Dutch Passion Think Different diary gets 100,000 hits on AutoFlower Network

Dutch Passion Think Different diary gets 100,000 hits on AutoFlower Network

Congratulations to new cannabis growers forum Autoflower Network  (‘AFN’) which has just seen it’s first grow diary reach the 100,000 landmark.  The Autoflower network originally got our attention late in 2011 when Seymour Buds, one of the best LED growers, delivered a sensational 350gram AutoMazar using his deep-water-culture system and Hydrogrow LED.  Dutch Passion were pleased to see so many fans of the 70-day AutoFem varieties in one website showing what can be achieved.  Not just that but there were some very skilled self-sufficient recreational and medical growers there.  A friendly place to be we thought, so we pulled up a chair and gave Seymour Buds a pack of our new ‘Think Different’ and wondered whether the grow diary would get interesting.
That debut Think Different grow diary finished in early 2012 with one of the most amazing plants we had ever seen.  And by June 2012 the dairy had logged over 100,000 views.  On top of that, the increasingly famous canna-video maker Dr Autoflower made a YouTube video of the grow diary with rasta music which is also well on track for 100,000 views in the first 3 months since it was uploaded.  Autoflower network had emerged as a relatively new website, but it had established itself as the best website to explore Autoflowering varieties.  A niche has been found and filled and today Dutch Passion are proud sponsors of them.

We wish AFN and the members well, thanks to AFN many growers of traditional varieties have seen what can be achieved with the best AutoFem’s.  Things have moved on a long way since the first AutoFems emerged.  Dutch Passion have been working with AutoFem’s for 5 years now and have seen potency levels reach the same standards and quality as traditional varieties.  Yields have also improved dramatically, and today many AutoFem growers are getting 50-75 grams under average conditions, and the best growers are getting much more than that. 
The Autoflower network is showing people how quickly the AutoFem varieties can produce weed for the average self-sufficient grower.  In just 9 or 10 weeks an AutoFem plant can deliver generous levels of really good, strong, marijuana.  AutoFems seem to grow the fastest in hydro systems.  New AutoFem growers such as ‘Insert Name Here’ have shown that getting great yields of 300g from 3 plants doesn’t have to be complicated.  Growing AutoFem’s is an efficient use of growroom space.  They grow under a permanent cycle of 20hours lights-on, 4 hours lights-off.  And if the grower is lucky enough to own one of the latest LED grow lights with the high-penetration 3W diodes then they will get REALLY nice harvests.
So here at Dutch Passion we are firmly convinced that AutoFem varieties will remain a convenient, fast way to grow great quality weed quickly and easily.  We have seen some of our best selling AutoFem’s such as Think Different and AutoMazar significantly outsell traditional varieties which have been in our collection many years.  And we continue to recommend Autoflower network to our customers looking for a friendly and educational place to learn more.
So good luck to Autoflower Network in the future.  We hope to see lots more great grow diaries from them and hope to see one of their grow diaries get to 250,000 views one day soon.


Dutch Joe

Dutch Passion Think Different diary gets 100,000 hits on AutoFlower Network
June 1st 2012

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Son of Hobbes

2018-03-20 17:43:18

Here we are in 2018 and just celebrated our 7th anniversary at the Autoflower Network! We're proud to still be working with Dutch Passion and to be considered an industry leader in autoflowering cannabis cultivation information! Grow on!

Steel Rat

2014-11-28 13:31:55

Great article, thanks :) All the best, steely.