New Dutch Passion Cannabis Seeds For 2017

New Dutch Passion Cannabis Seeds For 2017

2017 see’s quite a few changes for the better at Dutch Passion, including some great new varieties and special offers.  The Dutch Passion website has been updated, the new seed categories (Autos, Regular, Skunk, CBD, Afghan Kush etc) make it easier than ever to search and find the right cannabis seeds for you.  The website is also now optimised for mobile devices.  We have introduced the new high quality metal seed tins which give your seeds the ultimate protection. 

Mix seed packs.  Permanently good value.

We now offer 3 ‘Mix’ seed packs.  The three offers were selected to give great genetics at the most attractive price we have ever offered.  We have outdoor mix packs, indoor photoperiod feminized and feminized auto packs.  The packs are supplied as a metal tin with three separate seed envelopes inside, each labelled with the name of the seeds.

Mix 1.  Dutch Outdoor high production mix.  (9 seeds)

Three proven outdoor feminized photoperiod varieties at our best ever price.

3x Frisian Dew ®, 3x Durban Poison ®, 3x Hollands Hope®

Mix 2.  High Potency Classic Auto Mix.   (9 seeds)

Three of our most respected high potency autos with XL yields.

3x Think Different, 3x AutoUltimate ®, 3x Auto Cinderella Jack®

Mix 3. Feminized XXL 30th Anniversary Indoor Mix.   (30 seeds!)

30 seeds of our best selling, most reliable THC-rich indoor varieties.

10x Power Plant ®, 10x White Widow ®, 10x OutLaw ®

We are also pleased to announce some new seed varieties.  These are carefully selected genetics, some of which have taken several years to create.

Auto Duck®

Auto Duck ® is the long awaited autoflowering feminized version of our best selling photoperiod Frisian Duck.  The leaves have a stabilised natural shape deformity, this makes Auto Duck ® very difficult to recognise as cannabis.  Its an low-odour stealth variety ideal for urban growing. Indoors she takes about 75 days from seed to harvest under 20 hours of daily light.  Outdoors or in a greenhouse she takes 85-90 days from seed to harvest.  Auto Duck ® contains some of our AutoWhite Widow genetics which ensure good potency.

Passion Fruit ®

Passion Fruit® is a feminized photoperiod variety with intense fruity flavours and aroma.  This variety was bred partly for a strong THC-rich effect, and partly to provide a deliberately fruity genetic line with above-average harvests.  Passion Fruit ® has a long lasting high and heavy production of aromatic terpenes, its a distinctive and unusual variety with a penetrating aroma which will require good quality odour control (carbon filter).  This is an original genetic line, with a satisfying blend of Passion fruit, citrus and summer fruit aromas.  Passion Fruit® is ready to harvest after 8-9 weeks of bloom

CBD AutoCompassion Lime ®

Our customers wanted a CBD-rich Auto, and CBD AutoCompassion Lime ® is a solid and reliable CBD-rich variety which medical growers will find easy to cultivate.  She grows from seed to harvest in around 65-70 days under 20 hours of daily light and has average yields.  CBD levels are around 9-10% and THC is a little lower, generally 8-9%.  CBD AutoCompassion Lime ® has a pleasing lime flavour and citrus aroma, she has a strong body stone and reduced psycho-activity thanks to the medium THC levels.  For medical growers this is an effective variety which is easy and fast to grow. 

CBD AutoWhite Widow ®

CBD AutoWhite Widow ® is easy to grow, producing a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD in the buds. Its also a strong variety thanks to the AutoWhite Widow genetics,  CBD and THC levels can both exceed 9% or 10% making it one of the strongest CBD-rich autos available.  AutoWhite Widow CBD® takes around 10-11 weeks from seed to harvest under 20 hours of daily light.  Harvests are somewhat above average, this is an uncomplicated variety to grow and is a great choice for medical growers seeking powerful relief.

AutoCinderella Jack®

AutoCinderella Jack® is one of the strongest feminized autoflowering varieties that we have seen.  This variety was selectively bred purely to achieve the highest THC levels, other considerations such as aroma, taste etc were sacrificed in order to allow THC maximisation.  The variety was a co-development between Dutch Passion and Buddha Seeds with professional lab THC analysis at each stage of breeding.  The genetics originally came from crossing Cinderella 99 with Jack Herer, these were combined with auto genetics from the Magnum line which help ensure XL harvests.  THC levels are 20%++.

The previously announced Glueberry OG and AutoGlueberry OG varieties are also joining the collection.  Some of our older, less popular varieties are being retired to the gene bank.

The Dutch Passion seed collection has never been better quality or better value.  We will have several special free-seed offers during the year, please keep checking our website for the details.  And our sister company, Crazy LEDs is expanding with more great new LED products, including the SolarSystem 550 professional LED grow light with a 400W power draw it easily replaces a 600W HPS for €849.  2017 should be a great year!

New Dutch Passion Cannabis Seeds For 2017
January 6th 2017
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Marc Selan

2017-10-26 15:47:22

Just purchased 10 Glueberry , 10 power plant and 10 passion fruit. I am the president of Cannabis Association Organic Oz in Barcelona. Please feel free to look up our details on Weedmaps. We cultivate organically, I will post pictures when these genetics are ready for harvest probably on our menu on Weedmaps. Saludos Marc

Andrew in Canada

2017-01-08 22:42:11

Great round up, looking forward to trying some of the new gear out. Growing out some Think Big this year, looking forward to my first ever Dutch Passion grow :D