Cultiva 2018. Dutch Passion review of Austria’s top hemp and cannabis trade show

Cultiva 2018. Dutch Passion review of Austria’s top hemp and cannabis trade show

Cultiva is one of Europe’s most civilised and well-organised cannabis fairs. It is held each year in Vienna at the Pyramid Event centre. It’s an impressive and well-equipped business expo centre. Lots of growers, cannabis lovers, grow-shop owners, and cannabis business people attend the show. Visitors come from all around Europe, and elsewhere. Many of them come from central European countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria. But we met plenty of people from North America, South America, UK, Russia, Eastern Europe etc.

Dutch Passion & LED By Passion at Cultiva Trade Show

Dutch Passion were present at Cultiva as well as our sister company LED By Passion, which sells LED grow lights from the worlds best suppliers. It was the first time that LED By Passion had been present with their own booth at Cultiva and it was a busy show. Interest in LED grows each year and both Dutch Passion and LED By Passion were lucky enough to see plenty of visitors and meet lots of old friends and customers.

Cultiva. Feminized seeds, autoflower seeds and everything else under one roof

Cultiva isn’t on the same grand scale as Spannabis, the crowds are smaller and so is the overall size of the venue. However, the venue is bright and is always ke

Bram and Joost at Cultiva

pt exceptionally clean. It’s a medium-sized cannabis expo which attracts all the main suppliers of cannabis seeds, grow lights, grow equipment and other materials. If you have never visited a cannabis expo, and want to start with a well-organised one you should consider Cultiva. It’s half an hour in a taxi from Vienna airport.

Dutch Passion. Feminized seeds and autoflower seeds in high demand

Austria, and the surrounding countries have a large and active community of cannabis home growers. As usual, lots of them came to the Dutch Passion stand to stock up on cannabis seeds. Feminized seeds and autoflowering cannabis seeds were very popular with the indoor growers. But we met lots of outdoor growers too, the good summer of 2018 allowed European growers to get a bumper crop from their outdoor cannabis seeds. Autoflower seeds and feminized outdoor seed varieties such as Frisian Dew and Passion#1 were very popular with outdoor growers.

LED By Passion. New name for Dutch Passion’s grows light sister company

LED By Passion sell top quality LED grow lights, they are a Dutch Passion company formerly known as ‘Crazy LEDs & More’. LED By Passion are distributors of some of the world's top LED grow light brands including California LIghtworks, Fluence, Ursa, GN, Grow Spec, SANlight, Spectrum King and CT Lite. The selection of LED grow lights cater for small home growers all the way up to commercial growers using multi-level grow operations. Lots of European growers that use HPS grow lights experienced heat stress and quality issues during the summer of 2018 due to the extreme summer heat. Growing with LED is, for some growers, the only way to maintain sensible grow room temperatures during summer. LED grow lights also offer lower energy use, better reliability, a better spectrum and superior potency in the final buds.

Funny moments at Cultiva trade show

At the end of the show, lots of the exhibitors gave away all their unwanted materials. This included everything from bags of growing medium to the legal cannabis plants that were used to decorate the stands. In Austria, it is legal to show cannabis plants on the Cultiva Expo so long as the plants are not in bloom. Some lucky customers got to take home some large cannabis plants which had been grown vegetatively for 1-2 months. The show security team and Expo staff were also eager to get their share of growing freebies too.

Cultiva 2018 with Eric

Trends at Cultiva

More people than ever seemed to be buying cannabis seeds at Cultiva. Feminized seeds and autoflower seeds seemed equally popular. Many growers said they planned to grow feminized autoflowering seeds outdoors in 2019 following the long hot summer of 2018. And interest in LED grows lights was also higher than before. Many commercial cannabis producers were keen to speak about the benefits of growing under LED. LED seems to be emerging as a mainstream alternative to HPS for growers of all sizes.

See you at Cannafest Prague!
If you couldn't get to Cultiva then the next major European cannabis expo is Cannafest in Prague during November. Dutch Passion and LED By Passion will both be attending. If you are looking for cannabis seeds or anything else related to your grow room, then please feel welcome to come and see us!

Cultiva 2018. Dutch Passion review of Austria’s top hemp and cannabis trade show
October 22nd 2018
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