Mighty vaporizer review. User guide, cleaning tips and advice

Mighty vaporizer review.  User guide, cleaning tips and advice

The ‘Mighty’ portable vaporizer is a battery powered portable vaporiser built by Storz & Bickel, the same company that created the famous Volcano vaporiser, a classic old design famed for its reliability.  


After many years enjoying primarily an original Iolite vaporiser and then the follow-up ‘Wispr 2’ the challenge was to find a new favourite vaporiser.  There are plenty to choose from these days.  The main benefits of vaporizing are the health benefits.   Unlike smoking, vaporizing does not set fire to the cannabis. Vaporizing gently heats your cannabis releasing the vapours without the smoke.  You can enjoy all the benefits of your medical/recreational cannabis discreetly, without clouds of smoke.  Vaporizing is also a more economical way to enjoy your home grown cannabis, it uses less than half the cannabis required for smoking.  



The Mighty is deliberately bigger than the average vaporiser because of the double Lithium ion battery pack.  The extra battery power means that the Mighty is a little bit larger than some of the hand-held vaporizers, but it allows the unit to heat up very fast, using both convection and conduction heating.  Some electricity is used to warm up the herb chamber and at the same time the cold incoming air is heated before it reachers the herb chamber.  The double battery pack allows 4 or 5 good vape sessions before recharge.   The LED display shows the actual temperature as well as the target temperature.  It feels solid, and its easy to use.  


Despite the premium price the Mighty is simple to operate, thankfully there is no complicated menu or programming options.   You simply switch it on or off and change the temperature if you want. The temperature is controlled with either an up or a down button.  There is virtually no draw resistance when sucking and the vapors are cool by the time they reach your mouth.




One useful tool was a small orange plastic cleaning device which slides into the base of the unit and can be used to push down the herbs in the heating chamber before use or scrape them out afterwards. The specially designed herb packing device was convenient but not 100% necessary,  it was possible to load and compress the herb chamber using only your fingers with minimal spills.



The Mighty is one of the more expensive portable vaporizers on the market, and at around €340 there are cheaper alternatives.  But Storz & Bickel prefer to focus on the top end of the vaporiser market; the Mighty will appeal to cannabis users looking for a quality, solid, long-lasting portable vaporiser.  Without doubt, the quality and reputation of the original (non portable) Volcano Vaporiser will be enough to convince potential purchasers that the price of the Mighty is justified. 


Above.  The Mighty mouthpiece which requires monthly cleaning in alcohol

Cleaning tips.  

The only user maintenance on the Mighty will be the occasional cleaning of the mouthpiece which tends to accumulate oily deposits.  Dismantling and cleaning the mouthpiece was messy, on the other hand it only took 10 minutes and is an essential monthly activity.  The best way to clean the unit is as follows:


  • Switch the unit on for a minute or two, this warms the mouthpiece making it easier to dismantle when it is full of sticky resin.
  • Take the mouthpiece apart and remove the rubber seals before cleaning the mouthpiece.  The seals do not need to be soaked in IPA.
  • Soak the mouthpiece sections in ethanol or IPA (Iso-propyl alcohol) for a couple of minutes.  Do not waste your time trying to clean the unit with hot water, it wont work.  Use alcohol.  Use a small brush to clean all the corners.  IPA is flammable, it will be safer to do this outside away from flames.
  • Dry and reassemble.  




Conclusions:  The Mighty does a great job.  The slightly large size won’t suit everyone but the battery life is as solid as the rest of the unit.  Its simple to use, reliable and will appeal to people looking for a sturdy portable vaporizer who don't mind paying premium prices for a well designed quality product.  We are impressed enough to offer it for sale in our own vaporiser collection.

Mighty vaporizer review.  User guide, cleaning tips and advice
October 16th 2015

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