Discover your new cannabis seeds packaging

Discover your new cannabis seeds packaging

After nearly two years of the COVID pandemic, almost every aspect of our lifestyle has been impacted to some degree. However, the pandemic didn’t just affect our personal lives. The logistics of shipping our traditional metal tin cans from China to Europe became trickier and more problematic in recent times. As a result, Dutch Passion have had to take the difficult yet unavoidable decision to change their cannabis seed packaging.

Our new packaging will be put into use from November 2021. The first months after November, your seeds can be delivered in both the old and the new packaging.

What to expect from our new cannabis seeds packaging?


Our new packaging will be produced locally, thereby shortening our supply chain and eventually decreasing our carbon footprint since the packaging does not have to be shipped halfway across the world. It is smaller in size and lighter in weight but just as strong as the previous packaging.

Reduced size and weight

Replacing the metal seed tins with the new ones means over 50% less volume and weight (16g instead of 43g) compared to the old tin package. The new packaging dimensions (3.5cm x 2cm x 7cm) allow it to be posted easily through a standard letterbox in a small envelope.

Dimensions: 3.5cm x 2cm x 7cm
Weight: 16 grams without seeds. 17-18g with seeds

Optimal preservation conditions

The new cannabis seed box is made from tough, crush-resistant transparent plastic. Your cannabis seeds will be just as safe as in their old tin cans. In addition, the moisture resistant cardboard in the new packaging ensures optimal preservation conditions in the fridge (and no more potentially rusty tin cans!).


Ability to see the seeds

The custom designed window cut-out boxes allow you to see your cannabis seeds. The new packages will also feature barcodes as well as the standard Dutch Passion styling and branding. Of course you will receive the same high quality autoflowering cannabis seeds, feminised seeds and regular seeds!
The distribution of the new packaging will start close to home: Amsterdam, Europe. Our overseas distribution channels will be supplied with the new packaging in the course of 2022. When ordering directly from, you will be receiving seeds in the new packaging starting from November 2021. As always, our customer service remains at your disposal for any related question.

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Discover your new cannabis seeds packaging
October 27th 2021
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