Dutch Passion awarded ‘Best Seedbank’ at Cannafest 2019, Prague

Dutch Passion awarded ‘Best Seedbank’ at Cannafest 2019, Prague

Dutch Passion collected a prestigious new cannabis cup at the 2019 Cannafest Expo in Prague, Czech. The award was given for ‘Best Seedbank’, perhaps the most valuable of cannabis cup awards for any professional cannabis seed company.

Cannafest is an annual event held in Prague. After Spannabis it is Europe’s 2nd largest cannabis expo. Cannafest is regarded as one of the most quality-conscious cannabis expo’s with some demanding judges focussed on the highest quality levels. What made the ‘Best Seedbank’ award even more special was the quality of the seed competition that Dutch Passion were up against. Dutch Passion won the vote thanks to some extremely high quality new additions to their extensive seed collection. Some of the latest genetics from Dutch Passion have come from the USA and offer high THC results with heavy yields.

A great deal of recent Dutch Passion focus has been in the USA and Canada where there are some genuinely special cannabis strains appearing. Thanks to a lot of effort and extensive contacts across the North American cannabis industry, Dutch Passion have been able to obtain the best of the genetics emerging from the USA. These top quality genetics have provided a welcome quality boost which has been popular with Dutch Passion customers as well as the Cannafest judging panel. Dutch Passion’s range of feminised cannabis seeds and autoflowering cannabis seeds continue to set new standards for home growers as well as professional licensed growers.


An impression of the Dutch Passion stand at Cannafest.

Dutch Passion awarded ‘Best Seedbank’ at Cannafest 2019, Prague
November 7th 2019

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