8 good reasons to legalize cannabis

8 good reasons to legalize cannabis

Cannabis prohibition is crumbling around the world.  That means cannabis has never been quite as legal as it is now.  Here are 8 good reasons why legalizing cannabis is good for everyone.


1. USA has shown cannabis tax revenues shouldn't be gifted to criminals.

The legal cannabis market is only just starting, no-one really knows how big it will get, but assuming cannabis would be legal across the USA the eventual industry (recreational & medical) could be worth $100 Billion+.  Europe would be roughly the same.    Your Government can no longer afford to give that money away to criminals.  


2.  Prosecuting small scale cannabis users has become a waste of money 

Policing, Jail and Court costs for cannabis in USA and Europe costs each continent around $20 Billion each year.   Its a waste of tax payers money, the only people that benefit from the ongoing prohibition of cannabis are lawyers and criminals.


3.  Legalized cannabis removes a major source of criminal funding.  

Al Capone was a major beneficiary of USA alcohol prohibition.  Crime rates increased 24% during alcohol prohibition and fell by a similar amount after.  Giving cash to criminal gangs amplifies crime, stopping the cash flow reduces crime. 


4.  Medical cannabis is safer than prescription drugs.  

Each day 44 people in the USA alone die from overdoses of prescription medications such as opiates.  Medical cannabis is safer than prescription drugs and so far has killed no-one.  Cannabis can be grown at extremely low cost by anyone and used in numerous medical conditions.


5.  Legalized cannabis means more jobs and a boost to the economy  

Many of the people finding employment in the new legal cannabis industries were previously unemployed.  From South America’s newly legalized markets to Amsterdam’s established cannabis scene.  From Russia’s hydroponic shops to Austria’s legal cannabis clone sales.  From Canadian seed stores to Israeli cannabis dispensaries.  From Barcelona’s cannabis clubs to the USA’s multi-billion dollar cannabis industry, a legally regulated cannabis creates thousands of new jobs.


6.  Cannabis is safer than alcohol.  

2.5 million people die each year from alcohol abuse, none from cannabis.  Anyone that thinks cannabis should be outlawed on health/safety grounds should consider the hypocrisy of the current alcohol laws. Road safety in Colorado has increased since cannabis was legalized.


7. Cannabis kills cancer cells in animals.

Medical research has shown that cannabis kills cancer cells in mice and rats, but trials are still awaited to see if cannabis kills cancer cells in humans.  If it does, you will not have to wait too long for cannabis to be legalized in a hurry.


8.  Prohibition does not reduce consumption.

Even official Government studies show that keeping cannabis illegal does not reduce cannabis consumption.  Yet we continue to spend billions maintaining cannabis prohibition even though the only beneficiary is organised crime.  A legalised cannabis market makes it easy to control cannabis quality and strength.



The prohibition of cannabis is slowly ending as Governments count the cost of decades of failed policies.  Not only has ineffective and unjust government cannabis policy cost billions around the world it has also had a huge human cost.  Criminal records for small scale cannabis possession damage future education, employment and housing prospects.


But all that is starting to change.  Legalized cannabis offers safe medical comfort for millions and a valuable new multi-purpose medicine.  Legalizing cannabis stops the cash revenues flowing to criminal gangs where it amplifies organised crime.  And legalizing cannabis boosts jobs, tax revenues and the economy.


The 2016 UN Special General Assembly on drugs takes place, ironically, on 420 day (April 20th).  This is a unique chance to rectify a failed international war on cannabis.

8 good reasons to legalize cannabis
October 30th 2015

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