Dutch Passion White Widow Wins 5th C.A.B.A Cup

Dutch Passion White Widow Wins 5th C.A.B.A Cup

The world of weed is alive and kicking in South America these days.  As we have reported in this blog the laws are being relaxed all over the continent as they move towards decriminalisation/ legalisation of cannabis.  This weeks blog and photos bring you news from the South American canna cup competition.

The world of the self-sufficient Latin American cannabis grower has never been happier.  There is a good growing community with magazines like Revista Haze who have been a partner at the popular C.A.B.A Cup which is now in its 5th year.  The cup celebrates their very best weed, looking for just the quality of the ‘high’ without consideration to the size of the plant or its yield.  Everyone in the Latin American marijuana scene deserves some credit for the improving situation over there and we send all of them our best wishes.

This year an experienced grower, Lio, won top prize with Dutch Passion’s White Widow.  Our original version of White Widow remains one of our strongest and most popular varieties and is still a Coffee Shop favourite.  We got a few words from Lio about the award and his work over the last few years with some special White Widow specimens he has been selecting and collecting.


Here is a brief interview with Lio, who has been growing for 10 years, with some of his tips and advice for White Widow growers.  He has also entered the ‘Copa del Plata’ in previous years but this is his first cup victory.

whhite widow


Which method have you used for your grow?

I've grown indoors, organically in soil with pot size of 20 litres. I didn’t use methods like sog or scrog, just natural growing. I use 600w HPS lamps. For vegetation I’ve used nitrogen-rich substrate. For flowering I used guanos and algae with great success.


Do you have a lot of growing experience?

In 2002/2003 I germinated my first seed outdoors so I have around 10 years growing experience. For the last couple of years I’ve been keeping plants in vegetative state indoors and flowering outdoors. Now I'm doing both vegetative and flowering indoors. I don't know if I will ever go back to growing outdoors because i fell in love with indoor growing. The results have been great in this short period.


Which experience do you have with Dutch Passion, and our white widow?

My experience with White Widow is incredible, since my first harvest I fell in love with this plant. Its taste, its height, its aroma, it's snow-white buds are from another planet. I've tasted (not grown) WW from other seedbanks, and the truth is they did not even come close to the Dutch Passion  version. Without any doubt it's the preferred variety for me. I've dedicated my growing space to Dutch Passion's White Widow. I have not yet grown other Dutch Passion varieties, but anyway Dutch Passion is one of my favourite seed banks.


What is good to know for other growers before growing Dutch Passion White Widow?

It is important to know that it is not critical to grow WW in very big pots. I think that 7 litres would already be sufficient to get WW to it's full resin potential. This allows growers to use their space very well. Humidity should be controlled correctly since the buds are big and dense. New White Widow growers should also know that they are working with one of the most tasteful, resinous and "hard hitting" varieties of the world. A faithful, unique and magic plant...


How would you describe the taste/aroma of Dutch Passion White Widow?

The taste is very special, sweet with citric-earthy tones. An unforgettable taste for me. The aroma is very sweet and in a pot or baggy it smells like lemon-lime.


white widow from dutch passion


Great job Lio! It’s always a pleasure to speak with customers that have really specialised in one of our varieties over a few years and done well with them.  And it was nice to see that cuttings of the special C.A.B.A winning plant were being shared within the South American community!

We appreciate Lio’s dedication to White Widow but we have sent him a few of our other seed varieties to test his WW loyalty to the limit. Whatever he does I am sure he will keep a few cuttings of his favourite White Widow.


Dutch Joe

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Dutch Passion White Widow Wins 5th C.A.B.A Cup
August 17th 2012

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nice job with tha ww dutch does hold good gentics but you must try tha MaZaR VERY good looking ladyz strong as well