Cannafest 2014 review

Cannafest 2014 review

Most cannabis lovers rarely get chance to visit a cannabis festival, preferring the convenience of their local hydroponic shop or the anonymity of an online supplier.  


But if you have never visited one of the many cannabis fairs then it could be time to start thinking about it.  Cannabis fairs, such as Cannafest (Prague, November) or Spannabis 2015 (Barcelona, March) are hugely enjoyable events.  Its a unique chance to see all the suppliers of seeds, equipment, accessories and new technologies under one roof.  And often its an affordable weekend of fun which you will want to repeat.  


Cannafest 2014 took place in central Prague, and this year it was the busiest we have ever seen it with 3 halls full of exhibitors.  As well as seeing thousands of Czech visitors there were huge numbers from all over the world.  Many cannabis fans took advantage of budget airline connections to Prague and the low cost hotels that can be booked during the quiet month of November.

mega crowds every day

Above.  Cannafest 2014 was the busiest we have ever seen with thousands of visitors from all over the world (picture courtesy of Cannafest FaceBook Team)


Cannafest Prague tends to be most popular with visitors from central and eastern Europe, with lots of visitors from Germany, Russia, Switzerland and neighbouring countries.  We also saw a surprising number of North American, British and Scandinavian visitors this year.  As you can see from the pictures, there were several thousand people queuing each morning to get into Cannafest.  We had not seen the event as busy as this, this is good news for the visitors who get chance to compare more suppliers.  More choice means more competition and that has to be good for the visiting public.  The extra visitor numbers are also encouraging to the Cannafest organisers who have created a seriously well organised show.

dutch passion stand

Above, the Dutch Passion exhibition stand at Cannafest 2014.  It was great to see so many customers coming along.  Picture courtesy of Derrick Bergman (VOC)

Below, typical scenes at Cannafest

busy show


All the suppliers are there to sell, and many visitors come prepared to negotiate to get the best possible price.  So, if you do visit an expo such as Spannabis or Cannafest don’t feel afraid to ask for some free goodies.  We counted well over 10 suppliers of grow tents at the show, and every one of them encouraged visitors to inspect the quality of the product and ‘feel’ the difference.  One advantage of visiting these shows is that the choice of products on offer is far greater than you would ever get to see in a normal grow shop.    When a supplier tells you their extraction fans are the quietest on the market you can judge for yourself.  Even if you don’t intend to actually buy anything at the show its a great way to see what is available, compare the suppliers and assess the quality for yourself.


queuing to get inside

Above, lots of people came to see, touch and compare the products from all the major suppliers

Below.  Some of the Dutch Passion team (in white) and the lovely Daisy from Soft Secrets (in black)

the team


A couple of highlights at the show which gathered the crowds were

  1. Hydroponics.  The team at Alien Hydro impressed everyone with their new Pro R-DWC (recirculating deep water culture) system.  The 4-inch diameter (10cm) pipework is a reminder that its nice to see over-engineered products, and it won the “Best Product’ category.
  2. Speciality products.  Sunglasses for LED & HPS grow rooms.  Actually trying these on for yourselves at a canna expo is a great way to see exactly how good they are.  “Method Seven” is a US company that we often see at the shows who specialise in colour-correcting sunglasses and clip-on lens.  


alien hydro

Above, Alien Hydro won 'Product of the year' with their 55 litre Pro R-DWC system which pushes DWC technology to new levels and attracted lots of interest.

Below. Method Seven impressed lots of people with colour-correcting glasses for HPS and LED grow rooms

method 7 glasses

There’s a friendly atmosphere at the cannabis fairs, plenty of relaxation lounges, guest speakers, bars and food stalls.  The host cities (Prague for Cannafest, Barcelona for Spannabis) are easy to get to, affordable and have something for everyone.  The Spannabis event is the biggest in Europe and the upcoming event in March 2015 will be the biggest yet.  If you can make it to one of the cannabis fairs please come and say hello to us.  


This week some of the Dutch Passion team are at Expoweed Chile, its South Americas biggest cannabis fair and attracts people from all over South America, and beyond.  With each passing year we see more and more cannabis/hemp fairs, if you get chance to visit one you will find its an enjoyable way to spend a weekend.

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Cannafest 2014 review
November 21st 2014

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Grim Reefer

2014-12-19 12:34:43

Amazing stuff i really wish things like this were happening over my way.