Dutch Passion Colorado Cannabis Road Trip

Dutch Passion Colorado Cannabis Road Trip

During a recent genetics expedition to USA we took a couple of days to visit and review the thriving cannabis scene in Colorado.  We remain highly impressed with the quality of the USA cannabis genetics.  And if you haven’t been lucky enough to visit Colorado yourself then read on.  


Colorado now benefits from a sophisticated, all-present cannabis culture.  There are numerous cannabis dispensaries throughout the state, and all of them are legally required to meet specific minimum service standards. The dispensaries have to use specific opening hours and the cannabis has to be analysed, labelled, and be guaranteed free from specific chemical/pesticide contamination. In many ways the Colorado system of cannabis distribution is more sophisticated than the Dutch ‘coffee shop’ model.  If you do visit Colorado, the Colorado Pot Guide provides a useful summary of the things you need to know about cannabis in Colorado. 


A medical marijuana card in Colorado allows you to buy your cannabis at lower prices, and with less sales tax than a recreational cannabis user.  So it’s no surprise that many regular cannabis lovers eventually get themselves an official medical card.  Cannabis prices vary from one dispensary to another, but an ounce (28 grams) of premium quality cannabis with a medical card can cost around $200. Without a medical card the cost of the same ounce to a recreational customer can be $350.  


When you speak to some of the legal cannabis producers in Colorado it quickly becomes obvious that the market for cannabis concentrates and edible cannabis products is now larger than the market for cannabis buds.  Thats quite a change, in the early days of Colorado’s legal cannabis market sales were dominated by buds, which frequently sold out.  After a couple of years we see there is still a healthy demand for cannabis buds, but consumers seem to prefer the convenience of concentrates and ‘medibles’ (medical edible cannabis products).


The quality of the cannabis buds on offer really is superb, and each type of cannabis edible comes with an analysis so you know exactly what you are getting.  Those that have discovered the deeper body stone that comes with a CBD-rich edible will love the variety on offer.  The competition is good news for the customer, and the prices reflect that.  Wholesale cannabis prices have dropped as existing producers expand cannabis production while ambitious and well funded new cannabis start-up production companies continue to join the market. Good quality cannabis is available for under $180 per ounce with a medical card.   


In Colorado you can legally grow 6 plants, 3 of which can be in bloom. The cannabis breeding scene is also very strong in Colorado, the best plants are identified in the analytical testing.  Cuttings are kept of the best.  The same techniques were used to create the Dutch Passion USA autos.  USA cannabis genetics have always played an important role in cannabis breeding.  But the new legal market is definitely identifying some great new genetics and seed banks like Dutch Passion want to make sure the best of these genetics are made available to our customers.



We also met with the Stanley Brothers who became famous for their work with CBD-rich varieties such as the Charlottes Web variety which has been incredibly useful in the treatment of Dravets Syndrome, where sufferers experience numerous seizures each day.  They kindly showed us some of their facilities including their Carbon Dioxide extraction system, which allows them to concentrate their cannabis products into liquids without the use of traditional solvents such as alcohol, butane etc. 


Colorado is a dream trip for any cannabis lover whether you are collecting genetics or simply enjoying the legal cannabis.  We hope to be back again soon.

Dutch Passion Colorado Cannabis Road Trip
April 29th 2016
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