Frisian Duck. You have never seen cannabis like this before!

Frisian Duck. You have never seen cannabis like this before!

Frisian Duck is a unique Dutch Passion feminised cannabis seed variety with a natural leaf deformity. The unusual leaf shape coupled with a low aroma, make this a special feminised cannabis seed variety for the outdoor grower.

Because the iconic cannabis leaf shape is not there you could walk straight past a Frisian Duck plant and simply not realise that it’s cannabis.

Frisian Duck is the result of years of selective breeding after thousands of customer requests for a ‘stealth’ cannabis variety which can be grown outdoors without anyone knowing. Frisian Duck can also be grown indoors, but outdoor growers represent the majority of repeat Frisian Duck growers.


Frisian Duck strain. Stealth from a natural leaf deformity

Growing cannabis outdoors comes with several challenges. Whether cannabis growing is legal or not, growers like to protect their precious cannabis plants from unwanted visitors and thieves. If you are growing in your own garden, or on your property, you may want to keep the presence of your cannabis plants private. If you are growing your plants in the fields, hills and riverbanks then you may prefer a variety which hides itself naturally so that anyone walking nearby simply wouldn't give it another glance.

The naturally webbed-leaf shape of Frisian Duck doesn't catch your attention in the way that a typical cannabis leaf would.

s of cannabis growers have already added Frisian Duck seeds to their usual list of outdoor varieties. She is easy to grow, she hides herself naturally and she delivers heavy yields. What more could you want?



Frisian Duck seeds. Making outdoor cannabis growing fun and easy

Frisian Duck was such a hit with outdoor growers that she won Soft Secrets Outdoor Plant Of The Year. The unusually shaped cannabis leaves make it difficult to identify this variety as cannabis, especially during the first half of its life before the buds form. That’s because the Frisian Duck leaves exhibit a natural webbing. Instead of the characteristic, individual ‘fingers’ on each leaf, Frisian Duck leaves are fused together. This gives the Frisian Duck leaf a similar shape to that of a ducks footprint.


Frisian Duck = Ducksfoot seeds x Frisian Dew

Ducksfoot was originally a tropical variety with webbed leaves. Although it was something of a genetic curiosity, the original Ducksfoot strain was unable to grow outside hot tropical regions. This severely restricted its appeal as an outdoor variety.

Dutch Passion took the Ducksfoot variety and hybridised it with the hardy outdoor champion Frisian Dew. The hybrid duck strain was stabilised. This allowed the wide growing latitude and hardy growing characteristics of Frisian Dew. It also allowed stabilisation of the ducksfoot-shaped leaf deformity. Frisian Duck uses the original Ducksfoot stealthy leaf shape to be used in genetics which were tough enough to be grown outdoors in northern Europe. In mid-UK for example, she would be harvested in early October.

Frisian Dew was selected for the hybridisation with Ducksfoot since it has been a worthy outdoor favourite for many years. Frisian Dew was selectively bred over several years during an outdoor breeding program in The Netherlands. The tough genetics cope well with the often cool and cloudy European summers and deliver heavy yields. Frisian Dew’s robust growth characteristics are fully present in the stealthy Frisian Duck strain.


Frisian Duck. Giving outdoor cannabis growers an extra advantage

Frisian Duck is normally harvested outdoors around early October in the northern hemisphere (early April in the southern hemisphere). The weird Frisian Duck leaf shape is perfect natural camouflage. Whether you are growing a plant or two in the corner of your garden, or whether you have a flock of Frisian Ducks in the countryside, Frisian Duck seeds give you a unique advantage. If your cannabis plants don’t attract a second glance then your chances of a successful harvest are significantly increased. Frisian Duck gives outdoor growers an added edge.

This Frisian Duck grow review shows you the kind of results you can expect. It also shows you the funky Frisian Duck leaf shape which will looks so different to the traditional iconic cannabis leaf shape.




Scotland Police issue a special Frisian Duck bulletin

The unique appearance of Frisian Duck has not gone unnoticed by the Police. In this Bulletin from the Scotland Police they bring Frisian Duck to the attention of their officers (see page 2). They also make the comment that no Frisian Duck plants have yet been found in Scotland. Dutch Passion hope that the 100% non-detection rate is still present.


Frisian Duck benefits for outdoor cannabis growers

Feminised seeds of Frisian Duck have been best-selling outdoor seeds ever since they were released. Many guerrilla growers have become repeat Frisian Duck growers. People that would have felt too nervous to grow a traditional cannabis variety in their garden/greenhouse feel much safer growing Frisian Duck. If you do plan to grow your cannabis seeds in a greenhouse then this blog may be useful explaining the best ways to grow cannabis in a greenhouse.

Those that grow their cannabis in the countryside choose Frisian Duck because she is less likely to be spotted by thieves or reported to the Police. The low-odour characteristics of Frisian Duck are another bonus for outdoor growers.

Many growers find that the Frisian Duck plants easily blend in with the surrounding nettles, bushes and natural vegetation. The only time Frisian Duck really resembles cannabis is just before harvest when the XL sized blooms are ready to be chopped. But by that point the grow is almost complete.


Auto Duck. Autoflowering seeds of Frisian Duck

After many customer requests, an autoflowering seed version of Frisian Duck has been released called Auto Duck. Auto Duck grows from seed to harvest in around 11 weeks indoors. Outdoors, she takes around 90 days to grow from seed to harvest. No matter how short your summer, Auto Duck will be able to manage a harvest. Just select the warmest and sunniest 3-4 months for your grow.

Growers in warm climates will be able to manage 2-3 successive outdoor autoflower crops per year. Autoflowering seeds cost just a few euros each, yet they will produce cannabis worth many times that value.

That’s why many outdoor marijuana growers don't mind investing in several packs of cannabis seeds for their outdoor growing. A few euros spent on cannabis seeds usually produces a few hundred euros worth of final harvest. Unlike indoor cannabis growers, outdoor growers don't even have to pay any electricity costs. Growing your own cannabis is still the most affordable way to be self-sufficient in your cannabis requirements.


Auto Duck. Compact and productive cannabis plants

Auto Duck tends to reach a height of around 75-100cm outdoors or in a greenhouse. She is short and stocky with the same stealth leaves as Frisian Duck. Because she is shorter, Auto Duck is easier to hide in a corner of your garden, yard or patio. Auto Duck is also very popular with guerrilla growers who have several different grow plots scattered in different locations. The low height and webbed leaves mean she naturally hides in with the other plant life and is difficult to notice by anyone nearby.


Can Frisian Duck seeds or Auto Duck seeds also be grown indoors?

Yes they can, and they produce great quality results. Auto Duck does well with 20 hours of daily light from seed to harvest. Photoperiod feminised seeds of Frisian Duck can be germinated and are usually grown for 4-6 weeks of vegetative grow before bloom. Indoor flowering of Frisian Duck takes around 8-9 weeks.

When Frisian Duck seeds or Auto Duck seeds are grown indoors the genetics still produce the webbed, camouflaged ducksfoot shaped leaves. But usually, it’s the outdoor growers that buy ‘Duck’ varieties for outdoor camouflage. Thousands of outdoor cannabis growers have found that switching to a non-standard leaf shape gives a significant increase in their chances of success. The webbed leaf shape is simply pretty difficult to notice, especially when your Frisian Ducks/Auto Ducks are planted among natural plants, nettles etc. The Duck leaves simply blend in with the other vegetation and your cannabis plants become anonymous in the crowd.

‘Unfortunately’ for outdoor growers, or garden/greenhouse growers, the iconic shape of the cannabis leaf is now instantly recognisable for most members of the public. Anyone walking past a cannabis plant tends to automatically recognise the leaf shape. That’s why so many outdoor growers have decided to grow a pack or two of Frisian Duck/Auto Duck seeds alongside their normal outdoor cannabis seed varieties.


Tips for growing Frisian Duck seeds and Auto Duck seeds outdoors

If possible, give your outdoor cannabis plants a head start by germinating them indoors and giving them a few of weeks of indoor growth. This allows the seedlings to enjoy maximum protection from the weather and predators while they are at their most vulnerable.

Starting your seedlings indoors allows you to effectively extend your growing season by a few weeks at the start of the grow. While other growers are waiting for the weather to warm up, you can get a head start. Giving your plants a few weeks indoor growth allows you to produce a larger final plant with a heavier yield.


Frisian Duck cannabis seed germination & seedling advice

This cannabis seed germination guide may be useful for anyone planning to germinate some cannabis seeds. Once your Frisian Duck seeds or Auto Duck seeds have germinated you can grow them indoors under 18-24 hours of daily light. The seedlings can be planted outdoors after a few weeks when the weather is warm. It’s often a good idea to gradually acclimatise your plants to outdoor life for a few hours each day, slowly increasing the daily exposure to outdoor life. This way the plant doesn't experience too much shock when it is eventually planted outdoors.

A few weeks of indoor growth is a great start to life for an outdoor plant, especially in countries where the early-season spring weather can be harsh and unpredictable. It’s always important to plant your cannabis seedlings outdoors after the last frost has gone. You can find the typical last-frost day for your region with an internet search.

This Dutch Passion guide to growing cannabis outdoors is a very useful summary of many of the most useful outdoor growing tips.


Selecting an outdoor grow location for Frisian Duck or Auto Duck

Google maps is a useful tool to evaluate possible locations. Popular growing locations tend to be places that are unlikely to be stumbled upon by farmers, dog walkers and the general public. Outdoor growers look for a spot away from public paths in areas that are unlikely to be disturbed. Complement the online work with some walking once you have identified a few suitable locations. There is no substitute for ‘feet on the ground’ when evaluating a possible grow location yourself. Remember, you don't need much space to grow a few auto plants.

The best locations receive plenty of direct sunlight and have good quality soil. If not, bring your own soil to the location and dig it in. Many outdoor growers have several grow locations to spread the risk. Once you have a good grow location you will have many years of successful harvests. The only real cost to outdoor growers is the cost of the feminised cannabis seeds (or autoflower seeds) plus the cost of a few supplies such as soil, slug pellets, chicken wire etc to protect your plants.


Protecting your outdoor cannabis plants

Once your cannabis plants are safely planted outdoors you may want to think about protecting them. This gives you maximum chance of a successful harvest. Once you have selected a location free from human discovery you need to deal with animal threats.

Slug and snail pellets. Great protection for young plants

Experienced growers know the awful pain of finding that all the plants have been attacked and eaten by slugs and snails. Many growers will apply generous quantities of slug and snail pellets around their cannabis plants to protect them. It’s a good idea to re-apply the pellets whenever you visit your plants. But be careful not to leave a visible trail directly to your grow location. This could lead others to your plants.


Chicken wire fencing to protect your outdoor cannabis plants

Wild deer, goats, rabbits and other animals will happily eat your cannabis if they get the chance. You can protect your plants with some standard garden ‘chicken wire’ available from any garden centre. Tent pegs can be used to pin down the bottom of the chicken wire and prevent rabbits from creeping underneath. Some growers will deliberately plant a protective perimeter of thorny plants and brambles to keep the central grow location safe from dog walkers etc. Over many years this can become a thick and highly effective barrier to protect your grow location.


How much cannabis can I grow from a Frisian Duck seed?

A large Frisian Duck plant grown in a sunny location with good quality soil can produce over a kilogram of high-quality dried cannabis. Frisian Duck can reach 3-4m tall and just as wide. In non-optimised conditions, with cool/grey conditions in a northern EU location such as the UK, you can still expect several hundred grams of dry buds from a single well grown plant.

Auto Duck produces smaller harvest, as you would expect from smaller plants which mature quicker. Many Auto Duck growers tend to plant larger number of Auto Duck seeds to compensate for the slightly lower harvests from each plant. Around 50-100g of harvest is typical for Auto Duck outdoors. But in optimised conditions (for example a greenhouse, or optimised outdoor conditions) then up to 150g per plant may be possible.




Grow reviews of Frisian Duck strain and Auto Duck

Don't just take our word for it. Check out some of the great grow reviews from Dutch Passion seed customers over recent years. You can see lots more of our customer grow reviews on the Dutch Passion blog site.


Auto Duck seeds grown amongst flowers in a busy city garden. This great review shows how Auto Duck plants were hidden among the normal summer flower display in a city garden. No-one noticed the plants were there and the grower enjoyed some very chunky results!

Frisian Duck urban growing. See the unusual leaf shape and see how you could use it to your advantage

Frisian Duck customer grows. Some great pictures from successful Dutch Passion growers.

Dutch Frisian Duck grow review. See how easy it is to grow feminised duck seeds.

Outdoor Frisian Duck review. Growing duck seeds with XL results outdoors in Europe.

Dutch Frisian Duck outdoor back yard grow. Video and excellent pics of some superb Frisian Duck plants which grew to a large size in a cool/cloudy Dutch summer.

Auto Duck seeds grown in a greenhouse. See the funky duck leaf shape and see how you could use it to your advantage

Auto Duck seeds grown in Scandinavia. See how even Scandinavian growers are able to get two successive outdoor auto crops in one summer.


Frisian Duck. Cannabis seeds which produce natural plant camouflage

The unusual leaf shape on the Frisian Duck and Auto Duck leaves gives the best kind of natural camouflage possible for your outdoor cannabis growing. With webbed leaves, your cannabis plant doesn't attract second glances from anyone nearby. That’s just the type of reaction any cannabis grower would want from someone that had unexpectedly seen their plants.

A Dutch Passion customer from Scandinavia wrote to Dutch Passion explaining about his back garden, outdoor Frisian Duck grow. Also in his garden were some Dutch Passion Holland’s Hope plants, these have a strong skunky aroma. One day the Police came, most probably called by a neighbour who could smell the Holland’s Hope over the garden fence. The Police went in the back garden, found the Holland’s Hope plants and dug them up.

Just a couple of metres away, on the opposite side of the garden were the Frisian Duck plants. Incredibly, the Police failed to notice that the Frisian Ducks were cannabis. The naturally webbed leaf shape means that many people can walk straight past this variety and fail to recognise it as cannabis. Even the Police!

So, if you are looking for a stealth cannabis variety which can hide itself naturally, try growing some Frisian Duck or Auto Duck seeds in the coming outdoor season! Frisian Duck and Auto Duck only really resemble cannabis during late flowering when the blooms are heavy. By this point the grow is almost finished and harvest is close.




Frisian Duck and Auto Duck. Cannabis seeds for easy outdoor growing

If you are an outdoor grower looking for some novel ways to tip the scales of success in your favour then consider getting some photoperiod feminised seeds of Frisian Duck or some autoflowering seeds of Auto Duck for next season.

Both produce female plants with webbed stealth ‘ducksfoot’ leaves and both will produce plenty of outdoor grown cannabis with a minimum of effort. All you need to do is find a suitable grow location or two, and plant your seeds/seedlings when the weather is suitable.

Thousands of Dutch Passion outdoor cannabis growers have found that outdoor growing is made easier and less worrying when you grow Frisian Duck or Auto Duck. The natural stealth camouflage comes from the unusual ducksfoot leaf shape used in these unique Dutch Passion varieties. Why not use it to your advantage in the next outdoor grow season?



Frisian Duck. You have never seen cannabis like this before!
November 27th 2019
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