Dutch Passion at North Grow in Denmark. One of the biggest cannabis expo in Scandinavia

Dutch Passion at North Grow in Denmark. One of the biggest cannabis expo in Scandinavia

Denmark has enjoyed a reputation for being Scandinavia’s most open-minded and tolerant country towards cannabis. The North Grow exhibition takes place in Copenhagen in early September. Dutch Passion were present along with several other cannabis companies selling seeds, nutrients, grow room equipment, vaporizers etc. It’s a great opportunity for Scandinavian and Northern European growers to meet the main suppliers under one roof. Lots of growers come along to chat to suppliers, ask questions and make purchases for their grow rooms. On top of that, there is a full panel of speakers covering every topic from legalisation to medical cannabis applications and uses.

Cannabis seeds in Scandinavia

Cannabis seed companies like Dutch Passion always meet plenty of customers at regional Cannabis/Hemp Expo’s. Northern European growers tend to be some of the bigger spenders when it comes to cannabis seeds, they don’t mind stocking up and buying large quantities of seeds. Standards of living are high, and the cost of buying cannabis in Scandinavia is very high. For that reason, many Scandinavians have started growing their own cannabis in the last few years. Usually, they grow small numbers of plants for themselves, there is a strong presence of self-sufficient cannabis growers. Growing your own cannabis means considerable savings over Scandinavian street prices.Our B2B Manager at North Grow Denmark

Cannabis growing in Scandinavia - autoflower seeds remain very popular.

The short growing season in Scandinavia means that many people prefer to grow indoors. Feminized seeds and autoflower seeds are equally popular with Nordic indoor growers. Some prefer to grow autoflower seeds during the cold winter months, that's because autoflowering cannabis varieties grow well under 20 hours of daily light (’20/4’ light) from seed to harvest. By growing autos under 20/4 light the grow room temperatures are maintained thanks to the heat from the grow light. For some indoor growers, it can be difficult to maintain grow room temperatures during the dark period (12 hours) of a photoperiod feminized seed grow.

Cannabis growing outdoors in Scandinavia

Some Scandinavian growers get excellent results with outdoor grown cannabis. However the short growing season and cool spring/autumn mean that the grower has to be very organised and has to be careful when selecting the outdoor cannabis seeds. Outdoor feminized seeds need to be tough, hardy and ready to harvest in late September or early October. Varieties such as Frisian Dew remain very popular. But many outdoor growers have also got excellent results with autoflower seeds, which take around 100 days to grow from seed to harvest outdoors in Scandinavia. Harvest quantities may not be as good as feminized outdoor photoperiod varieties. But the ability to produce a harvest in 100 days means that Scandinavian cannabis growers with the shortest summers can grow their own outdoor crops with autoflower seeds.

Cultivation trends at North Grow


Mahmoud at Dutch Passion stand

Many visitors came to North Grow simply to buy plenty of seeds for future grows, and to check out the latest growing technology. The North Grow attendees tend to be very open to new technologies. LED grow lights were of great interest, while they have a high initial purchase price the LED grow lights produce higher quality cannabis, use less energy and are far more reliable than HPS. LED grow lights never need replacement bulbs, and they have a light spectrum which is optimised for cannabis growth. Many Scandinavian indoor growers are looking at LED as their next major grow room upgrade and investment. Dutch Passion spent an enjoyable few days at North Grow, it was a chance to meet plenty of new customers and chat with some familiar faces. We look forward to North Grow 2019!

Overview of North Grow

Dutch Passion at North Grow in Denmark. One of the biggest cannabis expo in Scandinavia
September 14th 2018
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