Medical marijuana

Medical marijuana has become a massive business in the last decade or two, it has been growing dramatically and the growth is accelerating at quite a pace. The various quality cannabis seed companies have all seen lots of activity in the medical market. The view of marijuana as an extremely effective medicine is now gaining widespread acceptance in many countries. Both Europe and North America have been relaxing their traditional moral disapproval of medical cannabis.


Nowadays there are many medical marijuana users that have become self sufficient in their supply. Many of these medical users grow their preferred strains themselves. Others have formed medical grow cooperatives, working as a team to grow and distribute their weed.

The uses of medical marijuana are simply becoming too numerous to mention. Go on to Wikipedia and you can see list after list, study after study on the different medical conditions that man is treating with the worlds favourite illegal herb. Of course this would not be news to our ancestors; weed has been used and documented as a medicine for thousands of years. It has only been in the last century that man has criminalised the growth and use of the cannabis plant. Ironically during that century of prohibition more people than any other point in human history have enjoyed marijuana as a medical or recreational drug.

Ortega Indica, developed for the medical user but also appreciated by the recreational users

But is marijuana dangerous? Many opponents claim it is dangerous to a minority of users. My answer to that is that marijuana, alongside any other substance can be misused, and no-one wants to see that. But lets take a look at the two main legal drugs that society accepts – tobacco and alcohol. Mainstream medicine is now stating that marijuana does have some important medical properties.

The World Health Organisation officially states that the alcohol kills millions each year. You don’t believe me ? Look at the World Health Organisation website, they estimate alcohol kills 2.5 million people worldwide every year, on top of that is the untold misery inflicted on family life and society. In return society accepts and even celebrates alcohol but outlaws marijuana even though there is not a single proven case of a marijuana death. In future years they will look back and laugh at mans prejudice and hypocrisy. It remains a unique irony that for many people the biggest danger posed by cannabis is a criminal record.

Here at Dutch Passion we have worked hard to contribute to the medical marijuana movement. Many of our strains have been used with great success by medical users and we regularly get letters and mail from satisfied medical users that have recommended us to others. All marijuana strains offer some medical benefit to a specific illness. I am sure that many strains of cannabis have multi-purpose uses for a whole range of conditions. By analysing the different cannabinoids in each strain the art of medical cannabis will be a true science in a few years time; it is already well on the way. All of the Dutch Passion strains have been used by medical users, and the Ortega Indica strain is one that we have bred specially to be of interest to medical users. Not only is it a great pain killer and appetite restorer, but Ortega Indica gives users a blissfully satisfying nights sleep without any morning after effects. Of course we are looking carefully at some other medical strains, but development of these medical varieties is something that takes time and a lot of work with the medical users themselves.

Developing important new medical strains is something that can’t be rushed, you can be sure that Dutch Passion takes the subject seriously for the sake of the medical community.

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August 5th 2011

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