Dutch Passion March Update

Dutch Passion March Update

2012 will be busier than ever for Dutch Passion.  At the start of the year we released traditional varieties Freddy’s Best, Dark Delight and Night Queen.  We also launched Think Different with an internet grow diary and saw pro-grower Seymour Buds pull in a whopping 356g from an LED grow in deep water culture (‘DWC’).

All the new varieties, and a couple of old classics are being grown by 25 growers from UK420 in a competition with a €250 prize for best grow diary.  You will be able to follow their grow diaries here.  The grow diaries will begin during March and if you wanted to see what our varieties look like in the hands of some quality growers then please follow them online, and feel free to register and comment.  As well as the 4 strains mentioned previously you will also see our other AutoFem’s being grown (indoors, greenhouses and outdoors), plus The Ultimate, Dutch Cheese and Ortega Indica.

We will also be present on the Spanish-speaking Cannabis Café website and the Autoflower network, which is rapidly becoming the best place for AutoFem fans to hang out and exchange ideas, opinions and experiences.

We also have 9 varieties leaving the Dutch Passion collection and returning safely to the genebank.  These are quality strains but Dutch Passion, and our distributors, simply can’t manage more than 50 varieties so those with consistently lower sales eventually have to make way for new ones.

And we do have 2 probable new varieties that we will introduce this year.  One is a new AutoFem which carries on in the tradition of Think Different and AutoMazar, delivering XL yields of potent bud.  The other is a traditional ‘photoperiod’ variety which we will offer in both feminized and regular seeds.  This variety doesn’t yet have a name, but it is an exciting hybrid of two of our top performing strains.    It is a variety which the breeder has taken a lot of time over, with careful selection of special phenotypes to feed the breeding process. The result is one which we believe you will love.  A super potent result with XXL yields.

We have received a lot of mail from self-sufficient medical and recreational growers saying how much you like having regular ‘non-feminized’ seed to allow you to make your own crosses.  Well we listened, and the new strain will be available in non-fem regular seeds.  Please remember that although regular seeds account for just 3% of our seed sales we offer 14 varieties in regular seeds.  The new variety will bring that total to 15 varieties.  So we like to feel we are doing our bit for the private breeders.
Many of you have also said how much you have enjoyed seeing the new-look Dutch Passion showing confidence in new varieties with the live grow diaries before the seed is released for commercial sales.  Sure, it is a high-risk strategy.  Mother nature can spring surprises sometimes.  But again, we listened to your comments and we will do our best to get both new strains documented with live grow diaries before they are released on general sale.

Some of the Dutch Passion team spent a few days meeting customers at the Barcelona Spannabis expo.  We got some good feedback from Spanish growers (and a few other nationalities) about what they would like to see from us in the future, I will collect all the feedback for next week’s blog. 

Dutch Passion have just returned from Spannabis in Barcelona - full update next week including all the latest from the world of marijuana

So as always it will be a busy year for Dutch Passion, trying to stay ahead of the competition through a combination of our ever-popular old time legendary strains and some exciting new ones.  We can already say quite confidently that some of our AutoFem’s such as Think Different, AutoMazar and AutoBlueberry will sell in higher quantities than many of our usual best sellers.  A new trend is definitely emerging, AutoFem strains are becoming more and more popular both for indoor growers and outdoor/greenhouse grower.
Until next week,

Dutch Joe

Dutch Passion March Update
March 2nd 2012

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