Dutch Passion Cannabis Cup Success. Great cannabis seeds are getting even better.

Dutch Passion Cannabis Cup Success.  Great cannabis seeds are getting even better.

Dutch Passion are pleased to announce 4 Cannabis Cups at the recent 2017 Highlife Event in Amsterdam. For the Dutch Passion team, the 4 cannabis cups represent professional recognition of several years of hard work on THC-rich, CBD-rich and auto flowering cannabis varieties.



Master Kush. Highlife ‘Kush’ category 1st Prize & Overall Highlife Cup winner.

The most impressive award was given to Dutch Passion Master Kush, its an original indica Kush variety with a fast hitting, luxuriously enjoyable THC rich high. Master Kush won 1st Prize in the Highlife ‘Kush’ category, and was also overall Highlife Champion for 2017. Its an impressive victory for one of Dutch Passions best ever varieties against some seriously strong Kush strains from all around the world competing for overall champion.


When Master Kush won the overall Highlife Cup for best variety, it marked a change from recent tradition which has seen Haze varieties often winning top prizes. But the smoke testers and judges felt that the hard, frosty and potent Master Kush buds were the best smoke at the show.  



Master Kush is one of Dutch Passions oldest and most appreciated varieties,  available in feminized seed.  Like many of the most stable Kush varieties, this is an easy and consistent cannabis variety to grow at home. Master Kush grows well in any grow medium, producing medium-hight bushy indica plants with usually reach around 1 metre tall in typical home grows. Indoors she is ready to harvest after 8-9 weeks of 12/12 light. One unusual feature of Master Kush is that she produces less aroma than most other varieties in bloom, a useful feature for some growers.


Master Kush also delivers yields which are above average, but the main reason for so many repeat growers and the recent awards is simply that Master Kush is one of the strongest cannabis seed varieties available at the moment. Whether you are growing recreational or medical marijuana, Master Kush is an easy variety to grow and one which you will want to grow again and again. Get your seeds here while stocks last.



CBD Auto Compassion Lime. 1st place Highlife Cup Winner in ‘CBD’ category

CBD Auto Compassion Lime is a feminized auto seed variety with CBD levels of 9-10% and similar levels of THC. Being an auto she grows easily from seed to harvest in around 75 days, she is usually grown under 20 hours of daily light. CBD Auto Compassion Lime took 1st place in the CBD category beating some highly respected, stable and high quality CBD varieties from the best CBD breeders around the world. This is a highly resinous variety popular with medical growers, whether they are growing for oil production or simply for the buds.  

CBD rich cannabis varieties are particularly popular with medical home growers. For some people, CBD adds an extra dimension of pain relief and symptom control to their medical marijuana. At Dutch Passion we are seeing quite a lot of recreational cannabis users that also prefer the somewhat smoother and less psychoactive effects of CBD rich weed. CBD Auto Compassion Lime is a great tasting cannabis variety with a citrus lime aroma and a strong body stone, it’s particularly recommended for medical growers. One of the easiest and most stable CBD varieties to grow, get your seeds here.



Auto Glueberry OG. 3rd Place Highlife Cup ‘Auto’ category


Auto Glueberry OG is one of the strongest auto seed varieties yet encountered by the Dutch Passion team, with a powerful feel-good high and a soothing, long lasting, anti-anxiety effect.  Winning 3rd Prize in the highly competitive auto category at Highlife 2017 is a great achievement.  The genetics come from the acclaimed Gorilla Glue, OG Kush and Auto Blueberry.  Auto Glueberry OG is an unusually resinous auto thanks to the high quality parent genetics, and she is typically ready to harvest around 75 days after germination. Indoors she likes 20 hours of daily light.  Outdoors she is often ready to harvest around 90 days after germination.


Auto Glueberry OG takes advantage of some great quality USA cannabis genetics which grow quickly producing XL yields. Usually this variety produces a large main bloom and a surrounding  ring of slightly smaller blooms. Its an uncomplicated variety to grow indoors, just plant the seed and she grows herself, starting to bloom around day 25-30. Anyone looking to grow one of the best THC rich autos currently available should try Auto Glueberry OG, seeds are here.


The 2017 Highlife Cannabis Cup wins feels like a reward for several years of hard work from the Dutch Passion team. After 30 years in cannabis seed business the message to our customers is that Dutch Passion cannabis seeds are better than ever, and still improving.

Dutch Passion Cannabis Cup Success.  Great cannabis seeds are getting even better.
July 7th 2017
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