Expoweed 2015 Cannabis Fair. Dutch Passion on tour in Chile

Expoweed 2015 Cannabis Fair.  Dutch Passion on tour in Chile

Dutch Passion enjoyed another successful trip to Chile for the annual South American ExpoWeed cannabis fair.  Expoweed was busier than ever with thousands of visitors, most from Chile but many from other South American countries, and plenty of international visitors too.  


Chile is now one of the most progressive cannabis cultures anywhere in the world.  The government has authorised some massive legal medical grows for cancer patients, social use of cannabis is accepted and widespread, and most people expect Chile to follow Uruguay and fully legalize cannabis soon.  Chile President Michelle Bachelet has already announced that Cannabis will be removed from the nations list of hard drugs.  Chile residents are hopeful that their politicians will soon fully legalize cannabis home growing.  South American politicians are showing that cannabis regulation not only generates useful tax revenues, it is also the best way to permanently eradicate the criminal networks that currently depend on the tax-free revenues.  



Cannabis festivals in Europe such as Spannabis attract lots of cannabis tourism, low-cost air travel helps make this possible.  However most of the tourists at Expoweed Chile tend to be cannabis fans from Chile or neighbouring countries.  There are plenty of international visitors but perhaps not yet as many as we see at Spannabis.  The atmosphere in Chile is always very relaxed and the crowds are friendly.  Expoweed is a cannabis expo in a warm and sunny location with a friendly stoner vibe.  Thousands of people attended the show and were able to enjoy vaping/smoking cannabis at the show.  Most people came along to see what the various exhibitors were showing.  The South American cannabis community are sophisticated and progressive, they like to see the latest grow technologies, nutrient information and seed developments. 




Most of the people at the Dutch Passion stand came to chat about the different seed varieties and add some quality genetics to their seed collection.  The Dutch Passion stand was much busier than last year with plenty of old friends, distribution partners and new customers.   The three best selling Dutch Passion varieties were Think Different, AutoMazar and Californian Orange. Frisian Duck was also interesting for the South American growing community, this is a new outdoor stealth variety from Dutch Passion with a stabilised leaf mutation which makes it very difficult to identify as cannabis.  Its an ideal variety for growing in an urban environment, such as a back yard, patio or roof terrace. 




In South America many cannabis growers take advantage of the outdoor growing possibilities which are presented by the excellent climate.  Photoperiod varieties are always popular to grow; in good South American conditions outdoor cannabis plants will often reach 3 metres+ and yield well over a Kg of buds.  




But many South Americans like to grow a few outdoor autos as well, autos tend to stay a little lower than photoperiod varieties (making them easier to hide) and autos finish faster.  Up to 3 successive auto crops are possible in a good conditions and South American growers find autofems are a proven and reliable way to a fast cannabis crop.


Dutch Passion were honoured to be presented with the 2015 Expoweed award for “Best Seed Company”.  Of all the awards possible, any seed company particularly appreciates the ‘Best Seedbank’ award.  This was given in recognition of Dutch Passions extensive collection of cannabis seeds, including indoor, outdoor, CBD-rich, AutoFem and regular varieties.  Although Dutch Passion have been a seed bank since the 1980’s our collection has never been as strong or extensive as it is today.   




Marc Emery, the Canadian ‘Prince of Pot’ visited and spoke about his time as a cannabis campaigner and his time in USA jail.  There were quite a number of North American visitors, often these were people with legal canna businesses that were looking for future possibilities in South America when legal conditions allow.  


Dutch Passion have been attending Expoweed for a few years now, and the time we spend in South America has been well worth it.  South America has one of the most vibrant and progressive cannabis cultures anywhere in the world at the moment.  And each year see’s more remarkable progress for South American cannabis laws.  European politicians could learn a great deal from the South American experience.


Expoweed 2015 Cannabis Fair.  Dutch Passion on tour in Chile
December 11th 2015

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