Changes To The Dutch Passion Seed Collection

Changes To The Dutch Passion Seed Collection

2012 was our 25th anniversary as a seedbank and the busiest year since we began. We recently introduced several new varieties - OutLaw, CBD SkunkHaze, StarRyder and White Widow x The Ultimate.  All of these were launched with live internet grow diaries before public sales began, which we hope shows Dutch Passion customers how much hard work we put into our varieties and how much confidence we have in the quality of our products. 

For Dutch Passion it is clear that the market for cannabis seeds is going through a period of change and for that reason there will be more changes to our collection which reflect what our customers want to see and what they want to buy.  AutoFem’s are in many cases outselling traditional varieties and sales of our regular (non-feminized) seeds declined further in 2012.

Regular (non-feminized) seeds - have seen declining sales now for many years, they represent less than 3% of our sales but we still maintain a selection of 15 varieties in regular seeds.  We are committed to maintaining regular seed varieties as a service to our customers who like to buy them for their own breeding projects, or simply because they prefer regular seeds to feminized seeds.  So we will retain all the existing regular seed varieties but we will increase prices by around 10% to reflect the fact that this is a service rather than a growth business for us.  White Widow x The Ultimate will not see a price increase as it is a relatively new release.

white widow crossed with the ultimate

White Widow x The Ultimate grown by Super Dry (Autoflower Network) 


AutoFem seeds – here we have some important new upgrades to announce to our existing AutoFem products.  We also have some exciting new AutoFem varieties in development which we will announce as soon as we are confident enough in the quality.  We have been working hard on AutoFem seeds now for several years and in this time we have been able to steadily improve the breeding techniques and process.  AutoFem’s are now on the same quality level as traditional varieties – people would not grow them if this were not true.  And yields from a good quality AutoFem are very good with many customers telling us that they can now routinely get more pot from their growroom than they could achieve with traditional varieties in the same timescale.  So we are pleased to announce new upgrades to our Taiga, PolarLights and Tundra varieties.  These upgrades will allow even better consistency, strength and yields.  These varieties were already very good, but now they are a little better.  They become Taiga #2, PolarLights#3 and Tundra #2.  You will see these being introduced during 2013. 

We are also introducing a new product, AutoXtreme®.  This is a collaboration with Dinafem seeds of Spain, a company formed 10 years ago by some of Spain’s best breeders.  Dinafem share Dutch Passion’s ‘quality first’ attitude so they were a natural partner for us.  AutoXtreme is a 12-week auto (85 days from germination to harvest).  It uses our OutLaw genetics (elite Amnesia Haze cutting x Super Haze) and grows a little bit larger than most other auto’s reaching up to 1.5m high.  This extra size and the slightly longer 12-week life mean that this variety is one of the heaviest yielding AutoFems on the market today.  It produces very strong cannabis and we expect this will be popular with AutoFem growers, especially those looking for the ability to grow larger and heavier yielding plants.

Auto extreme grown by JTang of autoflower network

AutoXtreme with 1 month left before harvest grown by JTang of Autoflower network


Bulk seeds.  For the first time we are introducing a 25-seed-pack following a lot of customer requests.  We will offer our famous Skunk #11 in a 25-pack for just €85.  We chose Skunk #11 since this was our first variety to achieve sales of 1 million seeds, even today we have some regular customers who refuse to grow anything else.  It is a very robust variety, famously easy to grow with great crops of extremely strong weed.  It is a good quality stable skunk selection and allows customers to get a good stock of proven high quality seeds at an affordable price.

Colour Mix#7.   2xThink Different, 2xStarRyder and 2xAutoXtreme.  The seeds are colour coded so they can be easily identified and should be a popular product for AutoFem growers that want a top quality selection of good yielding and strong AutoFem varieties in their growroom.  This will retail at €58 from our webshop.

 white widow crossed with the ultimate

White Widow x The Ultimate, by Super Dry


Remember our webshop allows you to order directly from us, meaning that you get the freshest seeds.  We take all the usual credit cards on our webshop and we ship seeds the same day that we receive the order.  You also have guaranteed back-up from us in the unlikely event of anything going wrong with your seeds.

Dutch Passion would like to take the opportunity to thank all our customers for their continued trust in us. We will continue to work harder than ever to offer the best seeds for the self sufficient medical and recreational cannabis growers.  We wish everyone a happy Christmas and a great 2013!


Dutch Joe

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Changes To The Dutch Passion Seed Collection
December 21st 2012

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2012-12-30 23:32:21

Impressive work this year, as usual! I wish you all the best for the next one, looking forward for some high cbd auto strains, but I think that's already in the pipe :>


2012-12-26 15:50:00

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year Dutch passion! Hey make sure you bring out some 25 fem seed packs for your purple # 1 ya hear!! ;-) and at a nice price too ! ; -) all the best!!


2012-12-24 07:59:42

Looking forward to Taiga#2, I loved the original Taiga.


2012-12-21 19:28:55

More DP quality, colourmix 7 good choice...Peace


2012-12-21 15:51:24

Even more work and variety.. That new colour mix should fly of the shelves..