Dutch Cheese wins 2nd Rio De Janiero Cannabis Cup

Dutch Cheese wins 2nd Rio De Janiero Cannabis Cup

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Dutch Cheese is a special Dutch Passion variety, a feminized traditional photoperiod variety with a superb feel-good high which has become a real customer favourite and has just won it’s second Cannabis Cup of the year.  Dutch Cheese was grown by Beckenbauer, an organic grower from Brazil who prepares his own carefully blended soil using Brazilian peat and other local ingredients.  Dutch Cheese was voted best indoor variety at the Rio Cannabis Cup, an award given on potency, taste and effect.  The Rio Cannabis Cup is sponsored by one of South America’s leading weed magazines called Revista Haze.  The South American Cannabis scene has really taken off over the last few years as laws across the continent are relaxing and allowing an ‘Amsterdam-style’ atmosphere where lots of growers are forming their own growing communities.  Dutch Cheese also won the Argentinean ‘Revolution Cup’ recently, it seems the European Cheese varieties are proving popular with the South American growers.



Dutch Cheese was introduced a few years ago after we came across a special ‘Cheese’ mother plant which was selected for a particularly enjoyable ‘high’.  The taste of our Dutch Cheese is deep and rich, an enjoyable experience either smoked or vapourised, though perhaps it is not quite the same flavour as other cheese varieties.  The effect of Dutch Cheese is long lasting, potent, relaxing and smiley happy – everything the home-grower is looking for.  Our regular Dutch Cheese customers grow Dutch Cheese for the adorable high which is combined with good yields, it is an easy variety to grow and produces great results even for less experienced growers.  All in all it is a reliable variety and one which has been getting lots of good feedback, and not just from the Cannabis Cup organisers.  For the self-sufficient grower, Dutch Cheese offers extra-special top quality cannabis. This is a variety which growers keep coming back to, your jar of Dutch Cheese buds will definitely be one of your favourites.



Here are some comments about Dutch Cheese, and how to grow her, from Beckenbauer himself.  The original grow diary is here on cannabis café (in Spanish).


Do not panic , it's organic. It is with this philosophy that I  approached my cultivation of Dutch Cheese, which was the winner of the 2nd Cannabis Cup of Rio de Janeiro.  Organic growing is important, something I learned from Cannabiscafé.net.  I always recommend perpetual and organic farming.  Perpetual growing ensures good production due to selection of the best specimens from multiple phenotypes.  Organic growing allows me to make the most of the plant aroma and taste !"



"Basically the secret to having a good smoke is knowing the difference between feeding the soil and feeding the plants. As a base for my soil I use Brazilian peat which is virtually inert and has a pH around 6.0, I add earthworm castings, castor oil cake, bone meal, coal, ash and limestone.  Then I leave the mixture for at least two months and then add some microbes and beneficial fungi (mycorrhizae). During cultivation I use only three fertilizers, an organic feed, NPK (Nitrogen:Phosphorus:Potassium) ratio 4-3-6, magnesium and a mineral flowering stimulant with an NPK ratio of 0-1-3. The last secret is to make the final watering with molasses ! This recipe is basic old-school marijuana cultivation in Brazil, all the ingredients are found locally”

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“My indoor growroom uses between 250w and 400w HPS depending on the season.  During the winter I use both lamps. Usually I bloom around 9-12 plants in 5-7 litre pots, and each plant yields approximately 35 grams.  One thing I am studying is cultivation with LED to help minimise growroom temperature in the Brazilian summer.”

“The Cannabis Cup is held on the national holiday of Independence Day September 7, 2013 in the city of Rio de Janeiro.  Each smoke-test sample was 6 grams and voting took place between competitors in two phases after the top four were selected.  In the Grand-Final the aroma, flavor and potency were all evaluated.  Dutch Cheese was voted overall champion among 17 varieties in the indoor category”



Dutch Passion send their best wishes to Beckenbauer and hope his organic growing method continues to produce great results for him.  It’s always great to see Dutch Passion varieties get the recognition from cannabis-cup wins.  But it’s also satisfying to see our genetics do so well for the rapidly evolving South American home-growing community.

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Dutch Cheese wins 2nd Rio De Janiero Cannabis Cup
October 18th 2013

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