What are Moon Rocks?

What are Moon Rocks?

Moon Rocks are a crazy cannabis creation from the USA West Coast. Premium quality cannabis buds are soaked in cannabis oil and rolled in generous quantities of kief. Kief is another name for loose trichome resin glands, also known as ‘dry sift’. Moon Rocks are turbo-charged cannabis buds, unlike anything you have tried before. Moon Rocks are the most potent buds you can get, even smokers with a high cannabis tolerance will be floored by a Moon Rock. Sometimes Moon Rocks are also called as Cannabis Caviar.


How to smoke moon rocks

A moon rock delivers everything a cannabis lover could want, in a highly concentrated form. Expect a deliciously overwhelming aroma of hash. The presence of oil (or shatter) which is soaked generously into the bud ensures the whole moon rock sizzles away in a smog of THC goodness. The high hits you immediately with one of those rare ‘what am I doing’ feelings. Most people probably inhale several times their usual amount of THC, especially as they suck furiously on the bong to capture every last bit of the moon rock smoke.

One of the more usual ways to smoke a moon rock is to break one into a bong and prepare for a truly epic bong rip of lunar proportions. The moon rock will keep burning for longer than expected thanks to the extra oil present inside it. A single chunk of moon rock can often be enough for several people to fill their lungs. Trying to grind up a Moon Rock to use in a joint can be sticky and messy work. If you have a vaporiser, try breaking small chunks of moon rock into it and start at low temperatures to encourage a slow release of the vapors. But be warned, even experienced stoners have been overwhelmed after trying Moon Rocks.

Moon rocks


How do you make Moon Rocks?

The principle ingredients are always the same. Good buds, cannabis oil, and kief. Different dispensaries have their own individual techniques which they use to make their Moon Rocks. The first consideration is whether to use dense hard nuggets or not. Normally dense hard buds are preferred, but these can be slow to fully absorb the cannabis oil. Some USA dispensaries prefer to use quality sativa buds with a slightly lighter and more open texture. These buds quickly soak up a large amount of cannabis oil. In turn, this makes the Moon Rocks very potent. To make Moon Rocks, buds can either be dipped in cannabis oil or injected with it. Many prefer to warm the cannabis oil to reduce viscosity, this makes it easier to get the buds fully drenched. When you break open a good Moon Rock you should be able to see the structure of the bud fully embalmed in the brown oil. If you can see lots of green buds it’s a sign that the bud was not soaked in the oil for long enough. When making Moon Rocks from rock hard nuggets you may prefer to warm the oil first until it flows freely, and then take your time to fully submerse the buds in the warm oil, it takes a few minutes (not a few seconds) to do it properly. Using some tweezers helps keep the process clean.

Who invented Moon Rocks?

Moon Rocks were originally created by Kurupt, the former Executive VP for Death Row Records and the musician Dr. Zodiak. The following video from Kurupt and Zodiak explains more about their invention:

How do you use shatter to make Moon Rocks?

Some Moon Rock connoisseurs feel that cannabis oil makes the Moon Rocks too sticky. An alternative recipe is to melt some shatter and use that instead of cannabis oil. This makes the buds less sticky when you break them open, easier to handle and more user-friendly. Especially when you are stoned. Moon Rocks made with shatter are crispy rather than sticky and squidgy. Instead of rolling the buds in oil or warm shatter you can also try injecting the warm oil (or liquid shatter) into the centre of the bud and wait until it starts to ooze out of the exterior. But the principle is always the same; to create an insane smoking experience. Some home growers that have an unexpectedly large flower harvest convert some of the ‘excess’ into Moon Rocks as a way of concentrating their harvest into a special treat. Some people store Moon Rocks in the fridge (or freezer) to keep potency levels at the absolute maximum.

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Moon Rocks - the ultimate high?

Even serious smokers say that Moon Rocks are too much for them. If you are just a typical recreational or medical cannabis user then you are likely to find Moon Rocks are simply way too strong for you and can leave you stoned for 7-8 hours. Even experienced recreational smokers have had to take a 1-2 hour time out after smoking Moon Rocks. So be careful, they are seriously strong. On the other hand, if you have medical conditions, you can expect some fast and powerful relief. Even veteran cannabis advocate Snoop Dog says Moon Rocks are ‘too much’ for him in his interview below:


CBD Moon Rocks

Of course, you don’t have to use THC rich buds, oil, and kief. Many medical cannabis growers have made their own Moon Rocks using CBD-rich starting materials. Most Moon rocks have THC levels around 50%-75%. The use of more oil and kief increases the THC levels. But if you use CBD-rich oil, buds and kief you can get THC levels down to more manageable levels nearer 25-30%, or even lower if specialist ultra low-THC varieties are used, such as Charlotte’s Angel.

Moon rocks

Future Moon Rock evolution

Perhaps the emergence of varieties rich in other cannabinoids will add some variety to the future Moon Rock experience. For example, research varieties exist which are rich in THC-V, CBG, and CBD-V. The challenge is stabilising the genetics in seed form. But once that is done, perhaps you will see THC-V rich buds, dipped in CBG rich oil and dusted in CBD rich kief for an all-round ‘full cannabinoid spectrum’ experience.

What are moon rocks?

Many excellent quality homegrown varieties have THC levels of around 15-20%. So to smoke a Moon Rock with over 60% THC is a serious challenge. Don’t even think about smoking a whole Moon Rock if you are lucky enough to get one, try breaking a small bit off first and evaluate the potency before diving in.

How much do moon rocks cost?

Moon Rocks often cost around $25-$35 per gram from a USA dispensary. They are less frequently seen in Europe at the moment. You can expect to pay a lot more if you want Moon Rocks made from bespoke high-end buds. Moon Rocks become a more realistic and affordable option if you grow your own and can afford to set aside a plant or two to create the necessary oil and kief. If you are planning a home grow, buy your autoflower seeds or feminized seeds online from Dutch Passion. Good luck making your Moon Rocks!


Moon rocks

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What are Moon Rocks?
January 17th 2019
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