Frisian Dew - The tough outdoor cannabis variety

Frisian Dew - The tough outdoor cannabis variety

Frisian Dew is a cannabis variety specially bred and adapted to outdoor growing, its Dutch Passions best selling outdoor variety and is grown successfully all over the world.  This weeks photographs come from a South American grower who grew Frisian Dew in his back yard and got a great result from his 3 metre plant.


Frisian Dew was developed in Holland by crossing the legendary Super Skunk with Purple Star from the Dutch Passion gene bank.  Several years were spent selecting the best, earliest and toughest plants.  The breeding process, also known as selection, was done outdoors to ensure that only the strongest plants would form part of the genetic heritage.  Eventually the breeding team were happy that Frisian Dew was able to combine weather-resistant characteristics with early finishing, heavy harvests and consistent growth.  Frisian Dew was released in 2008 as a 50/50 indica/sativa that was tough enough to grow outdoors in a Northern European summer.  And although Dutch Passion have made many Purple/Skunk hybrids since the 1970’s none came close to the beauty and toughness of Frisian Dew.  Frisian Dew won its first trophy, the Highlife Cup, in the same year that she was released and has remained the best selling Dutch Passion outdoor variety ever since with huge numbers of repeat growers.



In the Northern Hemisphere Frisian Dew is harvested around the start of October, in the Southern Hemisphere she is harvested around early April.  Plants can reach 4 metres tall in good quality soil and sunlight.  Frisian Dew also grows very well in greenhouses and polytunnels.  This blog from 2014 shows the full greenhouse potential of Frisian Dew, producing huge lateral as well as vertical growth and yielding well over a kilogram of dried buds from each plant.



Frisian Dew is resistant to mould and tough climates, this variety does not need 12 hours of sunshine and permanent blue sky to grow.  She will manage to grow even in tough, windy cold and cloudy conditions.  Ideally the Frisian Dew seeds are started indoors for the first 2-3 weeks and planted outdoors after the last frost.  Some people grow Frisian Dew in their back gardens and greenhouses, other growers prefer to grow her in the real outdoors; the hills, fields and river banks.  She should be protected with a few slug pellets outdoors and perhaps a small wire cage to protect from rabbits.  Some useful outdoor growing tips are here.



Frisian Dew has also produced her own family of new varieties.  AutoFrisian Dew is the autoflowering version which can be harvested around 11 weeks after geminating the seeds.  In cooler climates AutoFrisian Dew will take an 2-3 weeks before she is ready to harvest, but will always deliver a mid-summer harvest earlier than the traditional photoperiod Frisian Dew.  AutoFrisian Dew is faster to grow and harvest than traditional Frisian Dew though she will usually not be able to produce quite the same harvest quantity.  Frisian Duck is another member of the Frisian family, with weird shaped leaves that hardly anyone would be able to identify as cannabis.  And, interestingly, all members of the Frisian family (Frisian Dew, AutoFrisian Dew & Frisian Duck) also grow very well indoors.  


If you are thinking of growing your own outdoor cannabis then give Frisian Dew a try.  Its a proven outdoor variety which gives great results, good harvests and is tough enough for most outdoor climates.  


Frisian Dew - The tough outdoor cannabis variety
June 26th 2015

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