New Dutch Passion feminized seeds for 2018. CBD rich and THC rich feminized seeds.

New Dutch Passion feminized seeds for 2018. CBD rich and THC rich feminized seeds.

Dutch Passion are pleased to announce some great new feminized seed varieties for 2018. There is a CBD rich variety called CBD Charlotte’s Angel which has THC levels below 1%. And there is Auto Orange Bud, released in late 2017 which is very easy to grow with high THC levels.


Bubba Island Kush. Fast blooming indica, THC rich and easy to grow.

Bubba Island Kush is a superbly strong feminized photoperiod Indica variety with hints of blue in the buds. Frost levels are incredible on this variety, its not just a super strong variety it also has a great feel-good anti-anxiety high and a long lasting stoney effect. Bubba Island Kush is of the strongest varieties from Dutch Passion in recent years, and one of the most resinous varieties ever released by the team. Bubba Island Kush is fast to bloom, she is the first girl in the grow room to respond to 12/12 light and is usually finished after about 8 weeks of bloom. As well as a heavy yielding main bloom there is plenty of side growth on this variety which make it a heavy yielding kush strain. The indica genetics help keep this variety manageable in the grow room, she is a medium hight variety typically reaching around a metre high at harvest, or less, when given around 4-5 weeks of veg. The buds produced are rock hard, especially when grown under a powerful light, and they rattle with a pleasing sound in your jars if you give them a shake. 

 Bubba Island Kush was created from proven gene bank indica genetics. It’s a variety designed for the indoor home grower; easy to grow, fast blooming, generous harvests with a knockout stone. When you crumble the buds the resin-crusted nugget gently falls apart into crystallised flakes, like a lump of Afghani hash which has been warmed on a flame. The cured buds have flecks of blue/purple in them, and the aroma is dank and hashy with some scents of dark fruit and berries and a hint of fuel. THC levels are above 20%, if you are looking for a new favourite photoperiod indica variety to try in 2018 then consider Bubba Island Kush.

CBD Charlottes Angel. Around 0.2% THC, 15% CBD feminized photoperiod.

Over the last few years we have had lots of requests for a high CBD variety with low/no THC. CBD Charlotte’s Angel has around 15% CBD with THC levels around 0.2%. It’s not THC-free, but its very low THC and doesn't create any type of strong psychoactive high. The variety is perfect for people that want the benefits of a CBD rich medical/relaxation effect without a disorientating THC high. In the USA, similar low/no THC varieties are used for patients wanting to avoid the psychoactive high, such as the very young, frail, or those that do not respond well to THC rich varieties. The CBD rich cannabis is often used by people for pain relief or relief from uncomfortable physical symptoms. Charlottes Angel gives a slightly sedative and calming effect, typical for CBD-rich varieties. But its not just medical growers that will like Charlottes Angel, it has some surprising uses for recreational cannabis lovers too. The Dutch Passion test team reported that they would use Charlottes Angel for a daytime smoke, and although they didn't get high they found that using Charlottes Angel totally removed the craving for a joint. Even though there is no/low THC in the cannabis it satisfies the urge for cannabis. Its an unusual property, but a useful one. Using Charlottes Angel allows you to satisfy the need for weed without getting you high. It also means that heavy cannabis users can reduce their cannabis tolerance without having to quit weed. We never thought that we would be boasting about reducing THC levels in cannabis, but it turns out that this variety is more useful and interesting than we ever expected.  This is a feminized photoperiod seed variety, taking around 9 weeks to bloom with above average harvest levels.

Auto Orange Bud. Autoflowering Orange Bud seeds, THC rich.

Auto Orange Bud is another variety which has been frequently requested by customers. This is the most recent addition to the Dutch Passion collection in late 2017. It took longer to create than we expected using original Orange Bud genetics, but the result is a sweet citrus autoflowering variety which is right at the top of the potency scale. She grows well under 20 hours of daily light and indoors she takes around 75 days to grow from seed to harvest. Occasionally she can take a week or two longer, but the late blooming phenotypes will always reward the patient grower with extra large harvests. Its a highly potent autoflower created from the original Dutch Passion Orange Bud genetics, the buds have a sweet citrus aroma and a seriously frosty trichome coating. Auto Orange Bud grows in the typical Dutch Passion autoflower style, with a dominant central bloom surrounded by a ring of slightly smaller side blooms. The taste is soft and fragrant with skunky undertones, the effect is powerful with buds that sizzle in the bong as they burn. Anyone that has been under-whelmed when growing an auto should try Auto Orange Bud, she grows easily and vigorously with no skill or grower experience required. Outdoors the cooler temperatures slow her down, meaning she takes around 95 days from seed to harvest. Harvest quantities are above average, this is Dutch Passion’s latest autoflower and benefits from the best/latest autoflower breeding techniques. The result is a modern, high performance autoflower. Just as potent as a quality photoperiod variety but with all the flexibility, convenience and simplicity of an auto.



Dutch Passion CBD Oil.

Dutch Passion CBD oil is 5% CBD (Cannabidiol) in cannabis seed oil. The Dutch Passion CBD oil, known as CBD Compassion Extract, is offered as a dietary supplement. The Dutch Passion CBD oil is produced using advanced solvent-free CO2 extraction. It’s natural CBD together with the full range of terpenes and other cannabinoids such as CBC and CBG. The Dutch Passion CBD Compassion Extract will not make you high because it’s a CBD oil without the psychoactive ingredients. 

And thats how 2018 looks for Dutch Passion’s new releases.We hope you like the new additions.

New Dutch Passion feminized seeds for 2018. CBD rich and THC rich feminized seeds.
January 4th 2018

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2019-09-30 13:28:43

Raini Olt, you can see a typical analysis for CBD Charlotte's Angel on her website, here .

Raini Olt

2019-09-06 20:24:40

Charlott angel0.2 thc do you have a certificate for this? Thanks. Raini


2018-08-27 14:37:21

Damian, 25th August 2018. Damian, there is no official general EU approval to grow this variety. You need to check the rules in your own country and note that THC levels can vary from plant to plant. Good luck!


2018-08-25 00:52:45

Hi CBD Charlottes Angel. Around 0.2% THC, 15% is approval Eu? Kind regards DD


2018-04-03 10:06:03

Rob, 4th April. We will look at EU approval, however the concern is that some of the seeds will produce plants with THC levels a little above 0.2%


2018-04-03 00:59:39

Hi - any plans to get EU approval as a 0.2% seed for CG Charlie's Angel That would be a MAJOR development Thanks