Dutch Passion - Collaborations on breeding projects

Dutch Passion - Collaborations on breeding projects

Dutch Passions philosophy has always been to work with the best of the best.  That was our original thinking when we set up Dutch Passion in the 1980’s. The people we worked with were, and still are, some of the best in the business.  After 25 years in the seed business our mission remains the same – to provide the best cannabis seeds possible for those self-sufficient growers that cultivate their own cannabis either for their medical needs or simply for their own enjoyment.

These days our breeding projects cover 4 main areas.  Regular (non-feminized) varieties, feminized traditional varieties, AutoFem and medical.  In these areas we have been happy to collaborate with established top quality partners where we think our customers will benefit from combined expertise.  That is why we have made recent collaborations with The Joint Doctor, The CBD Crew, Jorge Cervantes and Dinafem.

Over the years Dutch Passion has made friends with many people in the business.  Everyone from legalisation activists, medical advocates and lots of really good breeders.  For specific projects it makes sense to combine our own know-how with that from other people who have a particular expertise.

AutoXtreme by JTang

AutoXtreme on day 54, it will be epic in 4 weeks!.  Photo and grow by JTang (AFN)

Our latest collaboration has been with DinaFem of Spain to create AutoXtreme, an 85-day AutoFem using genetics from our OutLaw (Amnesia Haze x Super Haze).  Dinafem were set up around 10 years ago by some of Spains best breeders, they share the same quality-first approach and focus on feminized seed.  Dinafem have been great to work with on AutoXtreme, together we have created a very strong new AutoFem with an 85-day average life-cycle.  This is a week or two longer than the average AutoFem but we felt this was necessary to bring the best from Haze parentage and it gives large plants which yield very well.  We are very pleased with AutoXtreme and we think you will soon see some great results from some internet grow diaries (JTang from Autoflower Network has a great diary underway).  The work with Dinafem was a partnership of like-minded breeders, the result is a great new auto variety for our customers.

Working with the Joint Doctor was done for slightly different reasons. Despite some initial performance issues with the first AutoFem’s they are now firmly on a par with quality traditional varieties.  The Joint Doctor takes the credit for his pioneering work with auto varieties when many people said there was absolutely no purpose in them.  We like his style, so for us a partnership with ‘JD’ was too good an opportunity to miss.  We wanted to create a variety together with the Joint Doctor and StarRyder has been a great result.  One of the first public grow diaries by Astro on UK420 got him 416g of top quality bud from 8 plants under a 400W HPS lamp.  Here is another great grow by Cannabis King.  And Nibblebit got a great 85g harvest from 4 StarRyders under a compact fluorescent light.  Auto’s are in many cases the preferred route for growers wanting to get the maximum crop in the minimum time.  The ability to bloom with lights on for 20 hours out of every day has its obvious benefits in bud production.  If you haven’t wanted to risk growing an AutoFem before then wait no longer.  Even we can no longer tell the difference between pot from a good auto or a traditional variety, they really are that good.

lots of StarRyders

StarRyder, a joint development by Dutch Passion & Joint Doctor


Jorge Cervantes is a well known figure in the canna community.  He has done a great deal to help people with his excellent books and medical work.  He was another person we wanted to work with, and it was Jorge himself who selected the parent genetics for the Jorge’s Diamonds#1 variety.  It is an indica dominant with sweet tastes and a heavy main cola.  We get great grow reviews on her and she remains one of our favourites.

One of the most important parts of the canna breeding business these days is the field of medical marijuana and in particular the CBD-rich cannabis varieties.  The continued spread of legalised medical cannabis in the USA, Europe and elsewhere has pushed cannabis into the mainstream medical world at last.  Large pharmaceutical companies are investing heavily in cannabinoid research.  With no doubt at all cannabis will increase in importance as more and more medical uses are discovered for cannabis.  This is why we have been busy with work on medical and high CBD breeding in the last couple of years.  We believe that all marijuana is medically effective, but that high CBD could be of particular interest.  Varieties with 4% (or more) CBD are defined as CBD-rich.  Smoke, eat or vapourise a CBD variety and you get a very smooth high, deep and rich.  Just as enjoyable as traditional cannabis yet different as well.  It allows you to function well yet still feel the pleasant effects of cannabis with no reduction in enjoyment.  We even know some older smokers who prefer the experience of CBD varieties to normal varieties.   We believe that CBD varieties will be popular for both recreational and medical users in the future so we have really valued our collaboration with the CBD Crew.  They have brought some real expertise and focus to an area which needed it. 

So we hope that explains the different reasons we have had over recent times to work together with some other leaders in the business.  So long as breeding collaborations create the best seeds for our customers it is something we will continue to do



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Dutch Passion - Collaborations on breeding projects
December 14th 2012

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2013-01-25 23:51:07

More a question....any thoughts on an autoflowering high CBD strain,ie DP Skunk Haze Auto?


2012-12-14 18:27:58

Having organically grown the CBD Skunk Haze that Duthch Passion passed my way to test, I consumed it IN many ways and forms daily for the last 11 weeks, the only other strain I used was a night spliff of indica before bed, I found the CBD strain worked wonders for me, after 11 weeks there was no need to increase intake to have the same result, usually two weeks of smoking the same strain my body builds up a tolerance and I need to change strain or increase dosage, but not with this strain. I done this test for a medical reason to see how medicinal high CBD can really be and was very impressed, now the test is over I am glad to get back to a variety of tastes and strains as Im a social cannabis smoker as well as medical, If I could legally grow my own meds the CBD Skunk Haze would be in my Herbal Garden top 10. I don't use any other form of prescribed medication, alcohol or tobacco.... Utilize and Legalize ...

Eddy | Dutch Passion

2012-12-14 16:35:05

Hello Bobbie, I really hope our strains will help you in some way. When you sign up for our newsletter in the grey area in the bottom of this page, you'll receive the latest updates in your mailbox. All the best, Eddy DP

Bobbie Ebert

2012-12-14 16:27:35

Keep me up too date on strains,I'm a patient with HIV and,20 screws in my spine..These new strains are just what I need for pain.. Peace y'all !!