Cannafest. Dutch Passion review Prague's major cannabis expo

Cannafest. Dutch Passion review Prague's major cannabis expo

The 9th annual Prague Cannafest trade show took place at the impressive ‘PVA Expo’ centre, Prague’s most modern expo centre which is used for over 100 events each year and has 7 large halls for exhibitors. Cannafest has grown into a large cannabis fair, a similar size to  Spannabis Barcelona. It attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. Many of the visitors come from central and eastern Europe, for these people, this is the biggest and best cannabis expo in their part of the world. But visitors were also present from all over Europe and plenty of guests from North/South America. These days Cannafest 2018 was truly international!

Cannafest Prague, an expo to find good autoflower seeds

Many of the attendees were small, self-sufficient cannabis growers. But there were also grow-shop owners and managers of small businesses specialising in everything from supplying soil to nutrients to grow lights. On top of that, there were all the familiar big names from the cannabis industry selling everything you could need for your grow. Lots of growers came to Cannafest to buy plenty of seeds as usual. Autoflower seeds are always a popular choice during winter, many growers cultivate them under a 20 hour light cycle (20 hours of daily light, followed by 4 hours of darkness). Growing autoflowers in winter allows the grow room to be kept warm by the 20 hours of daily heat from the grow light. These days, autoflowering cannabis seeds are a popular way for home growers to produce a winter crop.

Dutch Passion stand


Outdoor seeds and central European cannabis growers

In Central Europe, and especially in southern areas of central Europe, large amounts of outdoor cannabis are harvested each year. Good growing conditions and warm summers allow feminized outdoor seed varieties such as Frisian Dew, Passion #1, Durban Poison and others to perform well. These varieties are usually ready to harvest around early October in the northern hemisphere and can reach 2-3 metres tall. Under optimised conditions, a good quality feminized photoperiod seed variety can easily produce a kilogram of cannabis.

Cannafest visitors interested in easy outdoor growing

Many visitors bought autoflower seeds for easy outdoor growing. The warm summer of 2018 has encouraged many outdoor growers to try growing an autoflower seed or two in 2019. If the autoflower seeds are started early, for example in April/May then you can expect a harvest in July/August. Of course, many people grow autoflower seeds indoors, but it’s interesting to see so many outdoor growers planting autoflowering seeds too. Many central/southern European growers can get their all the cannabis they need from a few outdoor plants.

Cannafest 2018

Cannafest. Bigger and better each year

Cannafest is one of Europe’s biggest and most serious grow shows. For growers in central and eastern Europe, Cannafest is a convenient chance to see all the main suppliers under one roof. Cannafest has it all, whether you are planning a small 1m x 1m grow and need to shop for the basics, or whether you are a larger grower looking for the latest tech from growing world. You can find it all at Cannafest. And the larger suppliers bring plenty of staff, so you shouldn't have to wait too long to get exactly what you need, whether that is information or the latest gadgets/cannabis seeds for your grow room.


LED By Passion at Cannafest

LED By Passion is an LED grow light business and a sister company of Dutch Passion. LED By Passion were at Cannafest next to the Dutch Passion stand. The company was set up several years ago and is European Distributor for many of the biggest LED manufacturers including Fluence, California Lightworks, SANlight, URSA, and others. LED is becoming more affordable and many connoisseur growers have already switched over to LED. LED grow lights offer a superior spectrum, no bulb replacements, lower energy running costs. But the main reason most people switch to LED and stay with LED, is due to superior potency and quality of the finished harvest. LED By Passion were as busy as ever at Cannafest.

Led by Passion

See you at Spannabis 2019!

Dutch Passion look forward to seeing plenty more customers old and new at the upcoming trade shows. The next really big European show is Spannabis 2019 in Barcelona in March. We hope to see you there!

Cannafest. Dutch Passion review Prague's major cannabis expo
November 8th 2018
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