Cannabis myths. Why high-THC cannabis has been unfairly stigmatised.

Cannabis myths.  Why high-THC cannabis has been unfairly stigmatised.

Over the years there have been numerous myths about cannabis that somehow became ‘established facts’ to some people. These myths vary from cultivation ‘facts’ to misinformation about the effects of cannabis, and everything in-between. Buying cannabis seeds online and producing your own home grown cannabis them is far safer than many people would like you to believe.

Here are a few of the more interesting cannabis myths that the Dutch Passion team have come across in recent years.

  • “A few drops of bleach in the germination water will soften the seed shell and improve germination rates.” WRONG. Cannabis seeds have evolved to germinate simply with water. Adding any other minerals to the water risks damage to the sensitive new root. If you want to get the best germination rates for your cannabis seeds then check out our detailed guide here.
  • “Hanging plants upside down after harvest allows all the THC to drain into the buds.” WRONG. THC is already in the buds, specifically in the resin glands. Hanging a harvested plant upside down may be a convenient way to dry the plant, but it wont increase potency.

 Auto Blueberry by Organic Jim

  • “Autoflowering cannabis are small and wont get you stoned” WRONG. For the past few years the best modern autoflower genetics have enjoyed the same potency as traditional photoperiod varieties. And in many cases, thanks to the 20 hours of daily light for flowering, autoflowering varieties routinely produce heavier yields in the same time.
  • Leaving your cannabis plant in complete darkness for the last few days of its life increases resin production and potency. UNPROVEN. There is still no evidence for this, despite the boom in legal cannabis production in the USA where crops are routinely analysed for THC content, with producers looking for even the slightest advantage to increase the commercial value of their crop.
  • “If you are growing a mother plant, only those grow from regular seed can be used, not feminized”. WRONG. A stable mother plant with good genes is a mother plant, it doesn't matter how she was grown or what type of seeds was used.

 Sativa leaf from The Edge by Antonio

  • “Human urine is the best way to add extra nutrients to your plants”. Wrong. Each ‘batch’ of urine has different nutrient concentrations and you don't know what they are. Yes, Urine contains nitrogen-rich compounds such as Urea but the ratio of phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium are not optimised for cannabis. Depending on the Urine sample and the person involved, required dilution rates could be anywhere from 10:1 to 50:1 for your cannabis plants. And even then you would see nutrient issues with too much Nitrogen and too little trace elements. Stick to reliable plant fertilzers from a bottle.
  • Cannabis is a dangerous recreational drug. WRONG. Alcohol kills around 3 million people a year according to the World Health Organisation (read their report here). Alcohol is responsible for around 5.9% of human deaths and 5.1% of ill-health and disease. Cannabis has been used safely for thousands of years and has fraction of the side effects and dangers of cannabis. Source

 Frisian Dew from Belgium

  • Legalizing cannabis will lead to increased usage especially amongst young people. WRONG. In fact studies indicate the opposite is true, legalisation leads to a reduction in teenage use. There was a 2012 study done to show that. And more recently some Colorado studies have also show exactly the same trend. Once cannabis is legal it becomes more difficult to obtain (street dealers disappear) and some of the illicit attractions disappear.
  • Cannabis is a gateway drug to heroin. WRONG. During the hight of cannabis prohibition in the 1980’s it was widely claimed that cannabis was a gateway drug to heroin. Numerous studies have shown that alcohol is societies main ‘gateway drug’, with almost all drug addicts having used alcohol as their first ‘drug’. Nowadays, hardly any serious anti-cannabis campaigners use the ‘gateway drug’ theory in case it discredits the rest of their arguments.
  • Cannabis has no medical value, its just an excuse for people to get high recreationally. WRONG. Whats so bad about people getting high for recreational purposes anyway? we have a worldwide alcohol industry which exists for that very reason. You can go to the local supermarket and buy a lethal dose of 1 litre of Vodka for the price of a meal, yet we tolerate this. Cannabis is now legal for medical use in around half of the USA and is used widely in many European countries, often with Doctors recommendations. When used correctly, cannabis may be the worlds safest natural organic medical herb. Unlike alcohol, cannabis has numerous medical applications and is far safer than alcohol for recreational use.

 Think Different by Hazy

Cannabis myths.  Why high-THC cannabis has been unfairly stigmatised.
July 22nd 2016
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