CBD Oil Could Be 'Game Changer' For Modern Medicine

CBD Oil Could Be 'Game Changer' For Modern Medicine

Josh Stanley

Above, Josh Stanley, co-creator of Charlottes Web, the CBD rich variety


USA.  CBD Oil could be a ‘game changer’ for modern medicine
Remarkable stories of the healing powers of CBD-rich cannabis oil continue to come out of Colorado, and the news is getting mainstream attention in Colorado as can be seen by this article from the Denver Post   Since cannabis was legalised in Colorado there are some incredible accounts of how cannabis oil can be used in the treatment of various conditions.  Josh Stanley, co-creator of CBD rich Charlottes Web explains that cannabis oils low in THC are being used extremely successfully in paediatric (child) medicine to reduce epileptic fits from 300 per month to 2 in some cases such as that of Charlotte Figi - the original Dravet’s Syndrome sufferer who the variety is named after
Josh Stanley explained how CBD had made such an impact "What the CBD movement has done, I think, is brought in the soccer moms to the discussion," said Josh Stanley, one of a family of Colorado brothers who own a medical marijuana business and developed the oil. "It's brought in the mainstream, and it's brought in the conservatives.

Even opponents of medical marijuana have seen their views changed when confronted with the over-whelming medical evidence of CBD and the way it can be used by children as well as adults.  This has allowed states to push through legislation fast.  Over 20 states now have legal medical marijuana and that number is increasing every few months at the moment.  CBD has made the medical marijuana debate unavoidable for American politicians.  And the CBD issue also makes cannabis prohibition look ridiculous, science really does beat prejudice every time.

However, despite the continued move towards an eventual legalisation of cannabis, many parents of ill children are forced to move permanently to legal states such as Colorado where the supply and understanding of paediatric cannabis CBD medicine is more advanced than anywhere else.

More information is here in the Denver Post online http://www.denverpost.com/ci_25450052
CBD Oil Could Be 'Game Changer' For Modern Medicine
June 12th 2014

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