How to make your weed last twice as long.

Dutch Joe has spent the last year using a vapouriser and this is his summary

About a year ago I stopped smoking joints completely when I bought a vapouriser. Initially I was concerned that it would be less effective than smoking but I have been really pleased with the results. For me, the vapouriser has a number of benefits over spliffs, but one of the most significant ones is the fact that my weed now lasts twice as long as it did when I rolled joints.
For the ‘self sufficient’ cannabis grower the main aim is to be able to grow as much weed as you will comfortably need until the next crop. Since I started using the vapouriser I need less weed to get me just as stoned so this has been great. Vapourisers gently toast the ground herb without actually setting it on fire. It is a more efficient process since the marijuana vapours and cannabinoids are released slowly in a stream that you inhale. In contrast, a joint releases plumes of smoke, wasting a certain amount of your precious bud which literally ‘disappears in smoke’.

Look at the size of the stem on this outdoor grown Durban Poison. The Dutch Passion team were staggered by this one

The vaporiser high is just as good that from a joint, but somehow the stone seems clearer without the initial heavyness. I have mostly been smoking 2 strains over the last year, The Ultimate and Isis. With both of these strong strains I still feel the high 4-5 hours after vapourising. The smooth combustion-less process of vapourising allows me to get those initial delicate fruity vapours from ‘The Ultimate’ that might be lost in a joint.

I enjoy alternating between a couple of good weed varieties as it is a good way to stop your body building up a tolerance to one particular variety which can happen if you stick to a single strain. In the case of ‘The Ultimate’ and ‘Isis’ I have a couple of top quality options to vapourise.

My vapouriser doesn’t create any smoke, so I can enjoy my weed indoors, without anyone else in the house able to smell it. There is no smell of smoke on me or my clothes, therefore I am more able to get away with a private ‘vapourisation’ without anyone knowing. A vapouriser has not only reduced my weed usage, it has allowed me enjoy my weed in different circumstances, such as in the local garden centre, at a concert, at a soccer match or in my back garden without the neighbours smelling it.

Some ‘vapour heads’ say that the process of vapourisation allows you the pleasure of some cannabinoinds that are lost in combustion. But for me the principal reason for using a vapouriser is that my weed lasts longer. Based on the last year I would say that my weed lasts between 2 to 3 times as long. For the first 6 months I really did crave the occasional joint but not anymore. I will continue to use my vapouriser but no doubt I will still enjoy the occasional joint as well.

For the self-sufficient cannabis grower there are 3 key things to get right. Firstly it is vital to have seeds of good strains. Secondly you need a growing system that works for you. Finally you need to be able to make the weed last until your next crop. For me the vapouriser has been a really useful way of making the weed last longer, maybe it will work for you too.

Dutch Joe
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October 21st 2011

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