Dutch Passion at Expoweed 2013 in Chile

Dutch Passion at Expoweed 2013 in Chile

Dutch Passion have just returned from a South American tour, the highlight was Expoweed 2013 in Chile, one of the regions most popular cannabis fairs where cannabis lovers can meet many of the leading suppliers to the home-grown market.  Cannabis fairs are a Dutch Passion favourite, it’s a chance to meet customers and distributors as well as a chance to see the new products and emerging trends.  For the visiting public the cannabis fairs are an ideal opportunity to stock up on seeds and anything else which they like.  The next fair is Spannabis, Barcelona in mid March. 

dutch passion booth  Above and below, lots and lots of visitors to Expoweed in Chile

a busy time in chile


The cannabis scene in Chile is booming.  Dutch Passion have always enjoyed strong links in South America with many good historical contacts amongst the old-school breeders.   South America is enjoying a real cannabis revival.  Uruguay leads the way with legal cannabis but many other neighbouring countries are expecting to see their own cannabis laws improve significantly in the coming years.  And many South American politicians are openly calling for wholesale changes to drugs laws. South American political leaders, and former leaders, are calling for an end to the war on drugs.  South American politicians are far ahead of their European political colleagues, they do not lack the moral courage to stand up and start changing things.

Dutch Passion was present with Henk, Jouke and Mahmoud from Amsterdam.

Henk, Jouke and Mahmoud from Dutch Passion were present at Expoweed.

thousands queued for entry

Above, thousands of South American home-growers from all over South America enjoyed Expoweed


famous visitors

Above, Dutch Passion gets a big thumbs-up from some European attendees


Expoweed 2013 in Santiago Chile was very busy, massive numbers of South Americans now grow their own pot.  At Expo2013 the visitors had a chance to meet suppliers and specialists involved in every aspect of home-growing.  Visitors were present from all across South America and quite a few European and North American visitors were also present.  In Chile the only guaranteed way to get premium quality cannabis is to grow it yourself, the local growers/breeders really do appreciate good quality seed genetics.  Local Chilean ‘street weed’ is often low quality outdoor grown compressed brick-weed, often heavily seeded and not that strong.  Cannabis remains technically illegal in Chile, the activists still have further to go but they are making great progress. The events in Uruguay have sent political shock-waves across the region and many neighbouring countries are enviously watching Uruguays legal cannabis supply model.

the team from delaferia

Above, the friendly team from DeLaFeria Chile, Dutch Passions distributor


Cannabis is very popular amongst all age groups in Chile.  It is widely used medicinally and recreationally, South America remains one of the best places for cannabis lovers.  As laws relax across the continent the situation will only improve further.  The ‘Providencia’ region of Santiago is becoming a centre for the local cannabis businesses which are starting to appear, producing everything from growing equipment to locally produced compost mixes.  It’s great to see a number of small local companies get involved in the market for home-growers. 

howard marks

Above and below, Howard Marks gets the rock-star treatment in Chile

chile TV



Expoweed 2013 was very busy from start to finish.  Local TV and radio covered the show.  Howard Marks arrived and was completely surrounded by a media scrum keen to interview him.  He was given a really warm welcome in Chile where he is fondly regarded as a canna celebrity.  Dutch Passion seeds were popular at the show, our outdoor varieties are grown by many South American growers.  Dutch Passion ‘indoor’ varieties are often routinely grown outdoors in warmer parts of South America but it was our automatics which got most attention with many growers able to get 2 or 3 successive outdoor auto crops per year.  Medical growers were interested to hear more about CBD-rich varieties which are generating a lot of interest in South America.  Our friends, and breeding partners the CBD Crew were one of the main sponsors of Expoweed this year.

lecture theatre

Above, the lecture theatre for guest speakers such as Howard Marks and Jorge Cervantes. 


In Chile we have several distributors including Imperio Seeds and PsicoActivo.  At Expoweed Dutch Passion were present on the stand of DeLaFeria one of our main Chilean distributors.  There were thousands of visitors, some were there just to take a look around but most were serious home growers who really enjoyed seeing the different suppliers.  The local police were around but stoners were generally left alone to enjoy the occasion and smoke their dope which made a great atmosphere.  The Police seemed more worried about people bringing alcohol into the Expoweed fairground.  Expoweed 2013 also had a lecture hall where large numbers came to listen to speakers like Jorge Cervantes and Howard Marks.  Expoweed was perhaps the biggest South American cannabis fair yet, and next years event should be even bigger.  Chilean growers, and South American home-growers in general are enjoying some great times.  Dutch Passion send them all our best wishes


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Dutch Passion at Expoweed 2013 in Chile
December 13th 2013

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