Top innovations in the cannabis seed and growing world | Dutch Passion

Top innovations in the cannabis seed and growing world | Dutch Passion

Growing your own cannabis has never been more popular than it is today. Across the world millions of people are growing their own cannabis at home.

And over the last few years there have been quite a few innovations for cannabis growing, which make growing your own weed easier, cheaper and better than before. Read on to see the top cannabis growing innovations.

New UV-A and UV-B supplemental grow lights to raise THC levels.

The rapidly evolving multi-billion dollar legal USA cannabis industry has nurtured some great developments in cannabis growing. Cannabis with high THC levels always sells for more cash in the USA, and that is one of the main reasons why commercial growers switch to LED grow lights. But use of UV-A and UV-B supplemental lights also allows the cannabis plant to grow with higher levels of THC and other cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, CBC etc. Cannabis with higher levels of THC and other cannabinoids produces more satisfying, stronger and more effective medical cannabis. The new UV (ultra violet) light from California Lightworks, and sold by Crazy LEDs allows the grower to introduce more UV into their grow room. For health reasons, never have the UV light on when you are in the grow room, the UV can damage your eyesight. THC levels can increase by 10-25% with extra UV. The California Lightworks UVB light should be used for 2-3 hours per day for the last 2-3 weeks of bloom. Currently, UV-A and UV-B are generated with specialist fluorescent tubes. Producing UV with LED’s is not currently cost effective, fluorescent is the best way to produce large amounts of UV light for the lowest cost. Additional UV-A and UV-B light will increase the THC levels/potency of your harvest whether you are growing feminized seeds or autoflower seeds. Get your UVB light here from Crazy LEDs, if you want to grow stronger weed this is a cannabis innovation worth having.

LED grow lights for easy cannabis growing.

LED grow lights are becoming more powerful and more affordable with each passing year, and many legal professional growers have now switched to them. In the booming USA cannabis market, there are 3 main reasons for switching from HPS to LED grow lights

  • LED gives higher THC levels. LED has a spectrum fine-tuned for cannabis cultivation, this combined with reduced heat stress allows cannabis to grow more healthily. The main reason people use LED is for the quality improvement and higher THC levels.
  • LED uses less electricity and should never need replacement bulbs like HPS. 
  • LED is reliable. The best quality units should last for 15+ years with barely any reduction in light output. 

There are other advantages to LED too, you can adjust the spectrum and power throughout the grow, and program sunrise and sunset modes so that the light intensity mimics the sun. If you are serious about growing cannabis then look into LED for your future grow light needs. Dutch Passion’s sister company, Crazy LEDs & More, test all the best brands and stock those that pass grow tests. Check out the list of approved LED grow lights here. Whether you are growing regular seeds, feminized seeds or autoflower seeds you will find LED produces bigger and more potent harvests.

Air Pots.

Although air pots have been around a few years there are plenty of cannabis growers that have never tried them. Air pots have numerous air holes around the sides of the container to allow oxygen penetration. And the dimpled interior surface of the air pot prevents roots spiralling around the edges and bottom of the container, forcing the roots to use all available interior space to grow. Air pots dramatically improve oxygen penetration to the root ball, and with extra aeration cannabis roots grow faster, bigger and healthier. Cannabis roots need oxygen to survive, but leaving them to sit in water-logged soil will not only reduce the size of the root system, it will permanently restrict the size of the final cannabis plant. This reduces harvest quality and quantity. Whether you are growing feminized cannabis seeds or feminized autoflower seeds you may see better results with air pots and should give them a try.

  CBD rich cannabis seeds.

Many home growers are finding that a CBD rich variety offers a better, more rounded smoking/vaping experience. CBD rich varieties produce cannabis that is rich in CBD (>4% in the dry buds) and usually rich in THC as well. The enhanced cannabinoid spectrum often produces other cannabinoids such as CBC, CBG, THCV, CBDV etc and these help make for a great quality smoke. If you have only grown and used THC rich cannabis in recent years then consider growing a CBD rich seed variety for a change, it’s a cannabis innovation that has helped many medical cannabis growers.. Many recreational cannabis growers are finding they prefer a CBD rich variety. Most CBD rich cannabis seeds are feminized photoperiod varieties, but you can also buy feminized autoflowering CBD seeds too.


Air domes.

Growers that use coco fibre, and some soil growers too, have got great results with the use of an air dome at the bottom of their growing container. The air dome is usually a plastic air diffuser that sits at the bottom of the growing container, it is connected to an air pipe and constantly trickles oxygen rich air through the roots. This allows faster root growth and larger plants. But it does make your grow room a little more complicated, and it does mean you will need to water a little more frequently due to increased substrate drying.

Growing your own cannabis is the cheapest and easiest way to get your recreational or medical marijuana. And many growers find a growing method that works for them and don’t like to change it. But if you are prepared to look at some of the newer growing technologies and cannabis innovations then you can find ways to improve the quality and quantity of your harvest. The USA commercial growers have been investing heavily in some of the newer technologies such as UV-B supplemental lights and LED grow lights to increase THC content. Many of the keen hobby growers are also using these technologies and taking the quality level of their own home grown weed up to the next level.

Top innovations in the cannabis seed and growing world | Dutch Passion
March 29th 2018
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