Dutch Passion Blue AutoMazar is here !

Dutch Passion Blue AutoMazar is here !

The wait is over!  Dutch Passion Blue AutoMazar is finally here, it is a hybrid of our best selling AutoMazar and our connoisseur-quality AutoBlueberry.  By combining the power of two of our existing automatic champions we have produced a high performance new auto which produces huge yields of top-strength resin soaked buds just 10-11 weeks after the seed germinates. 

With two of the best auto’s on the market forming the genetic basis of this new variety, Blue AutoMazar has benefitted from the best possible breeding.  The cannabis produced from Blue AutoMazar has the same potency as a good quality traditional variety, this is going to be a best-selling variety for years to come.

frosty as hell, blue automazar cola

In keeping with recent new varieties from Dutch Passion we wanted to show everyone how confident we are in Blue AutoMazar.  And there is no better way to do that than by allowing customers to grow this variety in several live internet grow diaries before the seeds were made publically available.  We can’t be any more transparent, or confident, in the quality of our breeding than that.  The original grow diary is here.  If you have been looking for a reason to buy some top-quality auto genetics then look no further.  Blue AutoMazar comes with our highest possible recommendations.

The pictures used in this weeks blog come from ‘Insert’ a European grower who specialises in growing extremely large automatics using the proven combination of hydroponic deep-water-culture (‘DWC’) with LED.  He harvested his plant 82 days after germination and grew her under 20 hours of daily light using a 500W LED panel.  Insert used LST (low stress training)  during the growth, he tied down the taller branches to a screen on top of his DWC bucket using string.  This allowed him to keep the LED at the lowest optimum height and maximise light intensity.  He was rewarded with 20+ large dense blooms each of which was covered in resin.  Towards the end of the grow the Blueberry colours began to appear along with a rich array of fruity and skunky aromas. 

massive blue automazar growing under LED

same plant under natural light

Above, a massive Blue AutoMazar grown by 'Insert'  in deep-water-culture under LED.  The photo's are taken with LED on and off.  The DWC bucket is 20 litres, and on top of that is a screen used by the grower to tie-down the taller branches and create an even canopy of blooms



This is a variety which we hope all our customers will enjoy growing, Blue AutoMazar offers something for everyone.  Potency is something which comes as standard with all Dutch Passion automatics, and Blue AutoMazar complements this with colour, taste, aroma and great yields. 

Here are a few comments from the grower, ‘Insert’. 

“It’s a LOOOOONG lasting high, very true to its Blueberry parentage. The effect, now that's a different story!!! She is very strong!!! She starts out very intense in the head, behind the eyes, you know what I'm talking about. Almost sativa like, but then she spreads out to the arms and legs like a warm glow all over. I had a great inner monologue going. It was easy to sit on the couch and watch a movie, but when i had to get up and do something, I had the will to do it, and it was not a problem!!! The sleep on the BAM is AMAZING!!!! all night long!!! I can still feel a bit in the morning, but as soon as I put my feet on the floor I am good to go. I would say that I can feel the indica dominance, but smoking a bowl will not put you out of commission. Overall I would say its a great smoke, more for the evening, but I have not smoked it yet in the afternoon.”

bloom as big as your arm

frosty as anything baby


“This plant was a dream to grow!!! The only thing that I would do differently is listen more to what she had to say, I gave her a bit too much (feed), and she told me (some funky spots appeared on the bud leaves). But as soon as I lowered the EC and went to flush, she cleared right up and ran true.  Make sure you have plenty of space for her, she likes to spread out!!!”

flat canopy of fat blooms

brown and yellow beautiful leaves


“I have that unique Mazar feminine smell in all of my jars, there is an earthy smell too, there is pepper, and last BUT certainly not least, is the fruity Blueberry smell.”

“A really smooth smoke ! Smoked so far in a small water pipe, and a joint, both are easy on the lungs even in the later stages, it's how I would expect a top class weed to smoke”

more buds

cured nugget


“I would HIGHly recommend this plant for the ease of growth and the massive amount of bud that she yields. She gave me my highest yield ever, even with bad weather conditions that gave me some bud rot, this plant could have gone to 330g”

Dutch Joe

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Dutch Passion Blue AutoMazar is here !
August 2nd 2013

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