The best uses of low THC cannabis. Why low -THC marijuana is so popular

The best uses of low THC cannabis. Why low -THC marijuana is so popular

There are lots of uses for low THC cannabis seed varieties which you may never have considered. These include reducing your cannabis tolerance and helping you stop smoking tobacco. This week's blog looks at the remarkable popularity of the new low-THC cannabis varieties which are sweeping across Europe. These are appearing in street corners tobacconists, online retailers and even in Swiss supermarkets.

These low THC varieties can’t get you high, THC levels are usually below 1%. In Italy and Switzerland, CBD rich cannabis is now openly on sale in tobacco shops and health stores. It’s causing some headaches for the local police who are unable to distinguish between someone smoking a CBD rich joint and someone smoking traditional THC-rich cannabis.

CBD rich cannabis. Grow your own CBD buds from feminized seed

CBD Charlotte’s Angel is Dutch Passion best selling CBD rich variety. CBD levels are typically around 15% and THC levels are usually below 0.7%. Many medical growers report great success with 1:1 CBD:THC cannabis seed varieties. These often have around 8-10% of both THC and CBD. So it was slightly surprising to see CBD Charlotte’s Angel, with hardly any THC, become so popular.

If you smoke or vaporise, some buds from CBD Charlotte’s Angel you don't feel high but it does remove cravings for tobacco and cannabis. You are left with a strangely satisfied feeling, you haven’t had a joint or cigarette, yet the urge for one disappears.



CBD rich cannabis as a tobacco substitute. Quit tobacco with the help of CBD

First of all, the trend is rippling across Europe, and it’s a trend that few people expected. For instance, tobacco shops and corner shops in countries like Italy, Switzerland, and Austria are starting to sell buds from CBD rich cannabis varieties such as CBD Charlotte’s Angel and CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel. Even shops in the UK are now selling buds of low THC cannabis.

Many tobacco smokers in these countries are finding that they can substitute their tobacco usage with CBD rich cannabis. A smoke of CBD rich cannabis can reduce/remove the craving for a cigarette. Of course, it is rarely easy to quit smoking tobacco, but many find that a joint of CBD rich cannabis is a great help.

This research paper [1] from the National Library Of Medicine/National Institute of Health showed that the use of a CBD inhaler reduced cigarette consumption by 40% in a blind trial. That’s a significant effect, and potentially a major boost for public health if tobacco use can be reduced across the population.



CBD rich cannabis for reducing cannabis tolerance

Most cannabis lovers enjoy their marijuana consumption. But some people have a high (and expensive) usage. The problem for heavy cannabis users is that the pleasing effects of cannabis can be reduced due to over-use. This is especially true for those that use cannabis heavily throughout the day, they can smoke a joint and feel only a slight effect. These cannabis users have a high cannabis tolerance, their body is accustomed to high cannabis doses.

Traditionally, the best way to reduce cannabis tolerance is to take a break from cannabis for a couple of weeks. As cannabis consumption decreases, the endo-cannabinoid system is reset to respond to lower levels of cannabis. The problem is that most cannabis users don’t want to endure a couple of weeks without their favourite herb. This is where a low-THC cannabis seed varieties have some magical properties.

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Low THC cannabis varieties remove the craving for THC-rich cannabis

When you vaporise or smoke a low THC cannabis variety it removes the craving for THC rich cannabis. It’s an unusual benefit of CBD rich cannabis and a benefit which few expected. Presumably the cannabinoids from low THC cannabis are able to satisfy the desire for cannabis even though there is insufficient THC to create a cannabis ‘high’. One good use for this unusual feature is to allow heavy cannabis users to satisfy their craving for a joint.

You feel a very slight ‘mental tickle’ from the CBD rich buds, but with THC levels usually below 0.7%, there is no high. The buds from a low-THC marijuana seed variety such as CBD Charlotte’s Angel look, smell, and taste just like a normal THC rich variety, but without the THC high.

Anyone looking to reduce their cannabis tolerance can use a low-THC variety to remove their craving. This way you can save your THC rich varieties for later in the day, or the next day. By reducing your THC intake you reduce and reset your cannabis tolerance. Soon you will be enjoying the euphoric cannabis highs that you missed!

Medical marijuana growers and low THC cannabis varieties

Many medical cannabis users really do appreciate growing and using CBD rich varieties. Until recently the most popular option was 1:1 cannabis varieties. These offer a good blend of THC and CBD in roughly equal quantities. Many medical users like the 1:1 variety since they offer the medical benefits without getting the user too high.

However many medical cannabis growers/users have wanted a cannabis variety which allows them to retain a completely clear head, with no psychoactive effect. Varieties with low THC levels like CBD Charlotte’s Angel and CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel can be used without giving the user a psychoactive high. It’s a good option for those looking for a daytime cannabis option.

Low THC varieties are also options for those groups, such as the very old or very young who have a doctors recommendation to use cannabis but want a non-psychoactive option.



Other uses for low THC cannabis

Whereas THC in high doses can make users feel sleepy and struggle to focus, CBD seems to have the opposite effect. If you are feeling tired or jet lagged a vape/joint of CBD rich cannabis which can allow you to feel more alert and focused.

As CBD rich cannabis becomes more popular we can expect to see more uses emerging for low-THC marijuana seed varieties. In the USA low-THC varieties are often used in pediatric (children) applications e.g. Dravet’s Syndrome. These days you can grow your own low-THC, high-CBD cannabis easily from feminized seeds.

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For example, CBD Charlotte’s Angel is a feminized photoperiod cannabis seed variety, it’s easy to grow taking around 11 weeks to bloom. CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel is a feminized auto-flowering CBD rich seed variety, taking around 75 days to grow from seed to harvest. It’s also a very easy and uncomplicated variety to grow to require 20 hours of daily light throughout the grow.

Both varieties produce good yields, and large dense buds which are a great alternative to the low-THC hemp buds which usually have a disappointing light/airy bud texture. If you are interested in growing some low-THC cannabis, then try CBD Charlotte’s Angel (feminized seeds) or CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel (autoflower seeds). You may be pleasantly surprised with the results!

The best uses of low THC cannabis. Why low -THC marijuana is so popular
September 27th 2018
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