Dutch Passion Vaporizers.

Dutch Passion Vaporizers.

Vaporizing your cannabis has really become an excellent alternative to smoking over the last few years.  A good quality modern Vaporizer is a great way to enjoy your cannabis and Vaporizers are proving popular with both medical and recreational pot lovers.  Vaporizing is the process of heating cannabis to release the active ingredients without actually setting it on fire (as in a joint, pipe or bong).  A Vaporizer is a simple device that allows you to enjoy the benefits of cannabis whilst being totally smoke-free.  Following numerous requests from customers Dutch Passion have decided to stock and sell Vaporizers.

Vaporizers are not simply expensive toys; they have some important benefits which you will love.

  • Health.  Vaporizing your cannabis does not produce smoke, only a light mist of the oils and cannabinoids naturally present in cannabis.  Your lungs feel better straight away; they are not exposed to irritating toxins or gases such as carbon monoxide.  After switching to Vaporizers many people do not go back to smoking and remain ‘smoke-free’.  You feel just as stoned but without the smoke.
  • Stealth.  Many of us enjoy joints or bongs, but the clouds of pungent smoke can be very inconvenient.  If you have ever wanted to enjoy your recreational or medical cannabis without alerting everyone else nearby then you should think seriously about getting a Vaporizer.  There are no thick clouds of pungent cannabis smoke.  After using a Vaporizer you do not smell of cannabis, nor can it be smelt on your clothes.  You can use a Vaporizer without people nearby realising you are enjoying your pot.  Many home-growers prefer to use a Vaporizer at home rather than smoke joints simply because it is a good way to keep their weed hobby private.
  • Wealth.  Although Vaporizers seem initially expensive they pay for themselves many times over.  Vaporizer users report that their weed lasts at least twice as long compared to joint smoking.  That is because smoking wastes a lot of weed which literally disappears in smoke.  For those home-growers that prefer to grow the minimum number of plants the Vaporizer is an economical solution which allows your stash to last longer. 

Vaporizing is a clean, healthy and efficient use of your cannabis and it is becoming increasingly popular.  We have been testing some of the best portable Vaporizers on the market and will initially sell two of the finest we have found.  In the future we may decide to add others.  Dutch Passion has opted to sell only portable Vaporizers so that our customers have the freedom to enjoy them outdoors or on the move.

the da vinci vape

The Da Vinci Vaporizer, top quality, hand-held portable vape


Da Vinci.  The Da Vinci is a top quality Vaporizer which impresses you as soon as you hold it.  It has a tough rubberised coating over the metal case and feels solid.  It has a temperature display so you can choose a setting which works best for you.  We felt it was important to offer a temperature-adjustable portable Vaporizer for the growing number of medical users who are starting to grow CBD-rich cannabis varieties such as our own CBD SkunkHaze.  A Vaporizer can’t completely separate THC and CBD vapor, but with a bit of practice with the temperature settings you can (if you wish) ignore the initial THC-rich vapors.  The CBD-rich vapors are produced later due to the higher boiling point of CBD.  The Da Vinci is powered by an internal battery which takes 2 hours to charge.  The charge will last for around 4 vape sessions.  You can use the Da Vinci while it is charging.  The Da Vinci is totally silent when you use it, whereas the Wispr does produce a small amount of noise.

the Dutch Passion grinder.  what a great product

Dutch Passion 55mm Pro-Grinder, free with every vaporizer order. Top quality !


We are offering the Da Vinci with the Dutch Passion pro-Grinder for €197-50.  Yes, the initial price seems high.  But you get a top quality Vaporizer and the gorgeous Dutch Passion 55mm grinder included in the price.  And remember that the Vaporizer will pay for itself through the reduced herb usage.

Wispr.  The Wispr uses butane fuel to warm the heating chamber and produce the cannabis vapors.  Unlike the Da Vinci, the Wispr is not temperature-adjustable, but it is a little more affordable at €185 and it also includes the free Dutch Passion Pro-Grinder which should last you a lifetime.  The Wispr is a much improved follow-up to the original Iolite.  Unlike the Iolite the ignition should work on the first ‘click’ of the start button.  You also have a clearly visible window which shows an orange glow when the herb chamber is being warmed up.  There is a visible fuel tank to show you how much Butane remains inside.  One advantage of a butane-powered Vaporizer is that it is quick to re-fuel.  The Wispr is reliable and easy to use, we love it.  It should last for around 4 vape sessions from a single butane filling and it takes seconds to completely re-fill the butane fuel tank. 

the whisper vapourizer

The Wispr Vaporizer, highly recommended.


Both the Da Vinci and Wispr are solid Vaporizers which have been used and tested by the Dutch Passion team, they come with our recommendations and we feel you would be satisfied with either unit.  We will let you decide which model suits you best!    We think the combination of the Dutch Passion Pro-Grinder with a modern top quality Vaporizer is a luxury which you deserve.  Treat yourself !

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Dutch Passion Vaporizers.
January 18th 2013

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