CBG and CBG seeds: What does cannabigerol feel like?

CBG and CBG seeds: What does cannabigerol feel like?

Dutch Passion have released the world’s first CBG (Cannabigerol) seeds. The team have received lots of questions about CBG seeds as well as the type of effects you can expect if you smoke/vape CBG weed.

Feminised CBG seeds and autoflower CBG seeds

The first two CBG rich cannabis seed varieties are CBG-Force (feminised CBG seeds) and Auto CBG-Force (autoflowering CBG seeds). With both 'Special Cannabinoids' strains you can expect THC levels below 0.15%. That means you can't get high from these strains, THC levels are simply too low to produce a psychoactive THC ‘high’. CBG levels are around 15%.

What are the effects of CBG weed, how does CBG weed make you feel?

The following feedback is from the experienced members of Dutch Passion’s QC test team. This team carefully assess each new strain. In this case the new cannabinoid, CBG, was assessed.

CBG effects:
Relaxing CBG-Force feminised by Dutch Passion
Down to earth feeling
A hint of body-stoned feeling

The smoke testers explained that there was no hint of the familiar THC high, only a slightly strange feeling of a body stone. The smoke testers felt very relaxed after the CBG weed but not stoned. Mentally they felt similar to before, but somewhat more relaxed with a ‘down to earth’ feeling of being grounded and well.

CBG rich cannabis, clear headed and focussed effects

CBG also produces a sense of mental clarity, allowing you to focus on tasks. For some CBD users this will be a familiar feeling. This most dominant feeling to come after vaping/smoking CBD is relaxation. One unexpected effect was that the test smokers also felt that any cravings to smoke weed or tobacco disappear after using CBG rich cannabis.

CBG weed and a sense of well being

We asked the test team asked for more details on the ‘distant hint of a body stone’. How exactly does that feel? The description of the high is that it was a "slight stoned feeling in the body". When pressed for details, the team said it was comparable to the feeling you get after exercise followed by a nice warm bath. You get this nice relaxing sensation throughout your body without it being too harsh or intense - you didn't even need to exercise.

What are the medical effects of CBG?

Dutch Passion are not doctors. It’s better to await for formal feedback from the medical community rather than making claims which we can’t back up.

CBF Force Feminised Seeds Cannabinoid Profile

More information on CBD rich cannabis

If you are interested in getting some CBG rich cannabis seeds then the following background info may be useful.

CBG smells:
Fresh CBG-Force feminised by Dutch Passion
Slightly fruity (not sweet)
Hints of pepper
Tingles the nose a little bit
Not pungent

CBG smoke:
Fresh, soft, creamy CBG-Force feminised by Dutch Passion
Light smoke
Hints of melon
Light sweet tones background

Growing feminised CBG seeds and autoflowering CBG seeds

Auto CBG-Force grows from seed to harvest in around 12 weeks with heavy harvests. Feminised photoperiod seeds of CBG-Force take around 7-8 weeks in bloom. Both types of CBG cannabis seed are easy to grow with no special nutrients or grow requirements involved.

CBG rich oil

Don't have the time to grow your own CBG seeds? Let us do the hard work for you. You may be interested in buying some CBG oil from us instead. Dutch Passion CBG oil 5% contains 5% CBG.

CBG: the new cannabinoid

Alongside the CBD Crew, Dutch Passion were the first to bring CBD rich cannabis seeds to market. In 2020 Dutch Passion were first to release THCV cannabis seeds with THC-Victory seeds. Dutch Passion are once again proud to be first to market with CBG rich seeds. Stay tuned to the Dutch Passion website to hear the latest information to come from our breeding labs!

CBG and CBG seeds: What does cannabigerol feel like?
August 3rd 2020

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