Dutch Passion visit Chile’s first legal cannabis dispensary

Dutch Passion visit Chile’s first legal cannabis dispensary


Dutch Passion recently had the opportunity to visit Chile’s first legal cannabis dispensary, Corporacion Estrecho Verde, which opened in 2019. The medical dispensary is a non-profit organisation which is focussed on providing cannabis for therapeutic and medical use. An on-site Doctor is associated with the Dispensary. This allows the patient to make one visit, receive a prescription and then collect the medical cannabis. It’s a convenient and civilised way for patients to obtain their medical cannabis.

Francesco Sasso is manager of the South European and Latin America region for Dutch Passion. Francesco visited Corporacion Estrecho Verde which is located in the central area of Santiago del Chile, here is his report.


Step 1. Initial meeting with the on-site Doctor

The dispensary looks like a professional medical studio, complete with a waiting room for patients and a reception area with an information desk. A receptionist deals with the administration and explains how the medical office and the dispensary work together for the benefit of the patient. It’s a great system and a result of many years of hard work by the Chilean cannabis community.

It’s a simple process for Francesco to get his medical cannabis in Chile thanks to the new system. After a few minutes Francesco was called by the Doctor. Next followed a detailed and thorough discussion of Francesco’s medical history, along with a conversation about his current issues. The Doctor was able to give Francesco a prescription for medical cannabis to help with his chronic asthma and hematoma which causes pain and discomfort in the right shoulder.


Step 2. Getting a prescription for medical cannabis

The Doctor assesses each patient individually. Some will eed more cannabis than others. Some will be prescribed indicas, others sativas. Patients come in with a range of conditions. The prescription which they receive allows them to get their medical marijuana entirely legally.

The Doctor at Estrecho Verde is very experienced with medical cannabis. He complements his own experiences with travels around the world to attend conferences on the uses of medical marijuana. As well as the day-to-day medical uses for cannabis, the Doctor is also experienced with medical cannabis for terminally ill patients or those with other serious conditions.


Step 3. Choose your meds in the dispensary

The different varieties of cannabis have various levels of indica and sativa. Other options include cannabis oils with varying contents of THC and CBD. Cannabis concentrates included live rosin extracts available in refills for the vape pen. Containers of Rick Simpson oil with high THC levels were also available. The staff are there to help and advise. For medical patients it seems like a friendly and professional process, with experienced help at each stage. Just the way it should be.


The Doctor’s prescription specified cannabis dosages for Francesco, namely 1 gram per day of high THC cannabis buds consumed via a vaporizer. The Doctor also said 0.5 grams of cannabis concentrate could be consumed with a vape pen as an alternative to cannabis buds/flowers.


Background and history for the cannabis clinic

Francesco was able to meet with Ernesto Sharp Riffo, a well-known person in the Chilean cannabis world. Ernesto created and coordinated this project with the Doctor, a lawyer and another founding partner who provided some of the real estate. Ernesto was welcoming, he patiently and clearly explained the detailed functioning and legal position of the association.

After Ernesto signed the documents to establish the association he was able to plan the selection  of the various cannabis products which would be prescribed in the medical dispensary.


Rules and regulations

The Estrecho Verde Association is a recognised legal association. It was approved by the Municipalidad of Punta Arenas on 17/1/2019. It is fully regulated according to the medical cannabis laws in Chile.

Members must be over 18 years old, have a prescription and have submitted all the required documents (formulario de ingreso). The association is authorised to grow medical cannabis, typically using feminised seeds. If you receive medical cannabis or extracts you are not allowed to share or re-sell them.

The specific grow location is kept confidential for security reasons. Normally you receive a maximum of one-month cannabis supply from the Doctor. The medical prescription is typically renewed every six months enabling the Doctor the opportunity to see the patient and adjust the prescription accordingly. The association is open both to Chilean nationals and legal international visitors.


Growing medical cannabis seeds in Chile, legally

Dutch Passion were very impressed to see such well organised people and processes working in harmony. For the locals it makes getting high quality medical cannabis much easier. Dutch Passion donated some feminised cannabis seeds for the future mother plants and harvests. More cannabis seed donations will be made of some very high quality feminised seeds including Jorge’s Diamonds #1, Glueberry OG, and Lemon Kix. Some of the harvest from these genetics will be available from 2020 onwards.

Dutch Passion hope the genetics will offer the association some really interesting high THC additions to their product list. Dutch Passion have always been keen to support initiatives like this and hope to see many more around the world in coming years, In optimum conditions these varieties will have around 20% THC, perhaps more.

The Estrecho Verde association have established a highly experienced team of professionals with a great collective pride and professionalism to produce medical cannabis products with the highest quality levels.


Dutch Passion wish the Corporacion Estrecho Verde well and we will support them along the way with the best cannabis seeds. We feel sure there will be many future cannabis associations which will be based on this type of model. Many thanks to Ernesto and his network for the kind support during the recent Dutch Passion visit.


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Dutch Passion visit Chile’s first legal cannabis dispensary
November 12th 2019
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