Cool guy, Uruguay!

Cool guy, Uruguay!

The world of cannabis has a new talking point this week.  If all goes to plan a Uruguay proposal to legalise Government-supplied marijuana will be passed into law.  Although personal weed possession is not prosecuted in Uruguay the Government is planning to go a step further and grow weed itself and allow citizens to buy around an ounce (28 grams) per month.  This way the Uruguay Government becomes the main financial beneficiary of legal supply.  This is one step further than most countries would consider in the marijuana debate.  Perhaps it will signal a new generation of stoner Government Employees in Uruguay and I imagine that there will be lots of volunteers to step up to the task of producing Government-grade ganja.   It would be a dream career.

The announcement will not go down well with the United Nations anti-narcotics people, nor will it be well received by the US Federal authorities.  But the influence of both of these organisations is of less and less importance to the drug-weary and prohibition-fatigued Latin American drug producing states who have all paid a very heavy toll in the last 20 years to maintain a ‘hard line’ on marijuana. 

The fact that Uruguay has had the political courage to step out of line may make it easier for neighbouring nations to implement radical options of their own.  Earlier in the year at the April ‘Summit of The Americas’ a number of Latin American leaders voiced their concerns that there was no longer any purpose in maintaining illegality of cannabis (and other drugs) and that a new approach was needed.  After years of listening to failed prohibition policies from outsiders, the Latin Americans are coming up with sensible solutions of their own, who can blame them?

The unwinnable war on drugs has served only to make millionaires out of the drug cartels and has cost hundreds of thousands of lives.  Many Latin American politicians are looking for a face-saving way to stop the carnage which is ruining economies and has scarred a generation.  The only people to benefit are the drug gangs.  Legalising weed is an easy way out of the problem and more and more opinion polls show that politicians should not worry about public reaction to legalising weed.  Most people recognise cannabis is far less harmful than alcohol and tobacco anyway.  And nowadays there is the powerful medical marijuana lobby which is demonstrating an endless list of medical marijuana benefits.

The decision by the Uruguayan Government to be the main grower/supplier is quite a strange one, or at least it seems that way.  Most Governments would probably think about either decriminalising weed, or at perhaps even making it fully legal.  But few would want to be the main national supplier of weed.  Perhaps this shows the political frustration from seeing other people make money from weed, or perhaps the Government feel that they can genuinely take cannabis breeding to new levels of performance and potency. 

We don’t know whether Uruguay has gone one step too far or whether it is the genius work of a political stoner ego-maniac who is dreaming of running a ‘Ministry of Marijuana’ with an official office looking out over fields of weed.  Imagine being chief official smoke tester, appointed by the Government, or ‘Director of Hash Production’.  Uruguay could start generating some very attractive new stoner jobs.

It will be interesting to look back at the Uruguay situation in a few years and see what the result is.  We are sure a lot of Uruguayan marijuana lovers will have mixed feelings.  On one side must be nice to have a Government that takes weed so seriously.  However some Uruguayan canna-lovers may worry that Government grade ganja will be of poor quality.  Time will tell, and Dutch Passion will send them some seeds when they get started so that they have some new genetics to complement the local varieties.  If Uruguay is to grow weed for their own citizens it makes sense to have a number of proven good quality varieties.  After all, if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well.

Some readers will remember when Portugal decided to end criminal penalties for personal drug use 10+ years ago and various ‘expert’ groups said it would end in disaster.  In the end it became a model of tolerance with numerous benefits. Euro-neighbours now look on enviously as Portugal has manoeuvred drugs from being a major criminal problem to a minor (compared to alcohol/tobacco) health issue.  Here at Dutch Passion we hope that Uruguay’s neighbours also look at the Uruguayan model of tolerance and start to adopt similar approaches.  Many other Latin American countries are already looking at, or making, more liberal marijuana laws.  Argentina is introducing new laws, and the situation in Chile is also very relaxed. There is real progress happening around the world, but there has also been several decades of stupid political thinking that preceded the new approach.  Latin American political leaders are showing that they have the courage to do the right thing, they need congratulating for it.  We hope other political leaders are watching.

Looking back at the last few decades of cannabis prohibition shows what happens when logic is replaced by prejudice.  First the world governments tried lying to people about weed being a gateway to hard drugs.  When that didn’t work they tried zero tolerance, ‘mandatory minimum sentences’ and hard punishments.  Then they tried educating people, and then they tried throwing lots more money at maintaining prohibition.  Finally they decide that weed wasn’t really a problem after all and is actually a pretty good medicine.  Uruguay’s government even became the national herb supplier.  It’s a funny old world. 

We do like reading your comments on our blog so feel free to tell us what you think.

Dutch Joe

Cool guy, Uruguay!
June 29th 2012

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2013-11-14 19:05:09

Well I'm uruguayan and wouldn't mind if you sent me some of your fine genetics! . Outside grower for 20 y, waiting in the line for final parliament approval middle December...


2012-10-12 09:52:21

why aint it legal here in tn

Cabra Voladora

2012-09-22 15:01:09

Much MORE is happening in UY than you guys imagine! Our president, Jose Mujica, has proposed outright legalization of ALL drugs... with limits on quantities in possession. We are a country that believes in personal freedoms... At the moment, the govt does not realize how easy it is to set up a registry & dispensary system, such as I fought for back in my home country... However, I have a partner coming over from the UK soon, and we will request an appointment to talk to Pres. Mujica (yes, that is possible here) and explain to him the systems such as California has in place... Education is the key. They believe there's only one kind of MJ... Our approach will be to present the dispensary scenario - with staff to help select strains which alleviate the particular symptoms of the client. This will be the subject of our meeting(s). Here, almost all that is offered (other than a few terrace growers in the capital city, who grow for their personal use) is landrace sativa, usually sold bricked. We are desperately in need of Afghani, Indica & even autoflower varieties here... Also, when we begin production from our personal seed banks, we will be making bho, tinctures, & medibles - in an effort to dissociate from the "smoking is bad" perception... Once people recognize the medicinal potential here, we'll be off to the races. Incidentally, Evo Morales, President of Bolivia, has stood up for legalization of coca, as well as MJ. Brazil, Argentina & Chile still have the evil eye toward this plant, however... (possibly because of heavy US influence)... Everyone knows the CIA is the world's largest drug dealer (cocaine, heroin, MJ & meth). The only reason the US stock market is showing ANY activity is because it is being used to laundry CIA drug money... Indeed, the future does look bright here. Cheers!


2012-07-04 12:14:49

I say Dutch Passion should send those Uruguayan government officials some quality INDICA seeds. If you think about it they probably already have lots of local sativa strains. Why send them any more? I say send them some Afghani stuff too, like Mazar. If they have a good variety of different genetics the Uruguay Government could even become an official seedbank in Ururguay. Why not man?

Johan Pederson

2012-06-30 12:15:45

hey Latino, I agree White Widow is a good choice but they are allowed to send them more than one variety dude. I say get them some decent Skunk varieties as they would grow well outdoors in that level of sunshine.

Johan Pederson

2012-06-30 12:15:37

hey Latino, I agree White Widow is a good choice but they are allowed to send them more than one variety dude. I say get them some decent Skunk varieties as they would grow well outdoors in that level of sunshine.

Latino X17

2012-06-30 12:12:00

yo man,I say you should send send them some of your White Widow seeds I guarantee those guys will enjoy it