CBD SkunkHaze wins 3rd prize at 'Treating Yourself' medical expo

CBD SkunkHaze wins 3rd prize at 'Treating Yourself' medical expo
CBD SkunkHaze won 3rd prize in the 'Sativa' awards at the recent 'Treating Yourself' medical marijuana fair in Toronto.  Although CBD SkunkHaze is perhaps most appreciated by the medical users she is also a top quality sativa which is proving more and more popular with the recreational growers for a very strong yet smooth, rich and enjoyable .  CBD SKunkHaze is produced by the CBD Crew, which is a partner of Dutch Passion for the development CBD-rich varieties.
The 'Treating Yourself' expo is one of several which have sprung up around the globe in recent years as the medical benefits of cannabis are being discovered by a new generation of people.  Cannabis is used in just about every medical condition and medical research on the beneficial uses of cannabis is at an all time high.
CBD SkunkHaze produces a balanced 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD.  The enhanced levels of CBD add extra pain-relieving properties, and for many people the CBD produces a different type of high than traditional 'THC-rich' varieties.  CBD SkunkHaze gives a strong body stone and the cerebral effect is a little bit different to traditional varieties without diminishing the quality, enjoyment or duration of the experience.
CBD SkunkHaze seeds are in stock and you can buy them here http://www.dutch-passion.nl/en/seeds/product/cbd-skunkhaze/
CBD SkunkHaze wins 3rd prize at 'Treating Yourself' medical expo
June 11th 2013

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Eddy - Dutch Passion

2014-07-31 11:41:05

Andrew, we are not medical doctors so it is hard for us to answer the question directly. We recommend some internet searches on CBD/THC. And we wish you good luck.

Andrew Bartholomew

2014-07-31 09:38:23

Mijn moeder werd gediagnosticeerd met hersenkanker gisteren. Wat zijn uw gedachten over een stam die haar het meest zou kunnen helpen?