How to judge a cannabis seed seller

How to judge a cannabis seed seller

One of the most difficult choices for any grower is where to buy their cannabis seeds from. Growing cannabis seeds is a commitment of both time and money. No-one wants to spend up to 4 months growing a cannabis crop only to feel disappointed with the final harvest quality. That’s why it is so critical to buy your cannabis seeds from a source you can trust. But how do you judge and assess a cannabis seed seller? How do you separate the best feminized seed suppliers from the amateurs? Read on to find out more.

How long has your cannabis seed seller been in business?

The first cannabis seed companies like Dutch Passion started collecting cannabis genetics in the 1970’s and became formally established in the 1980’s. Since then many cannabis seed sellers have come and gone. Many stay around for a few years, long enough to realise the complexity and difficulty of cannabis breeding, and then quit. Producing consistently high quality cannabis seeds is a complicated and demanding business. Only the seed sellers with genuine commitment and passion tend to stay in business for the long term.

The older, more established, seed sellers have one significant advantage over the others. The original seed companies enjoy an extensive collection of cannabis genetics from all corners of the earth. And they also enjoy a superior network of growers and breeders to assist with new genetics.

One other major advantage of being an established cannabis seedbank is the massive amount of experience gained in professional expertise for seed production and expert breeding. Some of the know-how, tips and tricks, and specialist knowledge can take decades to learn. If your cannabis reseller has survived the test of time then you can be confident that they have provided quality service and support for many years. That should give you confidence that they will be around many years into the future.

Has your cannabis seed vendor won many cannabis cups?

Cannabis cups are an indication that your seed vendor takes their work seriously enough to want to compete against the best of the rest in a public challenge. Many cannabis seed resellers don’t even feel confident to compete in these challenges. Usually, only the cream of cannabis seeds get the chance to win a cannabis cup. Competition for cannabis cups has probably never been higher than it is today. Companies like Dutch Passion have won over 50 cannabis cups. New, powerful and impressive cannabis varieties are appearing from all over the world. The best of these get selected for cannabis cup competitions. Often judging is done by a panel of voters who don’t know the true identity or origin of their samples. A cannabis cup victory is a sign of consistently high quality cannabis seeds which will deliver exceptional results. If your seed seller has won a few cannabis cups over the years you can feel reassured that they are competent and professional.
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Does your cannabis seed vendor offer the full range of seeds?

One way to assess the quality of your cannabis seed supplier is to take a look at their range of cannabis seeds. Do they offer a full collection of feminized indica, sativa and hybrid cannabis seeds? Do they offer feminized CBD rich cannabis seeds for medical growers? What about autoflower seeds? Is there a decent collection including cannabis cup winners? If your preferred seed reseller offers a wide range of seeds then you can feel a sense of confidence that they take their work seriously and aim to satisfy the many diverse categories of cannabis seed buyers.

Does your seed vendor offer regular cannabis seeds? Dutch Passion do, even though they account for just 2-3% of total seed sales. That’s because Dutch Passion have a commitment to cannabis seed buyers of all kinds, including old-school growers that prefer regular seeds.

Does your seed vendor offer a range of outdoor cannabis seeds that were selectively bred for outdoor cultivation? Dutch Passion do, over the last 3 decades many outdoor growers have come to reply on proven cup-winning outdoor cannabis seed varieties developed by Dutch Passion such as Frisian Dew, Passion #1, Durban Poison and many others.

Does your cannabis seed supplier also serve professional legal licensed growers too?

Dutch Passion have worked very closely with many large legal and licensed cannabis producers in countries such as Canada with legal cannabis grow industries. These licensed growers have often had to spend $millions setting up a legal grow operation. They can’t afford to ruin their legal cannabis production with low quality cannabis seeds. A high quality harvest with good taste, aroma and potency will sell for twice the price (or more) of a low quality harvest. That’s why the professional legal growers often compare cannabis genetics from several leading suppliers. The seeds are grown, the plants analysed and the results are compared. Only the seed suppliers with best quality and consistency are selected as partners to supply seeds to these legal grow operations. Dutch Passion have passed some extremely demanding tests in order to qualify as a cannabis seed supplier to some of the leading cannabis producers. That should give you confidence that the same seeds will do a great job in your next grow!

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Is your cannabis seed supplier known for innovation?

Some seed vendors know very little about the seeds they sell. Some don’t bother stabilizing or optimizing their varieties. Some seed companies do the bare minimum to stay in business and are not known for any innovation. But companies like Dutch Passion have a strong track record for novel research in the cannabis world. Dutch Passion invented feminized seeds in the 1990’s. The rest of the cannabis seed industry looked to Dutch Passion for leadership, and soon followed with feminized seeds of their own.

Today, feminized cannabis seeds account for over 95% of all cannabis seeds sold. Dutch Passion have innovated in other areas too. The unique Frisian Duck and Auto Duck varieties use rare cannabis genetics. These give the cannabis leaf an unrecognisable ‘ducks foot’ shape. It’s cannabis like you have never seen before, and perfect for growers that want to grow cannabis in plain sight without others knowing what it is. Dutch Passion were also one of the first seed companies to pioneer autoflower seeds and CBD rich cannabis seeds. A cannabis seed company that can innovate is a company which has sufficient resources to go a little bit further for their customers than other seed companies.

Does your cannabis seed supplier look into new cannabinoid

Some seed companies just make quick and unstable copies of cannabis cup winning varieties. Invariably the seeds lack the necessary quality and consistency. Established cannabis seed companies like Dutch Passion are able to do so much more than that. As well as being able to conduct breeding projects with the best cannabis genetics from all around the world, Dutch Passion have the resources to undertake entirely novel cannabis research. Recently this research has been on creating varieties rich in new cannabinoids. Soon Dutch Passion hope to release varieties rich in CBG and THCV. If your seed supplier is able to engage in this type of cutting edge breeding research then you can feel reassured that they really are at the top of their game.

Customer service and quality cannabis seeds go together.

With over 30 years experience in the cannabis seed industry, Dutch Passion are one of the most qualified companies in cannabis genetics and seed supply. But it’s not just about supplying the best cannabis seeds available. Dutch Passion have always been proud of their high levels of customer service. If you ever have an issue with Dutch Passion seeds you can contact us via our website or social media and we will do our best to make things right. Dutch Passion were formally established in the 1980’s. Since then we have focussed purely on sourcing the best genetics and making the highest quality, most stable cannabis seeds. If you are looking for a seed company that you can rely on, you won’t find many that are more qualified than Dutch Passion.

How to judge a cannabis seed seller
June 28th 2019
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