Czech. Pot activist Robert Veverka heading for Government

Czech.  Pot activist Robert Veverka heading for Government

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Czech Republic.  You have to love it when an up-and-coming politician has his campaign photographs taken in a field of cannabis plants.  But this is not one of your usual politicians, this is Robert Veverka from the Czech Republic, a tireless cannabis campaigner and a highly respected figure in the international cannabis community.  Since 2007 he has been a key figure in the Czech cannabis legalization process, working with politicians, and representing the views of Czech cannabis lovers.  Campaigning from Robert and his colleagues has resulted in medical cannabis being legally prescribed since 1st April 2013, and growing 5 plants or less has been regarded as a misdemeanour since 2010.  The cannabis scene in Czech has bloomed heavily in the last few years, although campaigners like Robert want to see cannabis fully legalized to end all prejudice against it’s use.

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Robert has been Spokesperson and Chair of, an association that represents the views of medical and recreational Czech cannabis users. has played a key role in the dialogue between the cannabis community and the authorities in recent years, as well as his work to change Czech cannabis laws Robert is also the founder of the million-man marijuana march.  This is an annual protest march which began in Prague and has become popular in other countries.  Dutch Passion have been proud sponsors of this.

Robert is campaigning as an independent candidate to be elected as a Czech politician.  Dutch Passion, and many others, hope he succeeds. We wish there were more politicians like Robert!



below, a small news item from Roberts website, a conversation between him and the local police


robert veverka again !

"Hey, guys, can I ask you, what do you think about legalization of marijuana?"
"Nothing ..."
"How not?"
"No, I just do not think about anything."
"And if you were not at work, what would you think ? "


Czech.  Pot activist Robert Veverka heading for Government
October 11th 2013

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