History of Dutch Passion

History of Dutch Passion

The Dutch Passion Seed Company officially formed in 1987. Dutch Passion are famous for supplying great quality cannabis seeds as well as being the original inventors of feminized cannabis seeds in 1997. After 30+ years in business, Dutch Passion are larger and busier than ever. Recent announcements about expansion into Canada show the ambition of Dutch Passion to remain a leader in cannabis seeds long into the future.

Dutch Passion. Cannabis seeds in the early years.

Dutch Passion was formally established by Henk van Dalen in 1987. Prior to this, since the 1970’s  Henk had been busy collecting and breeding cannabis seeds. Henk was a Biology Student at Amsterdam University. In those days cannabis was being imported into Amsterdam from all over the world. Henk began collecting the different seeds from various batches of cannabis, which in the early days came from numerous sources. African, Asian, South American, and North American cannabis was making its ways to the early Amsterdam Coffee shops and much of it contained seeds. These varieties were often quite different in terms of the effect of the cannabis and the quality. The marijuana seeds were collected and became the basis of the early Dutch Passion breeding.
At the time, indoor growing techniques and equipment were quite basic. But Henk managed to grow the seeds. Eventually the best plants were selected for breeding and subsequent crossing. Soon it was clear that the cannabis being grown in Amsterdam was of superior quality to that being imported. Many Dutch coffee shops were able to start sourcing home grown cannabis instead of relying on heavily seeded lower quality imports. The 1970’s indoor growing scene was small, but the community of seed pioneers was already at work, and they had a good selection of cannabis genetics from all over the world to start from. Today Dutch Passion still operate out of Amsterdam and have remained true to their original goal – to focus exclusively on supplying the best quality cannabis seeds.

Invention of feminized cannabis seeds.

Home growing began to take off in the 1980’s and 1990’s as good quality indoor cannabis seeds and outdoor cannabis seeds became increasingly available thanks to companies such as Dutch Passion. Dutch Passion were one of the first companies offering high quality cannabis seeds in Europe. At the same time the availability and quality of indoor grow lights, growing equipment and indoor cultivation knowledge began to improve. Cannabis was now being grown indoors and outdoors in Europe, North America, and elsewhere.
Now that it was possible to grow your own cannabis, the focus began to shift towards growing with maximum convenience and quality. Some home growers were unhappy about having to germinate from regular cannabis seeds. In the early days, feminized cannabis seeds hadn’t yet been invented. So people had to grow regular seeds and discard the males. Calls were growing louder for feminized cannabis seeds, and since feminized vegetable seeds were already available many wanted feminized marijuana seeds.
After numerous tests and techniques were tried, eventually Dutch Passion found a way to produce the first feminized cannabis seeds in the 1990’s. It was a major breakthrough in the cannabis industry at the time. Dutch Passion may have been the first to invent feminized cannabis seeds, but eventually everyone else would follow. Today feminized cannabis seeds account for over 95% of all cannabis seeds sold.Seeds

The search for high quality feminized cannabis seeds.

The Dutch Passion team have a network of associates in Europe, Russia, South America, USA and Canada with employees in several different countries. Dutch Passion have some of the most experienced cannabis geneticists and breeders with a solid track record of success and innovation. The Dutch Passion team also enjoy established links to some of the best legal growers in the world, such as some USA, Canadian and South American licensed growers. This ensures continued access to the best emerging cannabis genetics around the world.
Dutch Passion are now a fully international organisation, the website is translated into 10 languages and seeds are supplied to growers of all sizes. From the self sufficient home grower looking to grow a few plants for personal use, to large legal growers producing thousands of cannabis plants. Growers of all types and sizes trust Dutch Passion for their cannabis seeds.
Many of the original Dutch Passion customers, resellers, grow shop owners and distributors are still customers over 30 years later. Dutch Passion are determined to supply the best quality cannabis seeds and to continually innovate and explore new genetic lines.

Feminized seeds, autoflower seeds, CBD rich seeds and more.

Although Dutch Passion are perhaps most fondly remembered for giving feminized cannabis seeds to the world, there are some other important cannabis seed developments which have been a major part of Dutch Passion’s work.

Outdoor cannabis seeds.

Frisian DewBy selectively breeding their outdoor varieties in Holland, Dutch Passion created a family of toughened feminized outdoor cannabis seeds that could grow throughout Northern Europe, North America and beyond even in tough climates. These varieties, such as Durban Poison, Frisian Dew, Hollands Hope and Passion #1 became the building blocks for many of todays outdoor varieties.

CBD-rich cannabis seeds.

CBD-rich cannabis seeds are some of the most valued varieties of the medical growing community. Dutch Passion were one of the first seed companies to start offering feminized CBD-rich cannabis seed varieties. Dutch Passion are also working on medical cannabis seeds which are rich in other cannabinoids (not just THC and CBD).

Autoflowering cannabis seeds.

By partnering closely with ‘The Joint Doctor’, who helped create autoflowering seeds, Dutch Passion established a strong pioneering position on the development of autoflowering marijuana seeds. Today autoflower seed varieties are another mainstream cannabis seed development which few predicted. They grow from seed to harvest with 20 hours of daily light in 10-11 weeks with the same potency as traditional varieties. For many home growers, autoflower seeds are easy and convenient for growing indoors and outdoors.

Legendary photoperiod feminized cannabis seeds.

Many growers will be familiar with famous THC-rich Dutch Passion classics such as Orange Bud, Mazar, Blueberry, White Widow, Master Kush and others. Dutch Passion have a full collection of Classic cannabis seed varieties which have served the cannabis community well over the last 3 decades.

Stealth cannabis seeds.

Dutch Passion are the only seed bank with stable outdoor photoperiod and autoflowering seed versions of the stealth ‘Duck’ varieties. These grow with webbed cannabis leaves (similar shape to a Ducks foot print). They give natural stealth camouflage and are difficult to identify as cannabis. Frisian Duck and Auto Duck are both useful varieties for urban cannabis growers. The unusually shaped leaves give natural camouflage.

Dutch Passion. The future, cannabis seeds and cannabinoids.

Dutch Passion will continue to offer the best cannabis seeds to home growers. Currently the Dutch Passion team are busy selecting and collecting some of the best USA cannabis genetics. The legal USA cannabis industry is producing some exceptional varieties and Dutch Passion are keen to make these available to home growers. The Canadian cannabis industry is also starting to produce some amazing quality varieties, and we expect that these will also start appearing as feminized cannabis seeds. And we also expect that future varieties will include new cannabinoids at high levels. So perhaps you can look forward to cannabis seeds rich in new cannabinoids such as THCV, CBG, CBDV and others. Dutch Passion have had an important history in the world of cannabis seeds. We hope that the future will be just as exciting for Dutch Passion and their customers!

History of Dutch Passion
January 4th 2019

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