Home grown cannabis movement makes society a better place

Blue Moonshine from Dutch Passion. One of our most frequently praised for sheer strength and narcotic body high. A home-growers dream

Cannabis seed companies have a quite unusual position in society. Cannabis seed supply is entirely legal in many parts of the world but the consumption of the bud they produce is often illegal, or at best ‘tolerated’. For the lucky few, both seeds and bud are fully legal.

However the overall impact of legal cannabis seed supply is highly advantageous to society as a whole and I believe that most people, when they consider the facts, would agree with this statement. By allowing people to grow their own weed, cannabis seed companies have eliminated a dealer subculture that supplied weed and God-knows what else. The benefits to society must be massive, both in human terms and financial. Just a generation ago if you wanted to get weed in most urban cities you would be forced to deal with the local supplier, often these people were involved in all kinds of less-than-savoury underworld activities.

More Blue Moonshine, once grown never forgotten

In some ways the growth of the grow-it-yourself cannabis movement has become so widespread that the traditional neighbourhood weed supplier has become hard to find for many people. The result is more people deciding it is easier to grow their own weed. And so it is that the market for decent quality cannabis seed stock gets bigger each year.

At the various cannabis cups, hemp fairs and ganja expo’s I get to ask lots of people what made them start growing their own. The 2 main reasons that 90% of people give are that
a) Growing your own is the best way to get the highest quality weed, and
b) Finding a reliable supplier of fairly priced weed was getting more and more difficult.

Although I can’t pretend that cannabis seed companies have 100% public and political approval it is generally accepted that they have made a huge improvement to society by allowing both recreational and medical marijuana users to become self sufficient. Not only that, but free-market competition between the seed suppliers has led to great new strains and technical innovations such as feminised seeds and AutoFem seeds. Not only is the home grown scene bigger and better than ever before, but it has never been as quick and easy to grow your own stash. Once you get a system that works for you, growing your own is also simpler, cheaper and safer than finding a supplier.

The first two seed companies to be officially established were Dutch Passion and Sensi Seeds in the 1980’s. In Dutch Passions case we have seen the increased numbers of ‘self sufficient’ growers have actually influenced the way the seed business works. For example, the introduction of Dutch Passions 3-seed feminised packs were as a direct result of home-growers asking for smaller seed packs which are more suitable to the self-sufficient grower. Growers also prefer feminised seeds; for certain varieties we only make feminised seeds since sales of non-feminised are often not in any significant demand.

What has this meant to society in general? Well, over the last 3 or 4 decades the cannabis seed companies have made a significant contribution to cleaning up large parts of society. That is a fact that many law enforcers and politicians would firmly agree with. It also explains why increasing numbers of serving police officers in many countries are increasingly supportive of a more relaxed and tolerant approach to weed in general.

Not many serving Police Officers would be brave enough to publically support the seed companies, but some of the more intelligent and progressive ones are. An organisation called LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) has been set up to provide an alternative voice for the police. LEAP are becoming increasingly vocal and influential. Many of the LEAP members speak out about the need to allow small scale cultivation of cannabis. LEAP members are prepared to speak at seminars, so if you are involved with the pressure groups to change the marijuana laws then consider the impact of getting one of these guys to speak at your event.

It all goes to demonstrate what can be achieved with sensible ‘drug’ laws and logical thinking. Just this week the Chicago council announced they are looking closely at plans to decriminalise possession of under 10 grams of weed. Step by step, marijuana is getting an improved public profile.

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November 4th 2011

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