Dutch Passion new varieties announced for 2014

Dutch Passion new varieties announced for 2014

We are pleased to announce some great new additions to the Dutch Passion collection for 2014. Over the last few years we have been busy evaluating some new traditional and auto varieties, and the best of these will be released soon.  Here is a little bit more information about the varieties we are releasing, and the reasons why.

New AutoFem’s – feminized auto’s. 

The last few years has seen a significant shift in home-growing trends.  4 years ago automatics accounted for a small fraction of home-grown cannabis plants.  Today automatics account for almost half of the seeds our customers buy.  The best modern automatic varieties are just as good as traditional varieties in terms of potency, taste and yields.  Some customers prefer the simplicity and speed of autos.  They can be grown from seed to harvest in 10-11 weeks under a constant life cycle of 24 hour light; though many growers prefer of regime of 20 hours lighting followed by 4 hours darkness.  Growers can use the same light cycle for seedlings, small plants and mature plants, it is a convenient and simple way to grow.  Many growers routinely harvest over 100g from an auto and the best growers can get 200-300g+.  Our autofem seeds are an easy way to become self-sufficient for your medical/recreational cannabis, they are increasingly popular with home growers for all the right reasons.  We have 3 new additions to our collection:

auto durban poison bud shot

AutoDurban Poison.  Our original Durban Poison is a classic best seller, still found in coffee shops, it delivers a luxuriously satisfying and connoisseur-quality pot.  AutoDurban Poison uses the same genetics and delivers a top-drawer high, very strong and very pleasing.  She is ready to harvest 10-11 weeks after seed germination.  Our legendary traditional varieties such as Mazar, Blueberry and White Widow have produced some of the best automatic varieties available.  We expect AutoDurban Poison to continue that tradition. 

AutoUltimate.  ‘The Ultimate’ is one of our most popular traditional varieties with incredible yields of very strong THC-rich pot.  So creating an automatic version was an obvious project for us.  The result is AutoUltimate which offers very heavy yields of top-strength cannabis.  We expect this variety to become one of our best-selling automatics.

Upgraded Automatics

As well as two new auto’s we have made an improvement to our AutoFrisian Dew;

AutoFrisian Dew.  This upgraded version of AutoFrisian Dew is based on the purple pheno from Frisian Dew.  Unlike the previous ‘green-pheno’ AutoFrisian from 2013, this version produces purple plants and purple buds.  Use of the purple genetics have improved mold resistance and outdoor robustness.  Potency is still excellent.  In order to improve outdoor performance this version is a little faster during bloom.  She takes 10 weeks from seed to harvest under optimum conditions.  Outdoors in cool climates she will take and extra week or two.  The purple colourations make this one of our most attractive automatics.




Traditional ‘photoperiod’ varieties

We sold our first traditional varieties in the 1980’s and we expect we will be selling them for many years to come.  Over the years Dutch Passion have supplied our customers with some of the very best traditional cannabis varieties.  Whenever we come across a special new variety we will add it to our collection.  This year we have four new varieties, two of these are CBD rich varieties.  In the last year we have seen growing interest in CBD varieties, mainly from medical growers, but we also see a lot of recreational cannabis users starting to appreciate them:

CBD Kush.  This variety was developed together with the CBD Crew, it is a new variety which delivers a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD.  Up to 7% CBD has been seen with a similar level of THC.  This variety combines genetics from a CBD-rich parent and a Kandy Kush selection.  The variety shows some sativa traits in growth, but generally you can expect to see an indica dominant growth pattern with plants reaching around 1 m tall.

jar of cannabis i

Above, a jar full of cannabis oil produced from a CBD-rich variety by a European medical grow cooperative. 


ComPassion. A CBD rich variety independently developed by Dutch Passion by crossing a Nepalese with an un-named sativa. Produces a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD, with a typical analysis of 6% THC and 6% CBD. CDB-rich varieties are popular with medical growers but we are seeing a surprising number of recreational growers starting to prefer the CBD varieties for the smooth, refined and strong body stone.  6% THC/6% CBD does not sound like a potent combination, but trust us, this is a top quality result and will not disappoint.

The Edge. An old-school sativa-dominant skunk selection with high THC levels, very strong. A robust variety which produces heavily, even in the hands of new growers.  The Edge delivers good yields and a powerful uplifting high. 

orange hill special - great new addition to the orange family

Above.  Orange Hill Special, a strong and heavy yielding addition to the Dutch Passion orange family 


Orange Hill Special. A new member of the Dutch Passion 'Orange' family. Orange Hill Special combines genetics from our best selling Orange Bud and California Orange varieties. This is a special selection, stabilised over 6 generations to give a very strong THC-rich variety (21% THC measured) with great yields and a citrus flavour.  This variety comes from the breeder that gave the world Power Plant, The Ultimate, Master Kush, Skunk #11 and Euforia


We will be putting these varieties on our webshop in the coming weeks.

Dutch Joe

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Dutch Passion new varieties announced for 2014
November 29th 2013

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