New Packaging for Dutch Passion cannabis seeds

New Packaging for Dutch Passion cannabis seeds

Dutch Passion are pleased to announce tough new metal seed containers complete with 4-colour printing inside and out.  Its a big change to the packaging and appearance of Dutch Passion seeds and a big quality improvement for customers.

The main reason for the new metal packaging is to avoid crushed seeds and improve the safety of the seeds during transport and storage for customers.

The old, original paper seed packets may have been collectors items for some people, but many customers also felt that their favourite seeds deserved a better quality, sturdier, packaging.  The Dutch Passion team listened to the feedback, and over the last couple of years several designs were evaluated before the new metal tin design was voted the strongest, smallest and best.


 Online cannabis seeds with the best quality packaging.

The new tins are slim, just 7mm thick, so they wont take up much space.  They measure 90mm x 87mm and weigh 43g. They are strong enough to protect the seeds from accidental damage.  Inside the tin is a rip-resistant plasticised paper seed pack, this is very difficult to tear open, scissors are the best way to open it.  The polymer/paper inner seed packet protects the seeds from external moisture, this allows the seeds to retain the optimised moisture levels set by Dutch Passion when the seeds were packed.

The Dutch Passion production line has stopped supplying seeds in the old-style paper packets, and supply seeds only in the new tins.  Anyone ordering seeds directly from Dutch Passion will receive seeds in the new tins.  The old paper packets will still be sold in the shops until their stocks are replaced with the new metal tins. 

Distinctive Dutch Passion quality.

The new Dutch Passion seed tins have a hinged lid.  On the lid is a transparent window so you can see the internal seed packet.  The tin has a metallic foil seal and has the Dutch Passion name stamped physically into the lid, this makes it quite unique and distinctive.   One of the extra benefits of the new Dutch Passion packaging is to make it impossible for fake Dutch Passion seeds to be sold in counterfeit packaging.  Although this wasn’t a major problem, some of the larger seed companies have been concerned about the increase in low quality counterfeit seeds in recent years.  Dutch Passion customers receiving their seeds in the new packaging, with a foil-seal on the box can rest assured that they have genuine Dutch Passion seeds.

Once you have germinated your seeds, the tins can be re-used to store your joints, extracts, hash, weed, rolling papers etc.  The tins are also excellent humidity barriers and a good container for medium-term storage of your seeds.  We recommend storing seeds at 5ºC in a fridge where they will retain freshness for several years.  

Storing cannabis seeds.

Dutch Passion are often asked about the wisdom of storing seeds in the freezer.  Storing seeds in a freezer is not recommended unless you are a professional seed bank hoping to store seeds for decades in a completely undisturbed state. Frozen seeds are vulnerable to terminal shatter damage to the delicate internal seed tissues through accidental impact shock.  For the home grower, the best way to store your seeds is in a fridge using the Dutch Passion seed tin, in the sealed polymerised seed envelope.

So, after 30 years its goodbye to the old packaging and in with the tough new metal tins.  We hope you like the change.

New Packaging for Dutch Passion cannabis seeds
November 4th 2016
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2020-09-23 06:15:59

Can you guys ship to AZ?


2019-06-02 04:23:07

Muchas gracias, todo cambio es para mejor


2019-04-26 18:26:21

I just got my order, and an order from RQS. I was very pleasantly surprised by the high quality container. It put the RQS cardboard to shame haha. Keep up the great work DP!


2019-03-28 18:32:38

You ought to offer money off if customers return the tins for reuse... Like 5gbp off, would work as a promotion too...


2018-11-01 11:14:08

Kaleb, 31st Oct 2018. Yes, you can re-seal the seed pack with tape, put it back in the tin, and put the tin in the fridge. The seeds should remain viable for several years so long as they are kept cool and dry. Good luck!


2018-10-31 00:16:40

If I order a pack of seeds and only want to grow a portion can I open the seed pack, take some out and then store the rest of the seeds in the container for germination 3-6 months later. Or will they not be okay since I opened the package once before putting them into storage


2018-09-16 04:06:01

Hello, how do you recommend to store the seeds once the envelope has been opened?


2018-07-10 19:13:22

Marvelous many thanks. i will order something to get hold of one of them. regards ken

R. Rob

2018-06-07 23:32:03

Looks like a winner and for those eco friendly minded It's recyclable.

Webster Dexter

2018-04-10 23:44:50

I've just recieved a pack of 5 Feminized Blueberry® seeds. Very nice package! I'll use the box to store things like my own seeds etc... Can't wait to grow the beans :)


2018-02-19 14:32:59

Hal, 16th Feb 2018. Sorry we don't ship seeds to the USA. Our auto seeds are around $25 for 3 seeds or $50 for 7 fem seeds. You may be able to buy our seeds from distributors such as Attitude or Herbies Seeds. Good luck!


2018-02-16 23:05:52

Do sell Durban Poison feminise Auto Flower & price for seeds? Do you ship to Indiana USA. Also price for the blue berry feminise Auto Flower


2018-01-23 09:41:41

John Rudd, 19th Jan 2018. YES, we ship seeds to the UK!


2018-01-19 22:08:54

Do you ship seeds to the Uk?


2018-01-02 08:39:06

Marty, 30th Dec. Sorry we don't send seeds to Australia! Please google our distributors, Attitude Seeds. They may be able to send seeds to you

Marty (Australia)

2017-12-30 04:38:10

I'm thinking of buying some seeds and getting them sent to Australia , what methods do you employ to reduce a detection by customs ?


2017-11-29 13:10:54

Miguel, 27th Nov. Sorry, we don't ship seeds to Australia. Please check out our international dealers who will be able to ship seeds to you.


2017-11-27 14:59:19

hello im in australia can you stealth send these seeds or can we get easily through customs? whats express postage on this thanks

Kuri Lonko

2017-10-10 19:08:13

Esta es la segunda temporada que planto Dutch, me decidí a continuar por el resultado anterior. Respecto al envase, me parece genial, ciertamente los cuetes( canutos, fasos, petas) pueden ser transportados con una cierta elegancia y seguridad; la caja es del tamaño perfecto. Sobre e comentario de Bob Patiño, debo decir que uno debe comprar en lugares de confianza, de ahí parte todo.

Bob Patiño

2017-09-27 05:32:45

Hola buenas el envase muy bueno , pero lo que el cultivador realmente necesita esque al momento de obtener estas semillas la persona este realmente 100% seguro que esta recibiendo las originales. Siento que hoy en dia es muy facil que cambien los sellos originales y las semillas por unas de otra calidad desconocida. Tambien debo decir que para mi son unos de los mejores bancos, si no el mejor que me a dado resultado en exterior y en indoor.

Daniel Schindler

2017-05-31 01:39:05

Its probably also "feels" better when you open such a nice tincan compared to ripping open a Bag and hope no Seeds "explode" out... I once lost 5 Hollands Hope Seeds cause i could not find them back anymore after i ripped open a Pack and they flied trough the whole Room...:)


2017-04-25 15:07:12

Love your new packaging... disappointed that only 7 seeds for $70 though... first time I have bought from you guys (indirectly) but they are turning out good so far.... so far so good...


2017-02-18 13:24:33

Me fascino el nuevo envase, el banco a mi parecer es uno de los mejores que se puede encontrar, espero tener una buena cosecha de auto brooklyn sunrise. Saludos desde Chile!


2017-02-07 16:06:41

Edi, 5th Feb 2017 Yes, we do ship to Croatia. Here is the list of the countries we send seeds to


2017-02-05 23:35:14

Ship to Croatia without risk from local autority?


2017-01-31 15:13:21

Gonzalo, 30th Jan 2017. At the moment we don't ship seeds to Argentina, Try Herbies and Attitude seed companies. They usually ship our seeds to South America


2017-01-30 17:43:40

Hola, quería saber si envían a Argentina. Saludos!


2017-01-11 14:07:06

Overdraft, 11th Jan 2017. Glueberry is indeed a must-grow variety! however we don't ship seeds to New Zealand. Try Herbies and Attitude seed companies. They usually ship our seeds anywhere


2017-01-11 07:12:01

Hi, will you ship to new zealand. Glueberry auto looks a must have !


2017-01-01 12:02:02

Just wanted to say thanks for the delivery. Great packaging and quality seed. Many thanks and a happy new yoar


2016-12-19 09:56:33

Matt, 17th Dec 2016. Sorry we don't ship seeds to the USA. Check out Herbies/Attitude - they may ship our seeds to the USA


2016-12-17 04:17:00

Do you mail in the United States?

Darren john hewer

2016-12-08 01:27:02

were are these cheap seeds mentioned above , Because apart from a few seedbanks there mostly all over priced nowadays some ranging into the £ 200-300 range not of dutch passion though. are these any better than the cheapest i found black d.o.g. hso seeds 5 for £27. They used to be sensi seeds £15 skunk #1 16 seeds. Now its £42 for 10. Every other seed co comes in some super-duper tin or wooden lazer etched box noowadays,the old paper pakets were fine and ive never had any problems germinating,even when the packet was faded out a window in amsterdam. Still the box looks cool just dont up the price.


2016-11-28 03:33:29

My brother recommended I may like this website. He used to be totally right. This post truly made my day. You can not consider simply how so much time I had spent for this info! Thanks!


2016-11-24 10:06:26

Kush, 23rd Nov 2016. Sorry to say at the moment we don't ship seeds to the caribbean. However, our distributors such as Herbies or Attitude may well ship our seeds to the caribbean. Good luck and best wishes from the team


2016-11-23 22:05:25

was wondering since am from the Caribbean can I specify my way of shipping if am willing to pay the extra


2016-11-23 11:38:26

Luke, 22nd Nov 2016. Yes, you can out standard (or even 'special') cigarettes in the tin :-)


2016-11-22 20:23:38

Is it possible to put standard cigarattes in it after?


2016-11-08 16:38:11

Alex, we ship to Scandinavia but not Norway unfortunately. Any souvenir seeds are sent in a plain package with no reference to Dutch Passion. Good luck in the contest!


2016-11-08 12:47:42

hi i Wonder if i compete and win in the photocompetition do you deliver to Scandinavia and is the souvernirs sent stealthy and so on With delivery guarantee? same if i order some along With a voucher ?

Eddy, Dutch Passion

2016-11-08 09:54:32

RuSensi, Don't worry, we are keeping the price of our seeds the same :-)


2016-11-07 20:27:29

The price of seeds won't be changed due to new packages?


2016-11-07 18:28:35

Great improvement!


2016-11-07 17:14:54

Really nice and strong package! Congratulations!


2016-11-07 17:14:19

Leafillo, we hear your comments and thank you for them, but seed damage was too important an issue to ignore. Especially for a company with a quality focus like Dutch Passion. Over the years we have had many requests for a toughened seed tin. The metal seed tins are a useful size to keep and re-use for other purposes. And they are easy to recycle, just pop out the plastic window and recycle the metal at the nearest centre. But we hope that most people will keep their metal seed tins and find a good use for them.


2016-11-04 21:06:47

I´m sorry to say that but I don´t think it´s really ecological, I know people these days dont really care about the environment but why such a good company has to do it like this, I´ve never received cracked seeds, neveer had a problem storing the seed in a paper bag in the fridge without any problems with germination even after years, of course the quality could be improven, that´s no doubt, however don´t you try to germinate the whole pack straight away? seeds today are not that expensive to buy a new one anyway, but maybe it would be better if there were two packages available and customer could decide what to choose, however I´m aware that such an option is way more expensive than having just one methond of packiging. Either way I´ll still buy your stuff but don´t like this new option