Cannabis social clubs. The future of worldwide weed

Cannabis social clubs.  The future of worldwide weed

At some point in the coming decade many countries will be taking a critical view of their current drug laws, the amount of money they cost to enforce, and the results which they return.  Some countries are leading the way whilst others can blame their political leaders for failing to grasp the issue.

The argument for legal cannabis is obvious.  Prohibition of cannabis has several serious problems, 4 of the biggest arguments are below, and these are also some of the key arguments used successfully to overturn prohibition around the world

a)      Prohibition does not reduce consumption

b)      Prohibition only achieves one thing – to serve the needs of organised crime ensuring that tax free cash revenues flow relentlessly into the criminal underworld

c)       Cannabis has undeniable medical applications.  Medical cannabis users should not be persecuted by the judicial system.

d)      Prohibition is based on the assumption that cannabis is more dangerous than it really is.  In fact cannabis is far safer than alcohol and tobacco which are already legal.

menu for spanish club dope menu

Above, prices (in Euro's) for a bag of legal pot from a Spanish cannabis social club


Prohibition of cannabis does not have long left.  An evidence-based debate beats hysterical scaremongering in the long term.  But once a Government decides to approve the use of cannabis there is another issue;  how can the production of cannabis be done safely and without continued profiteering by organised crime?

The answer is a simple one.  And it comes in 2 parts.  Firstly, allow home-growers the legal right to produce a reasonable number of plants for their own use.  Secondly, allow growers to form cannabis social clubs, where the collective growing allowance of the members is put together to give a large scale legal grow.  With the cannabis social club model each member of the club has an agreed share of the crop.

In Europe, Cannabis Social Clubs have become most popular in Spain where they have proven to be a sensible way to put dealers out of business whilst allowing recreational and medical users access to their pot.  There are around 300-500 clubs in Spain and that number increases each year.  The cannabis social club system is gradually moving north and is becoming a firm part of cannabis culture in Europe’s political ‘capital’ of Belgium as we reported earlier this year.  The Belgian ‘TUP’ club has hundreds of members and a totally legal large scale grow underway.

box of pre-rolled colorado joints


South America is also seeing a strong movement towards legalized weed as we have also been reporting.  And Uruguay is one of the countries which is also moving towards a model where cannabis social clubs will be a mainstream part of the solution.  Last week the Uruguayan Chamber Of Deputies approved a bill which will lead to the legalized cultivation and sale of weed.  The Uruguayan Government will lead a state-controlled system of dope production and supply.  But they will also permit cannabis social clubs to provide for the needs of their private members.  The Uruguay cannabis social clubs will allow between 15 and 45 members.  And private growers are allowed up to 6 plants at any given time.  The Uruguayan Government has given a great example for less courageous nations to follow.  The goal is to reduce harm and eliminate the revenues to drug gangs. 

We should remember that the drug laws in most countries actually serve the needs of organised crime far more effectively than they serve the people.  Ironically those politicians, police officers and judges that have supported cannabis prohibition have been the best representatives for the interests of organised crime.  This irony will not be Iost in the history books which future generations will study. 

gorgeous orange bud photo

Grow you own, the guy above did and was pleased with the result from Orange Bud, a Dutch Passion Skunk selection


The drug war, and in particular the prohibition of cannabis, is the greatest legal and political failure of the last 50 years when you consider how many people have been criminalised and jailed.  For the overwhelming proportion of responsible adult cannabis users the most dangerous aspect of cannabis is not the drug, it is the criminal record it can give you. 

A decade ago it may have seemed dangerous for a politician to get involved in drug reform.  Now the tide is turning in the opposite direction; it is going to be difficult for those politicians who have ignored the evidence to explain why they did nothing to reform failed drug policy. 

 At last it is looking like there is finally enough political will to change.  The longer our governments allow cannabis prohibition the more effectively organised crime can flourish.  And the solution, or at least part of the solution, is the cannabis social club.

When pot is finally legalized around the world many people will not want to grow it themselves. This is where the cannabis social club can help.  Each club will have a few part time (or even full time) gardeners whose job will be to produce, prepare and distribute the pot.  Each club will directly undermine organised crime, cannabis social clubs will wipe out more organised crime than the police.  And it can happen overnight if there is the political will to make it happen.

Obviously, we expect many people will enjoy the opportunity to grow their own weed legally and with passion.  But for many others we expect that the cannabis social clubs will create employment  and a community spirit for cannabis lovers that sometimes had neither.  As cannabis laws are slowly normalised around the world Dutch Passion hopes that cannabis social clubs will become a new, legal, part of cannabis culture.


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Cannabis social clubs.  The future of worldwide weed
July 19th 2013

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Alun Buffry

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2013-07-25 10:57:00

Here in South Africa we are on the road to complete legalisation and the Cannabis Club model is an important part of the "desired outcomes" of our Constitutional Court challenge. This, together with restricting large grows to the rural areas using only renewable energy, is part of the plan. Please see our website and educate yourselves that the tip of Africa is leading the way for the rest of the continent, it is not only Europe, the USA and South America!!


2013-07-24 18:46:07

Social clubs sound nice, but what's wrong with just allowing businesses to grow and sell pot with a license on a large scale, and allow hobby growers to do so on a small scale?


2013-07-24 16:20:42

Great article Joe ,':^)

Eddy | Dutch Passion

2013-07-24 10:05:18

Richard O, the legality of these canna social clubs growing their own pot depends on which country they are in. But in Spain, Belgium and the South American countries they are legally allowed to do it. In the case of the Belgian Social clubs I believe the rule is that each member can only have 1 plant growing at any one time (one reason why they like auto's so much....)


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mer30 for all