Irun Expogrow. Cannabis expo in Basque.

Irun Expogrow. Cannabis expo in Basque.

Irun is a popular cannabis expo. It is sometimes known as the FICOBA expo and is strategically positioned just 2km away from the French border in the Basque country. This is a popular show, attracting a lot of local Basque growers as well as plenty from over the borders in France and Spain.


Irun ExpoGrow. Cannabis seeds and more in the Basque Country.

The Irun expo takes place in a modern building complex used for all the biggest trade shows in the Basque Country. All the most important European companies in the cannabis industry were present. From fertilizer and nutrient companies, to LED grow lights, the biggest hydroponic distributors, the most important seed bank etc. All were present and it was a busy show. Outside there was a large entertaining area with food and a big stage for the Saturday night concert and the Cannabis Cup award ceremonies.


Dutch Passion Stand


The first day of the show, Friday, was only open for b2b (business to business) clients. This meant that the general public were not admitted until the Saturday. The Friday b2b session was unusual for an Irun cannabis expo. But it worked well, giving time and tranquillity for shop owners to talk with the professionals.


Irun. Lots of French buyers for cannabis seeds.

Saturday, with the general public present, was the busiest day. The popular evening concert featured the singer Kusturica with his Balkan music. Sunday was not quite as busy. The visitors were 70-75% French. The number of French cannabis growers is increasing rapidly. The market for the seeds is expanding quickly, a lot of shops have just started selling cannabis seeds and CBD products.


Irun Expogrow


In France the shops that sell seeds or CBD products can't also sell cultivation products like soil, pots, lamps, nutrients etc. The laws in France have been historically aimed at making life difficult for cannabis growers and consumers. This has resulted in France having some of Europe’s least progressive cannabis laws.  But the French people are continuing to fight for a change of cannabis laws. And the improved availability of cannabis seeds is one step closer!


Autoflower seeds and feminized seeds for indoor and outdoor growers.

Many classic Dutch Passion cannabis seed varieties remain very popular in France, such as Orange Bud, Blueberry, California Orange, White Widow and all the autoflower seeds. One repeat comment from the customers was about the heavy yields and large plants from our autoflower seeds. In France many growers get two successive crops per year using autoflowering cannabis seeds. In southern Spain, up to 3 successive harvests are possible from autoflower seeds.


Outdoor feminized seed cultivation.

The growers from northern Spain included many outdoor growers. As well as autoflower seeds, many also bought tough outdoor feminized seeds. These are resilient, proven genetics which were selectively bred to deliver a strong resistance to occasional cold temperatures and have good resistance to high humidity conditions in bloom. Outdoor feminized seeds such as Frisian Dew, Snow Bud, Pamir Gold, Durban Poison and Passion#1 were all popular. Many indoor growers were interested in feminized seeds with the latest USA genetics. Varieties such as HiFi4G, Meringue and Lemon Kix were very popular.


The Irun Expo once again confirmed Spain’s position as one of the key markets for EU cannabis cultivation.


The visitors asked plenty of questions about all aspect of domestic cannabis cultivation. French was the dominant language at the show, many French cannabis growers had driven a long way to get more information, cannabis seeds and cultivation supplies.


More cannabis cup success for Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion were honoured to receive 3rd Place in the CBD Category for CBD Charlotte’s Angel. This is a CBD rich feminized seed variety with very low THC levels, usually well below 1%. This variety won’t get you high, but it remains popular especially with medical growers. Many visitors asked Dutch Passion about their new CBD oil and CBG oil.


Winning award at Irun Expogrow


This was another busy expo for Dutch Passion. It was a great chance to catch up with our French and Spanish customers and listen to their current and future seed requirements. And it was a great chance to see many of our repeat customers who attend Irun ExpoGrow each year. Dutch Passion hope that France will soon have it’s own dedicated cannabis expo. There were rumours that one would be started in Marseille in the coming year or two. If so, Dutch Passion will be there! The Dutch Passion team send their thanks to all the people that visited the show. We look forward to seeing you all next year!

Irun Expogrow. Cannabis expo in Basque.
May 9th 2019

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