smell was awesome.  I finally chopped her down on December 30, day 125 from seed or day 78 of 12/12. I like to wait at least one week longer because I love a good couch lock feeling so I always wait till I have enough amber trichomes. Final result after 10 days of drying in the tent was about 365 grams or 12.5oz. To say I was pleased with this would be an understatement. “


canna nutes


bud close up


“If I grow this strain again (and I will) I will leave her in veg for a couple of weeks longer. Because stretch really is minimal you should be able to grow her in any size tent. All in all it has been a pleasure growing this strain. Once I identified and fixed the problems I had at the beginning I really didn't have any more setbacks.  I thinks these problems were caused by the fact that I used plagron coco in combination with canna coco nutrients. In doing so I think I was giving her to much calcium, this in turn cause magnesium and potassium lockouts. Next time I will keep to one brand. That's my theory anyway :) “


Smoke report: 

Well I'm calling her my go to bed weed. If you don't over-do it I can promise you a good night sleep. You could also call her the “lay down and don't move anymore weed” :-)

The effect creeps up on you slowly and you really can feel your eyes closing bit by bit until you have trouble keeping them open. You can easily smoke to much with this strain, because you don't need much to knock yourself out.  I highly recommend this strain for all the indica lovers out there. Don't smoke to much before going to bed because she will will keep you awake for a couple of hours if you over-do it. “


frosty fan leaves

Night Queen.  Queen of the Indicas
January 23rd 2015

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2021-09-01 12:45:05

When using soft water or RO water, then you may want to increase the EC in flower. We grow this cultivar commercially from cuttings and use 1.5 EC week 1 in veg, 2.0 EC in week 2 veg and 2.5 EC in flower until week 3 reducing to 2.0 EC from week 4 flower. The nutrition ratio is similar to Canna Coco and the increased EC overcomes the Ca deficit displayed by this cultivar.


2015-02-11 12:21:37

Now that's what I call a grow blog. Well done revert, hope the finished goodies are still hitting the spot for you.


2015-01-27 14:50:22

nice one revert you done a proper job on that afghan girl,my favorite,yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2015-01-26 16:15:33

A great result you had here m8, big up to the Revert @ and Dutch Passion Tony, both cool blokes. :)


2015-01-26 03:38:30

The smoke report is very similar with orange buds. It's so badass!