Cannafest and Cultiva review. Dutch Passion cannabis road tour.

Cannafest and Cultiva review.  Dutch Passion cannabis road tour.

Cultiva is Austria’s main annual cannabis expo, this was the 9th and the largest so far. For many central European cannabis growers Cultiva is an essential weekend away in Vienna.  Cultiva has a calm, relaxing vibe and a civilised atmosphere.

Cannafest is held each year a few weeks after the Cultiva expo.  Cannafest is a slightly larger than Cultiva and is based in Prague, Czech.  Cannafest just celebrated its 7th anniversary, its not yet as big and busy as Spannabis, but each year there are more visitors and more exhibitors. 

cultiva has a big glass pyramid expo hall

Cultiva Review.

Cultiva 2016 was the busiest ever seen by the Dutch Passion team.  There are more and more international visitors from all across Europe, many of them are home growers treating themselves to a day or two looking at all the different equipment, nutrient and seed suppliers.  Although Spannabis remains Europes biggest cannabis fair, Cultiva boasts a high quality list of the most important exhibitors. 

Above, Dutch Passion Interviewed At Cultiva 2016

Austria is one of Europe’s more liberated cannabis communities, and grow shops even sell clones of  carefully selected top quality varieties.  Many first-time visitors to Cultiva were surprised to see cannabis plants on open display, Vienna Police take a relaxed view of personal cannabis cultivation.      Grow room suppliers such as Grow City and Bush Planet were proud to show off their best cannabis plants to visitors on their stands.  There are businesses, such as ‘Flowery Fields’  that specialise in offering clones of the 100 best varieties from the main seed banks, including Dutch Passion.


Outdoor growing is especially popular with central and southern European home growers. the warm summer climates make it easy to grow outdoor cannabis seed varieties such as Frisian Dew, Durban Poison and other proven outdoor strains.  Auto cannabis varieties are also very popular with outdoor growers, often these are started in May and are harvested in August.  Dutch Passion were busier than ever at Cultiva with record seed sales.

Cannafest Review

Cannafest takes place in the grand surroundings of Prague’s Expo Centre, with over 200 suppliers.  Its a great opportunity for the enthusiastic home grower to see all the latest developments from the suppliers.  There are numerous suppliers in every product category, offering everything for the home grower, and many of the visitors took the chance to speak personally to the suppliers about new and future products.  Cannafest is a larger expo than Cultiva, but not as big as Spannabis, and for many international visitors that is the perfect balance. 

Cannafest had many outdoor growers looking for proven outdoor cannabis seed varieties, there were perhaps a lower proportion buying indoor cannabis seed varieties than at Cultiva.  Over a thousand packs of the new AutoGlueberry OG were sold, Autos remain a popular choice both with indoor and outdoor growers.  Many customers told us that they grow autos on their balconies and roof gardens.

The SolarSystem 550 LED growlight was on display, it attracted a lot of interest with the adjustable power and spectrum.  On full power it easily replaces a 600W HPS, despite only using 400W of power.

It was the busiest Cannafest that Dutch Passion have ever attended, at times there were long queues waiting to buy cannabis seeds.  

Many thanks to the customers that visited the Dutch Passion stand.  For the Dutch Passion team its a chance to get valuable feedback from the customers and see the latest trends and technologies coming into the industry.  

Cannabis home growing has never been as popular as it is today, and the selection of suppliers and products has never been as good.  As the cannabis rules start to relax around the world the cannabis expo’s are becoming increasingly popular.  If you haven’t been to a cannabis fair yet have a think about attending one.  They are educational, informative and good fun.  As well as the exhibitors there are plenty of seminars from activists to authors to expert growers.  The next big European cannabis fair is Spannabis 2017 in Barcelona.  We hope to see you there !

Cannafest and Cultiva review.  Dutch Passion cannabis road tour.
December 2nd 2016

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