Dutch Passion pre-rolled joints available in Canada.

Dutch Passion pre-rolled joints available in Canada.

Dutch Passion’s expansion into Canada hit another important milestone as Dutch Passion branded pre-rolled joints become available for the first time to Canadian consumers. Auto Cinderella Jack is the first Dutch Passion feminized autoflower seed variety to become available as a conveniently supplied pack of ready rolled joints.

Dutch Passion cannabis available to adult Canadian consumers.

Under new Canadian laws, cannabis can be used for adult recreational or medical use. Dutch Passion previously announced partnerships with Weed Me and MYM who are both growing Dutch Passion genetics with production facilities in Canada, Australia and Colombia. Dutch Passion are proud to be in partnership with both companies. The new packs of pre-rolled Auto Cinderella Jack joints have been produced by Toronto based Weed Me. Weed Me specialise in pesticide-free and chemical-free organic cultivation using high quality LED grow lights for premium quality results. The high-tech grow methods results in THC rich, organically produced cannabis which easily passes the strict Canadian safety and quality standards.

Auto Cinderella Jack. THC rich cannabis grown from seed.

Every Dutch Passion pack contains 7 joints, each containing 0.5g of top quality Auto Cinderella Jack. THC was measured at 18-20% on this best selling auto variety. A single joint is enough for most consumers to get high one or two times. Dutch Passion branded cannabis buds are also available for those that prefer to vaporize their cannabis. Like the rest of the Dutch Passion autoflower seed collection you can expect an extremely strong smoke with great taste and aroma. In Canada all cannabis products are thoroughly tested for safety and quality. Auto Cinderella Jack contained the following terpenes; Myrcene (0.2%), Carophyllene (0.12%) and Alpha Pinene (0.1%) along with smaller levels of Limonene, Beta Pinene and Linalool. This indica/sativa hybrid uses prize winning genetics from Cinderella ’99 and Jack Herer for consistently high quality results.

Terpene Profile Auto Cinderella Jack

Auto Cinderella Jack. Prize winning genetics with heavy yields.

Auto Cinderella Jack won 2nd Prize at Colombia’s 2018 Copa Esmerelda. With the Dutch Passion autoflower seed collection you can expect professional results with around (or above) 20% THC. Auto Cinderella Jack has a pleasing anti-anxiety effect together with a warm and comfortable feel-good experience. The taste is lemon-skunky with a cozy and intensely enjoyable high. Like the rest of the Dutch Passion feminized autoflower seeds this is easy to grow in any grow medium and will produce heavy yields from medium height plants. Average plant height is around 1 metre with heavy side branching. Dutch Passion autoflowering seed varieties perform well under 20 hours of daily light. Harvest time usually starts around 75 days after seed germination, though some growers like to leave their plants an extra week or two for the heaviest harvests. Auto Cinderella Jack grows easily in a variety of grow methods/systems. It’s a variety with a wide growing latitude. Typically this variety produces a heavy and tall central bloom surrounded by a ring of slightly smaller side blooms. In optimized conditions yields of several hundred grams per plant are possible. Blooms have a sticky coating of resin with dense hard buds.

Canadian consumers expect premium quality cannabis products and that’s exactly what Weed Me are delivering from their high tech facilities. Dutch Passion are excited and proud to be present in Canada’s rapidly expanding cannabis market. Auto Cinderella Jack can be relied on for the highest quality results whether she is cultivated by home growers or licensed professional growers. Buy your seeds online here and look forward to some serious yields and potency.

Taste profile Auto Cinderella Jack

Dutch Passion pre-rolled joints available in Canada.
January 7th 2019
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2019-01-10 00:05:49

This is such an incredible strain! Auto Cinderella jacks are the first autos I have grown for a long time! I have always thought photo period plants were better.... this Cindy Jack makes me think about move entirely to autos! She smells amazing too, that terpene profile really stands out, there is no surprise it's been chosen for the pre rolls!