New USA Dutch Passion cannabis seeds for 2019

New USA Dutch Passion cannabis seeds for 2019

Dutch Passion are pleased to announce the latest USA additions to our cannabis seed collection. These genetics have all been hugely popular in the USA where some highly skilled large scale breeding and professional selection has produced some exceptional results. Dutch Passion have an established USA network which allows us to cherry pick the best genetics and bring them to our customers. You can expect more XL USA-style harvests with THC rich buds. The cream of the USA’s cannabis genetics is now available to European home growers with three new photoperiod feminized seed varieties and a new autoflowering seed variety.


Dutch Passion new feminized cannabis seeds. Mokum’s Tulip®

This Gelato-based feminized seed variety has a sweet candy scent similar to a Dutch Tulip. She is very strong with mind-numbing effects achieved by crossing selected Gelato and Sherbet genetics. Terpene rich and THC rich, this XXL variety has rock hard buds, heavy yields and an exhilarating high. 


Mokum’s Tulip®. Gelato and Sherbet combine their quality.

Dutch Passion's Head of Genetics came across a very special pheno of Gelato on one of his travels. The plant had a distinctive candy smell and some beautiful blue tones in the leaves. The sparkling buds were rock hard. The Dutch Passion genetics specialist was amazed by the rich taste which was exactly the same as the deliciously sweet and appealing aroma of the buds. He knew that this exceptional individual would be outstanding base material for another elite Dutch Passion USA variety.

This Gelato pheno arrived in “Mokum” (the old Hebrew/Yiddish word for Amsterdam) and was crossed with a vigorous Sherbet individual which also leans to the sweet side of the Cookie family. The Sherbet had a terpene-rich penetrating aroma, heavy yields and a particularly powerful effect. Amsterdam became famous for tulips back in the day and the smell of this new creation reminded us of a very sweet smelling red Dutch tulip. The name “Mokum's Tulip” quickly came to mind. This XXL yielding strain is a must for your empty cookie jar.


HiFi 4G®. Feminized seeds with USA OG genetics.

Dutch Passion’s North American network have supplied a real high fidelity offering with HiFi 4G. It involves some great genetics from WiFi OG (also known as White Fire OG) and our prize winning resin-drenched Glueberry OG. HiFi 4G® is perfect for relaxation, especially when listening to music. HiFi 4G seems to amplify appreciation and enjoyment of music. Your Hi-Fi system comes alive, sounds seem richer, deeper and sharper as if you were next to the musician that made the music. This THC rich, feminized seed variety combines a creative feel-good high with top quality mental anaesthesia. Harvests are easy with this uncomplicated variety, she is simple to grow under a wide range of grow conditions. A great terpene profile, vigorous growth and a thick coat of glistening trichomes, makes this XL yielding plant perfect for concentrate producers and extractions. 


Meringue®. Wedding Cake x Animal Pebbles. Feminized seeds with USA appeal

Sweet, sweeter, sweetest. Cannabis enthusiasts often have a sweet tooth. This explains why the sweeter smelling and tasting USA strains have gained huge popularity in recent years. The cross we made between Wedding Cake and an Animal Cookies elite clone came out just the way we wanted and really hits the (sweet) spot.

This indica dominant THC rich hybrid feminized seed variety has a very large sativa-like main bloom along with a smooth smoke and a sweet aftertaste on the exhale. She has numerous side branches which grow heavily with resin crusted blooms full of compact buds. A euphoric high is accompanied by a rising, powerful sense of well being and relaxation. The blissfully enjoyable effects last for a good 3 hours. When you consume a large amount in a short period of time you will be aware of a powerful, and deeply enjoyable, couch-lock body stone. When growing Meringue® indoors, consider UVB light supplementation during the last few weeks if possible and notice how the trichome production goes into overdrive.


Auto Lemon Kix® Autoflowering seeds with USA genetics.

Auto Lemon Kix is a home growers delight. She grows quickly and easily in the typical Dutch Passion autoflower style with a tall central bloom surrounded by slightly smaller blooms. Resin production is extreme. The buds are sticky, sweet and fruity. They deliver a powerful feel-good high which lasts and lasts. Any autoflower grower looking for a really special new addition to their grow tent should try this autoflowering seed variety. Only the very best of the best cannabis genetics are named Highlife Cup Champions. So you can be fully confident that this auto has the proven pedigree to deliver in your grow room.


Cannabis seeds keep improving. USA genetics play their part.

The best of the USA genetics continue to exceed expectations. Resin levels and potency don’t get much higher. One important feature of all these new THC rich varieties is their suitability for oil/resin extraction and concentrate producers. All these varieties also deliver well above average for concentrate and extraction fans whether you are producing shatter, BHO, oil, hash or any other cannabis concentrate. Dutch Passion have seen some truly exceptional genetics come from the USA recently. These new varieties allow home growers the chance to enjoy a selection of the best new USA genetics in their own grow room. Enjoy!

New USA Dutch Passion cannabis seeds for 2019
December 27th 2018

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