Crazy LEDs. SolarSystem LED grow lights from California Lightworks

Crazy LEDs.  SolarSystem LED grow lights from California Lightworks

Do you want the best value/performance LED grow lights on the market right now?  The SolarSystem LED grow lights won the Spannabis 2017 ‘Best Grow Product’ award beating off some top quality competition from some well established grow light companies.  The professional grade SolarStorm LED grow lights are built in the USA by California Lightworks LEDs for the legal USA grow market and are now available in Europe through Crazy LEDs.  With unsurpassed build quality, highest quality Osram LEDs and an intense light spectrum designed exclusively for cannabis growing, the SolarStorm LED grow lights will allow you to grow better cannabis than ever before.


Crazy LEDs, Dutch Passion’s sister company, are proud to announce availability of the full range of LED grow lights built by California Lightworks.  All lights are now in stock and can be shipped with next day delivery along with e-vouchers worth up to €200 to spend on the Dutch Passion website.

SolarSystem 275 LED grow light

The SolarSystem 275 has a maximum power draw of 200W and is a great choice for growers with smaller grow tents, such as 60cmx60cm or 80cmx80cm grow tents.  The performance approaches  that of a 400W HPS.  Like the rest of the SolarSystem range, it uses blue, deep blue, red, deep red and white LEDs.  This allows for good vegetive growth as well as good results in bloom.  The spectral wavelengths have been chosen purely for growing cannabis and have been fine tuned in the USA over several years.  


SolarSystem 550 LED grow light

The SolarSystem 550 uses 400W on maximum power, it suits people growing in 1mx1m or 1.2m x 1.2m grow tents with results approaching that of a 600W HPS. The SolarSystem 550 has similar PPF light output to a 600W HPS with reduced heat which allows quality improvements over HPS grown cannabis.  

SolarSystem 1100

The SolarSystem 1100 uses up to 800W of power on maximum setting.  It has similar PPF light output to a 1000W HPS using less power and producing less heat.  The low heat levels across the entire SolarSystem range allow for easier home growing, reduced heat stress and quality improvements.  The SolarSystem 1100 suits people growing in 1.5m x 1.5m tents and should be kept perhaps a metre above the canopy to avoid ‘burning’ the grow tips with excessively intense light.




California Lightworks have been manufacturing LED grow lights for several years, and the SolarSystem LED grow lights represent the best technology and best value for money that we have seen.  Not only are these grow lights the best that California Lightworks has ever produced, they currently represent the best value and performance of any grow light sold by Crazy LEDs so far.

The video below shows the SolarSystem 1100 used by a USA legal grower who replaced his Gavita 1000W HPS units with LED.

SolarSystem Professional grade USA built LED growlights

The SolarSystem LED grow lights are designed and built in California using the highest quality components and the best manufacturing standards that we have seen.  The SolarSystem grow lights suit the serious home grower looking for superior build quality, performance and reliability to many of the Chinese built LED grow lights.  


Benefits of the SolarSystem LED grow lights.

Using the optional hand controller you can adjust the spectrum and the intensity of the LED grow lights.  Without the optional hand controller, all LED power levels are set to 100% and can’t be adjusted.  On the SolarSystem 1100 and SolarSystem 550 the red, blue and white LEDs are on separate electrical circuits. This allow them to be separately controlled.  

On the SolarSystem 275 the red LEDs are on one circuit, and the blue and white LEDs are controlled on the same circuit (not separate circuits).  This means that blue and white LEDs can’t be controlled independently on the SolarSystem 275, its a small restriction, but one which future buyers should be aware of.

With the hand controller the LEDs can be programmed to switch on and off automatically, with a sunrise/sunset mode to gradually turn the lights on/off.  Additionally, the fully programmable hand controller allows you to control up to 1000 lights at a time by connecting the SolarSystem lights in a ‘daisy chain’ arrangement using standard RJ11 telecom cables (supplied).  The SolarSystem LED grow lights were designed for maximum user convenience and were built to the highest possible standards using top-specification Osram LEDs.  

Spectrum strategies with spectrum control and the SolarSystem growlight

LED cannabis growers with adjustable spectrum have new levels of control over their growroom with the SolarSystem LED growlights.  The following video explains more:

Spannabis Award for 'Best Grow Product 2017’

The SolarSystem grow lights won the prestigious Spannabis 2017 Award for ‘Best Grow Product’.  Thats a significant breakthrough for LED grow light technology and recognises the price, performance and build quality for these professional grade products.  What made the Spannabis award extra special was the quality of the technology and companies that were also competing for the same award.

Professional build quality.  LED grow lights built for USA legal producers.

California Lightworks are able to offer top quality LED grow lights at affordable prices thanks to the large numbers of lights that they make for the legal USA cannabis industry.  The scales of efficiency allow large quantities of highest quality components to be bought at the lowest prices and incorporated into one of the best value and best quality LED grow light ranges available today.

Crazy LEDs - quality LED grow lights at the lowest prices.

Crazy LEDs are the European distributor for California Lightworks and stock the full range of LED grow lights.  The SolarSystem lights have been fully tested and come with our highest recommendations.  We also supply Dutch Passion seed e-vouchers with each LED grow light.  The SolarSystem 1100 comes with an e-voucher for a generous €200 worth of seeds.  The SolarSystem 550 comes with a €100 seed e-voucher and the SolarSystem 275 comes with a €75 seed e-voucher to spend on the Dutch Passion website.  There has never been a better time, or a better value way to enter the world of LED cannabis growing.  The SolarSystem LED grow lights are the best build quality, most versatile and powerful LED grow lights that we have ever sold.  With the e-vouchers for Dutch Passion seeds these LED grow lights represent unbeatable value for money and come with our highest recommendations.   If you are looking to upgrade your growroom to LED then get the best growlights that Crazy LEDs have seen so far, the SolarSystem range.

Crazy LEDs.  SolarSystem LED grow lights from California Lightworks
May 26th 2017
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Michael, 29th May 2017. The SolarSystem 1100 is currently priced at €1799 and comes with a free e-voucher worth €200 for the Dutch Passion website. Read more here


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